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W i r e l e s s W o r l d F r i d a y, S e p t e m b e r 1 1 , 2 0 1 5 2 8 run on our indoor and outdoor mobile networks – address both of these chal- lenges. Indoor App Coverage The challenges around Indoor App Coverage are pretty straightforward. About 90 percent of our time is spent indoors; yet a recent ConsumerLab sur- vey reveals that only three in 10 smart- phone users find indoor voice quality, coverage and reliability to be good. The survey also found that consumers expect operators to fix these issues, instead of consumers having to find workarounds. Voice is what these cellular networks were originally built for, but video and apps are driving heavy data consumption. Outside-in cellular coverage is clear- ly not going deep enough, and coverage in smart buildings with energy efficient windows may be blocked entirely. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) used to solve the coverage problem in larger buildings do not provide the capacity required to support mobile data growth. In the last few years, Ericsson has introduced new small cells to bring mobile broadband coverage and capacity indoors. One of the small cells, the Ericsson Radio Dot System, can fit in the palm of your hand. The other, called the RBS 6402 Picocell, has a tablet-sized footprint. And it is getting results. In buildings where Ericsson small cells are deployed, it is seeing improvements including zero dropped calls and five times increase in data throughput. It has also introduced new software for indoor small cells to improve indoor app coverage in locations such as public venues, enterprise offices and apart- Ericsson (Cont'd. from p. 1) ment buildings, boosting network uplink speeds by up to 200 percent and delivering downlink peak rates up to 600 Mbps. Accelerating IoT Industry analyst firm Gartner publicly estimates that the world will see 25 bil- lion Internet connected "things" by 2020. Machina Research, who specializes in the IoT space, pegged the global IoT market opportunity at USD 4.3 trillion by 2024. Whether you look at IoT from a mobile connection or a revenue point of view, it's clearly going to be big. IoT represents a slew of new and diverse connected services for consumers and industry, and new business opportu- nities for operators. Already, there are more than 230 million cellular M2M sub- scriptions for IoT devices, but that is the tip of the iceberg, especially when you consider that cellular networks already cover 90 percent of the world's popula- tion. Leveraging on its extensive foot- print, high reliability and security of today's LTE and GSM networks, Ericsson has been driving IoT innova- tion, adoption and optimization on a number of fronts. For example, Ericsson's Device Connection Platform (DCP) is enabling operators to support deployments for a high number of M2M devices and applications, covering a wide range of industry verticals and the associ- ated connected consumer electronics. Ericsson will continue to develop advanced solutions and technologies for indoor app coverage and IoT acceleration as it helps service providers prepare to com- pete and win in the Networked Society. For more information, visit www .ericsson.com or stop by booth #4322. ABINGTON RELDAN METALS COMMITTED TO CUSTOMERS, ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Abington Reldan Metals, LLC is a certi- fied e-Stewards Recycler, adhering to the highest standards for socially and envi- ronmentally responsible recycling. "Abington Reldan Metals is thrilled to have achieved this distinction," said Howard Steinberg, Managing Member of Abington Reldan Metals. "Our mission is to protect and preserve the environment by reusing, recycling and refining pre- cious metal scrap. We are committed to assuring that our operation makes a posi- tive contribution by upholding the responsible recycling practices estab- lished by the e-Stewards Standards for Responsible Recycling & Reuse of Electronics." Abington Reldan Metals pursued e- Stewards certification with the goal of being the most sustainable metal refiner and recycler in the United States. Abington Reldan Metals built a new refinery that opened in 2010, designed to reduce the environmental impacts of the facilities and operations. The state-of- the-art, ISO14001:2004 certified refinery earned LEED Silver certification as des- ignated by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED cer- tification sets forth strict stan- dards for energy-efficient and environmentally responsible workplaces. The process of earning LEED certification is rigor- ous and requires intense com- mitment to incorporating sus- tainability principles and practices into a building. Abington Reldan Metals enlisted Sustainable Solutions Corporation (SSC), of Royersford, Pa., to complete the requirements for LEED cer- tification. Abington Reldan Metals refinery has been operating and handling pre- cious metal scrap for more than 30 years, turning waste into recoverable, quantifiable assets. Its State-of-the-Art facility is LEED Certified, ISO 14001:2004 certified, zero-dis- charge, e-Stewards certified, R2 certified and CHWMEG reviewed. The facility's sus- tainability initiative is to con- stantly look for ways to improve the environmental impacts. Over 70 percent of the energy used is from renewable energy. All water efficiency efforts have combined to reduce water consumption by 43.2 percent compared to standard buildings. Abington Reldan Metals has the capabilities to handle all types of scrap using various methods such as pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical, mechanical reduction, melting as well as others. For more information, go to www .armetals.com. REVOLUTIONARY PAYMENT TECHNOLOGY – NEVER LOSE YOUR CARDS AGAIN You may or may not have heard about a comparatively small, but highly innova- tive tech company called NXT-ID. They've been busily developing their Wocket ® biometric smart wallet since long before consumers had ever heard of Apple Pay. NXT-ID Inc. saw the evolu- tion of the payment industry before it happened and stepped up to the plate. So if you haven't heard the name, pay atten- tion – this smart security company is about to change the way we think about wallets forever. NXT-ID Inc. was recently listed on NASDAQ (NXTD and NXTDW), mak- ing its debut to technology investors that realize the payments industry as we know it is evolving. Smart money is looking for the next game-changer. The founders of NXT-ID predicted consumers asking, "Why do we need to carry a wallet full of plastic cards and cash to handle day-to-day com- merce?" This massive opportunity has been virtually untapped, and while most of its competitors are targeting payments tied to mobile phones, NXT- ID is doing something quite special. Wocket™, its next generation smart wallet, is designed to replace your tra- ditional wallet along with all the cards you carry in it, without requiring a smartphone or internet connection. NXT-ID saw the need for protect- ing your identity, making secure pay- ments and replacing all your credit cards, gift cards and ID with one sin- gle, secure card. The team's back- ground in biometric security enabled them to approach the product develop- ment with an advanced knowledge of the threats that consumers may face in the future and the best ways to protect against them. This security-first think- ing led the team to create a revolution- ary wallet that they are calling the "smartest wallet you'll ever own." Analysts following the stock are bullish, with several "outperforms" if the company meets its 2015 mile- stones. Behind the scenes, the compa- ny's technology team is working on the next evolution of its Wocket, knowing the payment industry is not standing still. All the tech leaders are entering the digital wallet market; with its first mover advantage and standout team, NXT-ID Inc. aims to build on its success by put- ting Wockets in the pockets of people everywhere. The Wocket works anywhere credit cards are accepted and only works with your biometric stamp of approval. Learn more about the product and how you can order one for yourself at www.wocket- wallet.com. For more information, go to www. nxt-id.com. MYME ACCESSORIES OFFER DESIGN, FUNCTION AT FRIENDLY PRICES Welcome to the World of MYME, setting new standards in the wireless industry. MYME changed the game in 2014 with exciting colors, ergonomic designs and geometric lines. MYME products are a world apart from conventional products and are expertly crafted with the mer- chant and consumer in mind. "We design things that are beautiful that we can offer at a competitive price. That's our philosophy," said Hamid Mekki, MYME Vice President and Co- Founder. Today we live in a technological age of unmatched proportion. Mobile devices are a necessary part of life and we can't live without connectivity. MYME prod- ucts provide connective duality; acces- sories that keep you connected to others. These products promote the creative expression of our consumers with vibrant color selections and sleek geometric designs that command attention. MYME products are meticulously engineered to surpass your expectations. Headphones, hands-free, speakers, chargers, cases and cradles are just a few of MYME's amazing products. MYME's creative staff continually presses the boundaries of today's technological mar- ket with cutting edge products that entice and challenge consumers to meet and exceed their absolute potential. "We work with teams of designers to create products that are elegant and beau- tiful, yet highly functional," Mekki said. "MYME produces truly remarkable products created with inspiration and personal freedom." MYME's commitment to stellar cus- tomer service and a massive distribution network provide merchants unlimited access to MYME's wealth of resources. For more information, go to www.mymeworld.com.

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