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W i r e l e s s W o r l d 2 5 F r i d a y, S e p t e m b e r 1 1 , 2 0 1 5 SOPO: A COMPANION ROBOT FOR HOMES AND SCHOOLS Sopo is a robot designed to entertain your friends and family, educate children, play fun games, help around the house with cer- tain attachments and expand your imagina- tion by creating your own programs. What Can Sopo Do? Sopo can be used for learning, playing games, entertainment, or with the correct attachment, even help around the house. Programs can be downloaded to your devices that will enable Sopo to play along with games you may already have. UNO and Twister are some examples of games that Sopo can play along with. During par- ties and events, Sopo can be a real helping hand with Sopo's explore program. This enables Sopo to move around autonomous- ly and greet guests while avoiding obstacles. Sopo can be used for more than just entertainment purposes. With attach- ments like the serving tray and trashcan, Sopo can be a big help for guests. Sopo can dance and play music! Time for bed? Sopo is also a great friend to have around bedtime. With the bedtime stories pro- gram for children, Sopo can play some favorite bedtime stories. With the con- trols at your fingertips, using our app or an app that you create, you can also nav- igate Sopo to get you a canned beverage from his fridge accessory. Sounds good? What's even better – with the GUI soft- ware, it is easy and fun to write your own programs. Great for learning and to see what you can have your Sopo do! Looks, Stability, Usefulness Opobotics has designed Sopo to have a friendly, inviting look. Sopo's patented design enables stability on the canted two wheel system, which is inherently stable, without the need for casters, even when not in motion. Also, the unique design to use attachments gives Sopo the ability to do more than just one task. Some attach- ments include the serving tray, trash can, light bar, disco ball and fridge accessory. More are always being developed and the company is always open to suggestions. Structural Beauty: More Than Skin Deep Sopo stands about 28 inches tall, about 26 inches wide and weighs about 23 lbs. Even a quick look reveals that Sopo is not a toy. An industrial-grade rechargeable battery, fabricated lower steel structure, strong plastic body panels, high-torque motors and cast aluminum gear boxes assures structural integrity throughout. Opobotics wanted Sopo to last for years to come! Each wheel is independently driv- en, giving Sopo the ability to turn on a "dime." The center of gravity is very low, which prevents Sopo from tipping over, even while going up or down a slope. Safety First Safety has also been designed into Sopo. Opobotics gave Sopo's wheels a limited slip. What this means is that although Sopo's wheels grip really well on all types of surfaces, they also allow slip- page to occur if Sopo bumps into some- thing. This will prevent any damage from occurring to the items or to Sopo's drive system. This makes Sopo safe around the house and more importantly, people. Control Sopo with a Computer, Phone or Tablet Sopo is a mobile extension of your wire- less devices. Your wireless device, whether it is your computer, phone or tablet, is Sopo's brain. Sopo interfaces with these devices individually, using Wi-Fi technology with his built in micro- controller. Be Inspiring You don't have to wait on Opobotics for new programs. With the GUI software, it is easy and fun to write your own pro- grams for Sopo. All of the programs you create can be shared, so be inspiring, cre- ate, share and learn! What can you have your Sopo do? KEEP YOUR PHONE SAFE FROM GERMS WITH ISHIELDZ By now we should all know how dirty and disgusting our cell phones are. Countless lab tests have been conducted to find out what exactly is lurking on our cell phones, and the results will make you sick. Not only are some of the most dangerous and deadly microbes like E.coli and Staph found thriv- ing on our phones, but one in six phones is actually contaminated with fecal matter. Our phones go everywhere that we go, yet we don't wash them like we wash our hands. It should come as no surprise that our phones are petri dishes for deadly germs and microbes. These microbes are then transferred to your skin every time you touch your phone, and your phone is often next to your mouth. So what can you do to protect yourself? Luckily, iShieldz ® has a solution. The iShieldz RX Antimicrobial ® surface protec- tion material is so powerful that it has a med- ical rating and is used in major hospitals around the country. With a half-life of seven years, iShieldz Antimicrobial kills 99.99 per- cent of the common microbes found on our phones. Now the surface of your touch screen can be protected from these deadly microbes, in turn protecting you. That wasn't enough for iShieldz. It wanted to create an entire phone case using the same powerful antimicrobial protec- tion. iShieldz didn't want this to be just another case. It wanted this new case to protect the phone from damage as well as it protected you from germs. In order to do this, iShieldz wanted to make sure that it worked with an experienced case company with an outstanding product. After careful consideration, the com- pany chosen to partner with for this new product was Trident Case ® . Based in southern California, Trident Case was founded in May 2010 with the mission to create the toughest cases available for the ever-expanding mobile device market. Trident Case has its own U.S. manufactur- ing facility and in-house design team focused on creative innovation with a determination to offer revolutionary designs. That's just what this new case is: revolutionary. These new cases will be of Trident Case design, using iShieldz proprietary Silver Seal ® antimicrobial surface protec- tion technology. Both companies are well respected for the performance of their prod- ucts, so this marriage of ideas and technol- ogy was something they have great confi- dence in. These Trident cases powered by iShieldz will be available in the Kraken A.M.S series and the Cyclops series. Trident's Kraken A.M.S. series, pow- ered by iShieldz, is 20 percent thinner than the previous, eliminating bulk without sac- rificing the high level of protection. Thanks to a new engineering design that overmolds TPE onto a polycarbonate shell, combining a cushioned interior within a hard, rigid exterior, users don't need to worry about cracking or breaking the screen. Kraken A.M.S. series cases are independently tested to meet Military Standard MIL-STD-810F to protect dam- age caused by excessive vibration, dust, sand, rain or drops. That covers just about every type of "just in case" situation a per- son might encounter. Known for its optimal protection, Trident's Cyclops series powered by iShieldz minimizes the added bulk without sacrificing smartphone security. Protective features include vent openings to prevent the device from overheating, waterproof mesh to cover speakers and openings to keep dust, dirt and moisture away, and pro- tective lining to provide extra padding in case of accidents. All bio-enhanced polycar- bonate is recyclable, degradable and com- postable, making it entirely eco-friendly. Don't expect iShieldz to stop innovat- ing anytime soon. With a broad line up of medical grade protection in the works as well as other mobile accessories planned, iShieldz is poised to change the way we look at mobile accessories. With every- thing in the modern world that can hurt us, it's nice to know that a company like iShieldz is hard at work helping to protect us and the devices we love. For more information, go to www.ishieldz.com. BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE FOR IOT By Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications Consumer devices like smart watches and automated home thermostats have created a big buzz for Internet of Things (IoT) technology. But more businesses can gain a greater return on investment (ROI) out of IoT if they look at machines talking to machines or M2M communications. In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute's June 2015 report "The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype," estimates that B2B users can tap 70 per- cent of potential value in IoT. B2B appli- cations with IoT connections can stream- line processes and analyze Big Data far beyond the scope of consumer apps. Increasing revenue or reducing costs for the organization should be the goal of any IoT or M2M application, and that's how you can make a business case for proceeding with an IoT project. For example, the 500,000 long-haul trucks on the Aeris network use cus- tomized M2M fleet telemetric solutions to enhance delivery performance, increase service radius, reduce payroll and reduce truck idle times. In the utility market, "smart" meters delivering auto- mated readings over IoT and M2M net- works like the one Aeris provides could save an estimated $20 billion worldwide by 2020, versus manual meter readings. These automated meter readings are also more accurate, resulting in fewer billing inquiries and improved customer care. Increased Efficiency with IoT and M2M Solutions One of the most obvious and powerful applications of IoT and M2M solutions is to increase business efficiency, which, in turn saves money. Connected devices and data can help an organization predict nec- essary maintenance, analyze usage patterns, streamline workflows, auto- mate manufacturing and more. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, Badger Meter has deployed its water-management system to read thousands of meters remotely over Aeris' IoT and M2M network. These smart meters help Santa Fe identify poten- tial leaks and better understand what's happening in its water system. Smart meters can assist government and con- sumers use limited resources more effi- ciently, and Badger Meter is also working with municipalities in drought-stricken California to install similar systems. Who doesn't want to reduce costs? If a business lowers operating costs, the sav- ings can be passed on to customers, mak- ing prices more competitive. For exam- ple, by switching to Aeris' M2M cellular network services over a less-efficient wired system, SimplyHome lowered operational costs and reduced installation time for its assisted-living technology from two hours to two minutes. The busi- ness was able to give cus- tomers an average savings of $50 to $70 per month. Getting a Return on Your IoT Investment When you do the ROI analysis up front, you can build a business case for an IoT project based on improving efficiencies or reducing costs. The Internet of Things may seem like it's about the latest technology trends, but that won't benefit business in the long run. Successful organizations need to find concrete ways to streamline processes, reduce costs, use data more effectively and increase profits overall through using IoT and M2M systems. For more information, visit www.aeris.com, call 800.GO.AERIS, email Info@Aeris.Net or stop by booth #4849 at CTIA 2015.

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