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W i r e l e s s W o r l d F r i d a y, S e p t e m b e r 1 1 , 2 0 1 5 2 0 #NOMOREBROKENSCREENS WITH SKINS BY LIQUIPEL Want to save yourself the hassle of wait- ing for screen repairs at Apple or search- ing for a random phone repair kiosk at the mall? SKINS by Liquipel ® are here to save you money, time and frustration. While protecting your new phone is a smart choice, nothing is worse than slapping a huge case around it that changes the way it looks and feels. Liquipel is proud to introduce the ulti- mate impact protection developed for your sleek smartphone – SKINS Impact Protection available at RadioShack loca- tions nationwide. SKINS by Liquipel are made from an extremely durable multi-layered mate- rial developed specifically for electronic devices. Years of product development led to the creation of an impact protection system that features its very own Nano- Shock™ technology that saves your screen from breakage. Its high definition clarity ensures that SKINS have a glass-like look and feel without distortion or pixelation of the screen's image. Installing SKINS has also become both quicker and easier with the newly released EZ-Align Installation tray! Competitive price points coupled with unrivaled impact protection and clarity makes for the highest standard in the screen protector market. Liquipel has yet to find a screen pro- tector currently on the market that can compare to its SKINS Nano-Shock impact protec- tion. SKINS by Liquipel uti- lize a number of pull- through marketing pro- grams that target the con- sumer, retail stores and their employees. With celebrity partners like Pharrell Williams, Steve Aoki and Nyjah Huston, customers have the chance to participate in a number of different pro- motions and sweepstakes that allows them to experience the brand and have experiences they will never forget. Mobile device retailers will benefit from a unique incentive program that allows top-selling stores and sales associ- ates to win an array of exciting prizes like gift cards, concert tickets and more. In addition to the employee incen- tives, Liquipel also runs a full training program, ranging from online training portals to interactive webinar train- ing and even in-store visits from one of its product-train- ing specialist. As an added upsell for sales representatives, SKINS are part of the Liquipel 360 program that includes SKINS impact protection, its amazing Watersafe™ coat- ing, and bundled device insurance to help protect every aspect of a customer's phone. For more information, visit Liquipel's website, follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or stop by the Brightstar booth #PMR501 in the lower level of the Sands Expo Hall. To contact Liquipel LLC, email info@liquipel.com. SINGLE PROBE FOR COMPLETE QOS SOLUTION – VOICE, VIDEO AND DATA To test, measure and improve QoS, GL Communications Inc. offers complete test solutions across all networks. The architecture provides for complete and integrated lab management, element functionality, device provisioning and automation solutions, whether its end-to- end or within the core network infra- structure, of wireless, nextgen IP and TDM networks. GL's products offer interface flexi- bility, traffic versatility and quality meas- urements to assess all network character- istics and provide functional and feature test capability. Finally, GL's products generate all types of traffic: voice, video and data. When deployed for quality test- ing, they are network, technology and device independent, centrally controlled and remotely monitored in real-time. GL's VQuad™ Probe provides the flexibility to connect to any type of end interface for wireless, Bluetooth, ether- net/IP, TDM, 4-wire and 2-wire. Once the end-point connectivity is achieved, the voice-video-and-data quality test suite provides an automated method to test all types of traffic to and from the phone, confirming performance, quality and reliability. The test suite can emulate all of the above traffic through a variety of interfaces (IP, TDM and wireless), measure quality metrics such as MOS, echo, noise and delay and can be net- worked (with WebViewer™) for central- ized control and monitoring. Voice quality testing (VQT) for audio quality analysis is performed according to widely accepted ITU voice comparison algo- rithms (POLQA, PESQ LQ/LQO/WB). The drive testing solution plots all results and call control information along with co-ordi- nates using GPS receiver option in VQuad, and Google Maps option within WebViewer. Also supported is the ability to per- form video conference testing and deter- mine real-time performance of video service over a network. Using any two Android devices (smartphones and tablets supported) and PCs (both Windows and Linux supported) with the GL's VAC agent installed, fully automat- ed video conference testing can be per- formed with QoS results provided along with several analytic metrics. A variety of data testing can be per- formed directly from the mobile device and controlled remotely from the VQuad script. Tests include TCP, UDP, HTTP, VoIP, FTP, DNS, SMS and email, basically a full array of tests to definitive- ly confirm the performance of the network (and the smart- phone device). Advantages include: bul- let proof, 24/7 operation, auto reboot and recovery, watchdog capabili- ty, no worries; unattended, remote man- agement, full automation; deploy into small or large networks, control and access via the central system; voice qual- ity (POLQA and PESQ), data 1uality, video quality; 2-wire analog FXO, 4-wire analog (Tx/Rx), Bluetooth for mobile phone connections, VoIP SIP user agent; and simple configuration using VQuad scripts: Set it and forget it for unattended operation. For more information, visit www.gl.com or stop by booth #3146. RANGE AUDIO PRODUCTS CREATED FOR COUNTRY FANS Bem Wireless has created its newest audio line called Range. The products are made for country music fans, whose demographic continues to outpace all other music genres in the U.S.A. Country music is the new mainstream, and its music fans make up more than 42 percent of the United States population. With more than 100 million consumers in the U.S.A. calling themselves "country fans," we see great potential for creating a long term heritage brand, one that's uniquely "Tuned For Country." American country music has a rich history that reflects authentic living, and Range audio products are uniquely craft- ed to reflect on our great audio heritage. Celebrating America and the music born from it, Range is crafted with the country music enthusiast in mind. Bem Wireless initiated its soft launch for the Range Strum Bluetooth speaker in November at a Country Music Association Awards afterparty in Nashville, Tenn. Celebrity guests and friends in atten- dance at the event expressed excitement over the new audio lineup on display throughout the event. Since the CMA event, the Range "Strum" speakers are now in the hands of top celebrity country artists. Bem Wireless will continue to unveil the brand in the coming months with its retail presence beginning in April, just in time for their involvement with the ACM's (The Academy of Country Music Awards). As a follow up to the "Strum" speaker, Range will be introducing a new wireless stereo speaker called "Ballad," inspired by your favorite boots and truck. Range is also due to launch its "Liberty" headphone series during the back-to-school period. Ongoing con- sumer marketing will take place through- out the year to support the launch. Bem Wireless is also a proud member of the Country Music Association. For more information, go to www.bemwireless.com. THE GOODMAN DIFFERENCE For more than a dozen years, Goodman Networks has been a trusted partner to wireless network operators and OEMs, helping them respond to rapid technolog- ical advances, meet subscriber expecta- tions and provide in-building wireless solutions to enterprises such as sports venues, higher education buildings, gov- ernment facilities, retail locations, hospi- tality buildings, corporations and more. With over 2,500 field service technicians across the country, it also provides field and professional services to cable and satellite TV providers. Its end-to-end net- work solutions help its customers reach the market first with new technologies and services while improving coverage, capacity and business results along the way. With nearly 4,500 professionals in more than 60 locations nationwide, it stands ready to continue doing what it does best – designing, engineering, deploying, integrating, optimizing and maintaining high-quality, high-speed wireless networks. The Good difference includes: end-to-end net- work solutions including design, e n g i n e e r i n g , deployment, maintenance and decom- missioning services; nationwide pres- ence with almost 4,500 professionals, including 530 engineers and approxi- mately 2,500 field technicians in 60 regional offices and warehouses; tech- nology driven project/program man- agement, a strong record of superior quality, safety and on-time delivery; robust materials management and logistics capabilities; focused on today's emerging wireline and wireless i n d u s t r y ; uniquely able to provide ven- dor- and tech- nology-neutral solutions; proven abili- ty to scale quickly and across a broad geographic footprint; and certified minority-owned business (MBE). For more information on Goodman Networks, visit www.goodmannetworks.com or contact its Plano, Texas headquarters at 972.406.9692 or toll-free at 866.255.4638. At the show, stop by booth #PMR304.

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