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W i r e l e s s W o r l d 9 W e d n e s d a y, S e p t e m b e r 9 , 2 0 1 5 SOLID LAUNCHES NEW 20W ALLIANCE DAS By Mike Collado, Vice President of Marketing, SOLiD SOLiD, a wireless densification infra- structure company, has launched its new 20W ALLIANCE™ DAS (distributed antenna system) which enables coverage and capacity at large venues and outdoor areas including stadia, campuses and dense urban streetscapes in a package that delivers lower total cost of owner- ship (TCO), flexibility to support multi- ple bands and operators, and intelligence to simplify commissioning of the net- work as well as to conserve power during off-peak hours. "The driving force for innovative densification solutions is the data tsuna- mi," said Joe Madden, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts LLC. "Data demand is increasingly 'peaky' and 'spotty,' so capacity is generally not where you need it or when you need it." The SOLiD ALLIANCE 20W, which replaces the company's TITAN 20W DAS with support for multiple wireless operators on a single platform that requires only a single strand of fiber, is ideal for providing wireless service at large venues and highly-populated areas because it eliminates the need for multi- ple, parallel infrastructure. SOLiD deliv- ers up to four discrete inputs per band with independent RF power control so each wireless operator is guaranteed the same level of power output. SOLiD's patented digital THOR™ amplifier technology improves power efficiency of the 20W ALLIANCE DAS by up to 40 percent comparatively while reduc- ing the physical footprint. The amplifiers are not only smaller in dimension but also lighter in weight, which results in smaller, more aesthetic enclosures that are easier to install in more places. The ALLIANCE 20W is the first DAS solution to possess "green mode" intelligence which, based on capacity use, enables the system to further reduce power consumption. Additionally, the DAS features EasySet™, SOLiD's one- click auto-commissioning software that reduces installation costs and simplifies system commissioning and opti- mization. Plus, the ALLIANCE 20W integrates flexible, modular com- bining options to support multi- ple outdoor antenna manufactur- ers. "The wireless densification industry is evolving at a fast pace to enable our connected world," said Seth Buechley, president of SOLiD USA. "We're continuing to drive technology innovations such as the ALLIANCE 20W DAS that address stakeholder total cost of ownership concerns and extend the wireless network to help keep mobile users connected and safe." For more information, visit www.solid.com, call 888.409.9997, email info@solid.com or stop by booth #PMR306. MOBILE DEVICE REPAIR TRAINING FROM MENGTOR Rene Amsterdam, Level 3 Mobile Device Training Instructor for Mengtor Mobile Device Training explains his company's program for people who want a career in mobile device repair. WW: Mengtor Mobile Device Training is new to CTIA Super Mobility. Tell us about what you do. RA: Mengtor Mobile Device Training offers a state-of-the-art training program to teach students how to repair all the mobile devices on the market, including cell phones, tablets and navigation sys- tems. We start with teaching our students how to open up the devices, and then we move through simple repairs of speakers, screens and charging ports and then all the way to Level 3 board-level repairs. We teach them how to take apart the devices, identify major components, troubleshoot the device and price out the repairs. All these things, along with the mechanics of starting and operating this kind of business, come together in a five- day training course that provides students with a certificate of achievement upon completion. WW: Is there a need for repair services like this in the marketplace? RA: Oh, yes. The upside to small elec- tronics repair business is that there's a cell phone in everyone's hand. People without a job have a cell phone. On aver- age, for every household, there are three cell phones; not counting the tablets and, now, the smartwatches. People drop these things through daily use, and they need to get them fixed. They want them fixed right away because these devices have become our lifelines. The number of potential customers far exceeds the supply of repair technicians regard- less of the location. WW: So you're saying that graduates of your program will be ready to start mak- ing money almost immediately by offer- ing repair services? RA: Classes are scheduled three times a month in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlanta, Georgia. We have three-day courses for the guys who've already done some small electronics repair and just need to step up their skills, and we have five-day courses for guys who are com- ing into this without any experience at all, so yes, it's a pretty fast start on a new career. After completion, they can go in one of two ways: either they can open their own business or they can join a company that's hiring certified Level 3 mobile device technicians. Companies are looking to hire our recent trainees, so for some of our graduates, that's an option. Many of our students, though, are looking to own their own businesses, and we're a one-stop shop with all the tools, parts and training they'll need to be suc- cessful. We have Mengtor, which is parts, Cell Repair Tools, which offers tools, and Mengtor Mobile Device Training, which provides training, all under one roof. Once you have the training, you'll need the tools to work with, and as soon as someone brings you a device to repair, you'll be ready to look for the parts. But you won't have to look elsewhere for any of that, because we have it all under one roof. For more information, visit Mengtor Mobile Device Training in booth #1168 at CTIA Super Mobility. After the show, call 702.338.1588 (Central West) or 404.444.5245 (East Coast). ENHANCE YOUR CUSTOMERS' EXPERIENCE WITH INFINITEKM InfiniteKM is a technology platform that accelerates the flow of information to the right people at the right time. For exam- ple, if you're a provider with a wide range of pricing plans that change fre- quently, you want your sales staff to be aware of the latest promotional campaign for their region, the various options they can present to their customers, and you want the information they have at their fingertips to be accurate and up to date. On the other hand, if you're the man- ufacturer of a device, you want to present one set of information about the device to consumers, perhaps some more advanced information to the chat line that handles consumer inquiries and another set of information to your authorized techni- cians – you want to make sure that every- one gets only the information that pro- vides each of these stakeholders with the experience that you want them to have. Whether it's a consumer looking for product information or a sales associate who's offering a special promotion, they're able to find information that much more quickly through the InfiniteKM platform. In the wireless space, that's extremely helpful, particu- larly when the end user is a Millennial consumer because Millennials want serv- ice across all channels. They want to be able to interact with a brand through any of their devices, and they want their experience to be consistent and engaging. They don't want to be asked the same questions multi- ple times, and they want an imme- diate response if they have a prob- lem. With InfiniteKM, you can ensure that your call center staff providing cus- tomer support has the right answers for your customers' questions and concerns. You can provide your service technicians with current specifications for the device in front of them. You can ensure that your channel partners have the pricing and promotion data applicable to them and only to them. And more importantly, you can provide all that information to your customers at the speed of their demands. "The InfiniteKM platform is afford- able, functionally robust and well-tested through deployments with large customers. Everything's proven, it works and it's very adaptable to differ- ent environments. It's all about getting the information to either be happy or to service the cus- tomer better," says Brad Sellors, InfiniteKM Managing Director. "People will pay for good service, and we're in a time when we see well-run brands pro- viding great customer service, and that increases the brand value and the share price. Today's customers want service on all channels right away, and that's where we fit in." Learn more by visiting booth #3132 dur- ing CTIA Super Mobility. After the show, email bsellors@InfiniteKM.com. ROGERS HIGH FIDELITY NEW LINE OF INTEGRATED AND PHONO AMPLIFIERS The all analog line-up of vacuum tube integrated and phono amplifiers from Rogers High Fidelity premiered this year. Rogers High Fidelity's widely-celebrated integrated amplifiers – models EHF-100 and EHF-200 – deliver monster performance and a dazzling listening experience that delights even the most demanding ears at first sound. Consistent with Rogers High Fidelity's gold-standard requirements, the ampli- fiers have been developed using preci- sion, aerospace engineering and hand- made, U.S.A. craftsmanship. Every Rogers High Fidelity model flexes these big features: all hand made, point-to-point wiring; all aerospace and mil-spec components and Teflon wire; all U.S. made – all New York made; a life- time transferable warranty. For more information, go to www.rogers highfidelity.com.

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