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W i r e l e s s W o r l d W e d n e s d a y, S e p t e m b e r 9 , 2 0 1 5 2 8 distributor and supply chain solutions provider headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. With over 50 years of expe- rience in the procurement, sales and material management of communica- tion equipment, we currently provide product procurement, warehousing, logistics and inventory management services in support of key carriers, OEMs, integrators, tower companies and enterprise. Power & Tel has a glob- al reach with 15 strategically located distribution centers located in four dif- ferent countries and we are ISO 9001, TL 9000 and WBENC certified and registered. WW: What is your role within the organ- ization? MP: My role as the V.P. of Business Development is to explore, target and evaluate key areas of growth for the company. In 2013, we expanded our business and entered the wireless mar- ket in Canada and Latin America by identifying specific customer needs in those territories. As a true partner to our vendors and customers, we add value to the supply chain by focusing on providing competitively priced products paired with first-class distri- bution and support. Building on that growth and alliances with strategic vendors, we entered into the U.S. wire- Power & Tel (Cont'd. from p. 1) less market in late 2014. WW: What does Power & Tel bring to the U.S. wireless market? MP: Power & Tel brings over five decades of experience in logistics, mate- rial management and supply chain expertise to the wireless market. With the aggressive expansion of carrier's radio access network (RAN) via distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell deployments, our company's mission is to be the customer's most cost effective way to have the right materials, at the right place, at the right time, every time. I believe this is more important now than ever. It allows carriers to focus on their core competencies such as delivering high-quality voice and data services; OEMs providing cost effective high- capacity mobile technology and infra- structure solutions with cost efficient designs; and integrators to build, deploy and/or optimize solutions, all while tak- ing advantage of our expertise in logistics and material management. We are com- mitted to investing where our customers need us, and having the right personnel, inventory and technical resources in place to support them. For more information, visit www.ptsupply .com, call 800.238.7514, email marketing @ptsupply.com or stop by booth #2840 at the CTIA Super Mobility Show. screen shield is here to protect not only your phone from screen damage but also your eyes from harmful blue light. Liquipel's ION-Glass Blue-Light Protection screen combines the best of both worlds. Just like with Liquipel ION- Glass, your screen will be protected from even the worst slips. With the added blue-light shield, however, it is also reducing the acceleration of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by block- ing up to 10 times the amount of blue light. The blue portion of the visible light spectrum is the most harmful because of its ability to entirely pene- trate through the eye's natural filters and cause permanent vision damage. The death rate of unprotected retinal cells exposed to blue light is a whop- ping 93 percent! Despite AMD being primarily a con- cern for older people, nearly 40 percent of doctors surveyed reported seeing an increase in blue light-related damage in children and young adults. Liquipel's full line of screen pro- tectors, including Liquipel SKINS and break-through ION-Glass, are ready for purchase at RadioShack locations Liquipel (Cont'd. from p. 1) nationwide. "RadioShack's goal is to offer the most cutting edge, high quality, high- value products, and the ION-Glass Blue-Light Protection screen shield is a perfect fit for us and our customers," said Bruce Hawver, Chief Merchandising Officer at RadioShack. "We are excited not only to help our consumers protect their devices but their vision and health as well." "We're thrilled to partner with RadioShack to bring this important new technology to consumers," said Kevin Bacon, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development. ION-Glass with Blue-Light Protection retails for $44.99 ($39.99 without Blue-Light Protection) and SKINS are available at RadioShack and online for only for $29.99. Let's face it – we are all attached to our phones. With Liquipel's advanced technology, your phone (and eyes) will always be protected. For more information, visit Liquipel's website, follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or stop by the Brightstar booth #PMR501 in the lower level of the Sands Expo Hall. To contact Liquipel LLC, email info@liquipel.com. management, element functionality, device provisioning and automation solu- tions, whether its end-to-end or within the core network infrastructure – of wire- less, nextgen IP and TDM networks. What are the issues frequently faced by service providers, equipment manufac- turers and end users? How do GL products offer cost effective test solutions? End users perceive quality in a prac- tical way. For voice – reliable and repeat- able connections, quality of heard speech, none or imperceptible echo, low delay, low noise and good volume are generally considered important. For data – secure and quick connections, low response time and good and consistent throughput. For video – perhaps uninter- rupted connections, good resolution and audio video synchronization may be important. For facsimile, image quality, speed and errors may be important. Service providers assess quality through service level agreements (SLA) that assess long term service reliability, qual- ity of service and traffic volume capacity. Service coverage area, features and func- tions, and consistent call quality are also important. Equipment providers address quality through equipment characteristics such as conformance to protocol specifi- cations, meeting throughput, latency, blocking/congestion requirements, and to reliability and availability specifications over time. GL's products, through interface flexibility, traffic versatility and quality measurements, can assess all network characteristics and provide functional and feature test capability. Finally, GL's products generate all types of traffic: voice, data and video. When deployed for quality testing, they are network, tech- nology and device independent, centrally GL Communications (Cont'd. from p. 1) controlled and remotely monitored in real-time. GL products such as Vquad™ and MAPS™, emulate all of the above traffic through a variety of interfaces (IP, TDM and wireless), measure quality metrics such as MOS, echo, noise and delay and can be networked (with WebViewer and NetSurveyor) for centralized control and monitoring. GL's VQuad Probe provides the flexibility to connect to any type of end interface for wireless, Bluetooth, eth- ernet/IP, TDM, 4-wire and 2-wire. Once the end-point connectivity is achieved, the Voice-Video-and-Data Quality test suite provides detailed QoS reports across any network. GL's MAPS (Message Automation and Protocol Simulation) provides any protocol/hard/soft switching emulation for 100s to 10,000s of simultaneous calls, sessions and transactions. And finally, its Protocol Analysers provide a uniform framework for analysing any signaling protocol and traffic on any technology. The architecture of all the above products is clean, uniform, easy to set up and enables easier to conduct QoS tests. With these elements, end-to-end wireless, VoIP, TDM networks or even a hybrid combination of networks can easily be tested. Such a network can be used by end users for evaluating end equipment under various network tech- nologies, conditions, impairments and characteristics. Similarly, a service provider may substitute their specific equipment for evaluation under differ- ent traffic types or loads. An equipment manufacturer may use such a configura- tion to simulate realistic conditions under which their equipment must func- tion. For more information, visit www.gl.com or stop by booth #3146. SECURAM INTRODUCES EMP-PROOF SAFE LOCK WITH BLUETOOTH For years now, safe owners have pos- tulated about which is better – an elec- tronic lock or a mechanical lock. Today, SecuRam announces that the verdict is in: the best safe lock is the SafeLogic Xtreme. The Xtreme series is both mechan- ical and electronic. Yes, you read that right; it is both an electronic lock and a three wheel spin dial mechanical lock – All-in-One. Xtreme gives you the convenience and fast access of an elec- tronic lock, plus the protection and precision of a mechanical lock. For everyday use, enter the code on the digital touchpad. It's fast and easy. But in Xtreme situations, just dial the three wheel combination and you're in! No matter what happens, you are getting your safe open. So what is an Xtreme situation? What if your battery is dead or maybe a wire got damaged and you need to get in your safe immediately? Or maybe worse – if there is one question we field regularly here at SecuRam, it is: "Are your locks EMP- proof?" EMP stands for E l e c t r o M a g n e t i c Pulse, and deals with the concern that a major elec- trical event or attack could render electronic systems inoperable. Now SecuRam can answer very defini- tively: yes. In an extreme event like an EMP blast, no matter what the effect on the electronic components of your safe lock, you can always dial the combo to open your safe. The SafeLogic Xtreme is com- pletely retrofittable. Provided your safe uses a standard safe lock footprint (90 percent of safes use a standard footprint lock), you are good to go. A locksmith can easily replace your mechanical or electronic safe lock quickly and eas- ily. SecuRam goes one step further for those safe owners who like living in a connected world by adding Bluetooth connec- tivity. Using the easy to use smartphone app, you can open and manage your safe from a smartphone – includ- ing receiving alerts and audit informa- tion. So which is better, a mechanical lock or an electronic lock? The answer is clear: SafeLogic Xtreme by SecuRam Systems Inc.

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