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W i r e l e s s W o r l d 2 5 W e d n e s d a y, S e p t e m b e r 9 , 2 0 1 5 connectivity, public safety, fleet/telemat- ics and cloud based remote device man- agement. Its solutions are designed for high availability, reliability and secure connectivity all backed up with class- leading technical service and support. BEC Technologies' mission is to ensure the quality of customers' mobile 3G/4G/LTE services and reduce service provider support burden. Founded in 1973, BEC Technologies has been publicly traded since 2000. Its U.S. regional headquarters have been established since 2004. BEC is now the largest direct provider of broadband CPE solutions focused on regional service providers. The company serves more than 300 telco carriers and service providers in the United States, and millions of CPE devices are deployed in North America. BEC Technologies (Cont'd. from p. 1) Its engineering, distribution, sales and technical support center is located in Plano, Texas. Products include: 4G LTE products; gigabit service products; Fiber to the Home (FTTH) products; triple play access CPE products; home networking products; smart energy/home automation products; and MDU/MTU products. Managing millions of connected devices worldwide, BEC is driving the global transformation to a connected world. For more information, visit www.bectechnologies.net or follow on Twitter @BECTechnologies. To learn more about BEC Technologies and its 3G, 4G/LTE wireless broadband net- working solutions, visit www.bec technologies.net. For a live product demonstration of the BEC MXConnect Series, visit BEC at CTIA Super Mobility at booth #4455 or email sales@bectechnologies.net. planning, design, integration, optimiza- tion, maintenance, infrastructure and field services. We service major carriers, including ATT, Sprint and Verizon, as well as OEMs, cable and satellite TV providers, and major enterprise cus- tomers like universities and professional sports venues. Goodman differentiates itself from its competitors by having the ability to build the tower but also having the back-end network engineers to put traffic on that tower and then optimize how that traffic flows back through the network. Goodman has a truly unique capability with its staff of high-end net- work engineers who have built the major networks that are in place today. We also have over 2,500 field service technicians across the country which gives us the capability and scale to accomplish com- plex installation projects on a large scale, including small cell and DAS installa- tions. WW: Why are you here at CTIA this year? RH: We've been at CTIA for the past 10 years, so we're familiar faces at this very important forum for the future of our industry. We're here to meet with our current customers and to be part of the ecosystem of the next generation of com- munications. We want to be part of those discussions about our future and how Goodman's technology and expertise will enable carriers to satisfy ever- increasing demand and capacity require- ments. WW: How do you see that future? RH: There are some major things we're going to see as the industry evolves. Wireless will continue to grow, but not at the same rate as we've witnessed in prior years as the major carriers are nearing completion of their 4G LTE build out. With that said, there will still be a need for capacity adds to accommodate the need for more advanced video streaming and IoT applications. People want to be able to watch full-length movies on their phones or in their cars. We need to be able to provide that kind of capacity any- where, anytime, without disruption. Goodman is postured to take advantage of this movement in the marketplace. Goodman Networks (Cont'd. from p. 1) WW: And what is Goodman's role in that the evolving marketplace? RH: Goodman partners with carriers and OEM's to add network capacity. We pro- vide site acquisition services, tower engi- neering and construction, and network engineering. We also provide RF engi- neering and optimization services, which maximize wireless coverage and network performance so that our customers can provide their end users with the best quality and customer experience on their networks. I am very pleased that Goodman expanded its portfolio in recent years to allow us to have the expertise and capability to catapult the company into the micro/small cell and DAS arena as well. Capacity is going to be critical to our future. Spectrum is going to be incredibly important. Questions like who owns the spectrum and what is the band signal that they have will have serious ramifications on each of the carriers' ability to deter- mine their go to market strategy. As car- riers acquire a greater share of the spec- trum, that gives them the ability to better manage throughput, upload and down- load speed, and overall capacity expan- sion. WW: Tell us how your company adds value in the current business environ- ment. RH: It's going to be a very competitive marketplace, with more consolidation, possibly with the carriers and most cer- tainly with the companies that are pro- viding services to the carriers. Goodman Networks is unique in that we already have the scale and the end-to- end capabilities to help our customers position themselves securely in this very competitive environment. We have the technology, expertise and manpow- er to help our customers as mobile net- works continue to evolve and eventual- ly transition to all IP. Goodman will continue to be on the forefront of the transition in the marketplace as it part- ners with its customers to create out of the box solutions that solve the world's network needs. For more information on Goodman Networks, visit www.goodmannetworks.com or contact its Plano, Texas headquarters at 972.406.9692 or toll-free at 866.255.4638. PRODUCTS FOR MUSIC LOVERS FROM INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Vintage Style with Today's Technology What's old is new again! We all know that music triggers memories and when you hear a song from 20, 30 or 40 years ago, you get that warm, nostalgic and sentimental feeling! Innovative Technology's new collec- tion of beautifully crafted products not only allows you to play music from decades ago with record players, cas- sette players and CD players, but also integrates modern technology such as wireless Bluetooth ® streaming and technology that will "digitize" and pre- serve your old music. Plus, Innovative Technology's clas- sic line provides the ability to "Digitize Your Memories" by offering products that take old vinyl records and cassettes and convert them to CD or MP3. By "digitizing" old media, you can enjoy yesteryear 's music everywhere you go. As music is such an important part of all of our lives, the Innovative Technology Classic and Nostalgia Collection, which has generated over $200 million in retail sales, is sure to drive revenue and warm customers' hearts. Bluetooth and Personal Audio Bluetooth technology bridges enter- tainment to perfection. Due to the ever-changing tech- nology associated with top tier manufacturers' connec- tive mechanisms, Innovative Technology is now proud to present an expanded assortment of incredible Bluetooth speak- ers and entertainment sys- tems with universal compatibility. The new collection features incredi- ble designs ranging from Bluetooth towers, to sound bars, to portable speakers and the newest collection of "skinny" low profile Bluetooth speak- ers – all at incredible price points! How else would your customer enjoy our nostalgic and cutting edge audio offerings than perfectly paired with the Personal Audio line? Innovative Technology is proud to present a collection of personal audio products that allow you to "Listen Without Making a Sound." The high- style product range includes Bluetooth headphones and ear- buds, wireless head- phones for your TV, DJ- style headphones and more. No matter your needs, Innovative Technology is there for your listening pleasure. Innovative Technology's products are sure to please music-loving cus- tomers of all ages with its wide range of superior designs, features and qual- ity Vintage, Bluetooth and Personal Audio offerings. For more information, go to www.ithomeproducts.com. SURECALL OFFERS CELLPHONE SIGNAL BOOSTERS SureCall offers cellphone signal enhancement solutions for businesses, homes and vehicles. This year's new cell phone enhancement, the Fusion7 pro- vides an all in one solution including: SureCall's patented five-band cellular solution for Verizon, AT&T and T- Mobile and virtually all other U.S. carri- ers; a built-in Wi-Fi booster along with a router that not only extends network cov- erage within the home but also increases the power for fast and reliable data trans- fers; an HDTV booster that brings all locally aired HDTV television stations into your home. Built-in Wi-Fi it allows for greatly enhanced streaming video through Netflix® and other on-demand streaming media providers. SureCall, the innovation leader in cellular booster technology, specializes in the design and manufacturing of cell phone signal boosters and accessories. These systems dramatically improve cell phone reception for homes, mobile set- tings and businesses, wherever cellular reception is weak due to distance from towers, topography, building materials or structural design. Depending on the model, SureCall offers boosters that can enhance 2G, 3G and 4G voice and data for all U.S. carri- ers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to name a few. These competitively priced boosters can cover areas of 500 square feet up to 25,000 square feet with as many as 100-plus simultaneous users. Features include: the highest 4G data rate in the industry; FCC approved for use with all major U.S. carriers; quality metal construction, durable and resilient; a best in the industry, three-year warran- ty; available in kits with all necessary components. For more information, go to www .surecall.com.

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