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W i r e l e s s W o r l d W e d n e s d a y, S e p t e m b e r 9 , 2 0 1 5 2 0 INNOVATIVE OUTDOOR CONNECTOR SOLUTIONS BY RADIALL As the demand for data increases, there is a need to increase network density. The solution is a range of new communica- tion products that are smaller, more cost- effective and increasingly versatile to accommodate the varying needs of a highly urban setting. To satisfy input/out- put needs of new small cells, wireless backhaul radios and other innovative out- door products, Radiall has introduced a range of "Outdoor Connectors" that meet the challenges of ever-changing market conditions. Radiall's product range features an adaptable design, which allows end-users to standardize the input/output connector, while maintaining flexibility of the con- nector in signal, fiber, coax and hybrid applications. Available for OEMs and equipment integrators, these product solutions are suitable for a range of field applications from short to long distance connections, digital to RF applications. The compact product range allows for higher panel density and smaller foot- print. Recognizing the importance of simpli- fied field installation, Radiall designed the range to reduce installation time and planning requirements. The product range includes simple 'push-pull' con- nectors, as well as 'twist-and-lock' solu- tions, with each presenting its own unique advantages. These solutions are field installable, which eliminates the need to pre-determine the length of the cable assemblies. Radiall's "Outdoor Connector" product range is the perfect solution for harsh outdoor applications. These inno- vative solutions can operate from -40°C to +85°C, are waterproof to either IP65 or IP67 ratings, and are made of robust materials for improved corrosion resistance. For field installable input/output solutions that require adaptability or sim- ple field installation in harsh environ- ment conditions, choose Radiall. Its ded- icated team is available to help identify the right product for every application, whether it is OPUS ® , R2CT ® , OSIS ® or a next generation product. For more information, contact Kevin Larsen, Business Development Manager at Kevin.larsen@radiall.com or 224.330.7293, visit www.radiall.com or stop by booth #3659. THX SATISFIES DEMANDS OF HIGH BANDWIDTH CONTENT 2014 has unequivocally demonstrated that 4K solutions are more than just technology and marketing hype. They are quickly becoming a permanent part of our homes and our lives. In a global survey of media executives, carried out by Intelsat, 63 percent of those sur- veyed predicted that 4K UHD TV con- sumption will become mainstream within five to seven years. The adop- tion of 4K UHD TVs among technical and non-technical users will be driven by the creation and distribution of 4K content. In video-on-demand, Netflix ® was the first to offer Ultra HD stream- ing for their original series "House of Cards." The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) also announced its plans to develop an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc stan- dard effectively extending the life of traditional physical media. While the market for native 4K content begins to flourish, THX ® and its partners contin- ue to push for performance and tech- nology standards that ensure the full potential of 4K entertainment experi- ences – in the cinema and the home. HDMI ® has become the standard multimedia interface in home applica- tions. With the introduction of HDMI 2.0™ the organization is defining the medium through which 4K source and playback devices communicate. HDMI cable manufacturers are realizing that to properly support HDMI 2.0 and new high bandwidth content formats, their products must satisfy significantly more stringent performance require- ments. Analyzing current HDMI com- pliance standards and certified prod- ucts, THX observed a need for a more rigorous interconnect performance specification that guarantees an absolute zero effect on picture and sound characteristics within high bandwidth content. To satisfy this need, and guarantee a truthful delivery of the artist's vision, THX launched an interconnect certification program for cables designed to support future 4K media. The THX program was designed to test beyond HDMI ATC (Approved Testing Center) requirements, comple- menting the HDMI program with a spe- cific focus on high performance applica- tions. Only manufacturers registered as HDMI adopters are eligible for THX cer- tification and their products will follow one of two THX testing tracks for either Active or Passive applications. Cables that satisfy THX performance require- ments at 3 Gbps per channel will be cer- tified as THX Level 3. Cables that satis- fy requirements at 6 Gbps per channel will be certified as THX Level 6. With the first THX Certified 4K interconnect cables having been intro- duced by Kordz at CES ® 2015, THX is working to ensure that content creators, integrators and consumers feel confi- dent in realizing the full impact of 4K entertainment experiences – as the artists intended. For the first time, the majority of consumers will experience the marvel and detail of 4K entertain- ment and wowed by its benefits, they will look to your brands to personalize the experience. For more information, go to www.thx.com. SUNFRIEND COMBATS GLOBAL HEALTH ISSUES WITH UV MONITORING After a soft launch earlier this year, the UVA+B SunFriend is being lauded by con- sumer electronics editors and the Vitamin D Council, which has hailed it as an effec- tive device for healthy sun management. One in five people in the U.S. will get skin cancer, thought to be from over-exposure to the sun, and 70 percent of the U.S. pop- ulation is suspected to have vitamin D deficiency. Exposure to sunshine is the major source of Vitamin D for most humans, and health researchers have iden- tified Vitamin D deficiency as a factor in high blood pressure as well as muscu- loskeletal and other disorders. Optimized Vitamin D levels have even been linked to a decrease in risks for many cancers, including breast cancer and skin cancer. Inadequate exposure to the sun has also been implicated in Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression and dementia. The product is the brainchild of a NASA scientist with expertise in sensor devices and the idea that the sensors that he was using for space exploration could also help people combating serious health issues such as skin cancer and vitamin D deficien- cy get a healthier amount of sunshine. He partnered up with branding and busi- ness expert Karin Edgett, now the company's CEO, and together with the help of their electronics partner CoolCAD and many others, brought the UVA+B SunFriend to market ear- lier this year. "With the UVA+B SunFriend, you personalize your skin sensitivity level and then just wear it throughout the day. The big idea behind the product is really to prevent sunburn and to allow yourself a healthier amount of sun before you douse yourself with sunblock or flee indoors. You just strap it around your wrist, and a tiny sensor constantly reads the actual UV exposure you are getting and adjusts for brighter sun, reflective UV, clouds, indoor/outdoor activity and more. It's waterproof, so you can even wear it out by the pool or at the beach," Edgett said. UVA+B SunFriend is ideal for those chemical- sensitive people who must avoid sunscreen and for those who work indoors at their computers all day and need a reminder to go outside and get a healthy amount of sun, she added. "SunFriend protects against both under- exposure and overexposure," she said. The device comes in five colors: Orange Citrus, Grey Mist, Blue Ocean, Green Spring and Black/Grey, and retails for $49.99. For further information, visit visit www.sunfriend.com. Things, how does it work and what do businesses need to know in order to use IoT technology to build either those "smart" devices or that world of the future. Many consumer guides have been written outlining how IoT technologies might apply to individuals' lives, but not much exists to give executives and proj- ect managers an overview before embarking on the business of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. That's why Aeris is producing an eBook this fall that focuses on how the burgeoning IoT ecosystem impacts business. To get started with IoT and M2M for your business, you'll need a basic understand what makes it all work. Not everyone on the project needs to be an engineer or a data scien- tist, but it's useful to have a grounding in the concepts of how IoT and M2M systems are connected, how they com- municate, and how this will impact your organization. In the eBook, titled The Definitive Guide to IoT for Business, it will present an overview on networking and the Internet, describe the Internet of Things in more detail, and even guide you through writing a simple IoT pro- gram. The book will cover these broad topics: the technology that connects the Internet of Things; how wireless devices are networked and locate them- Aeris (Cont'd. from p. 1) selves; different types of sensors, how they work and what they do; a sample API program that emulates an IoT device; an overview of security tech- nologies used to protect IoT data; how to scale up an IoT project to immense proportions; how to manage the lifecy- cle of an IoT deployment; building an IoT network from start to finish; and using Big Data analytics to gain insight from the IoT ecosystem. All of these aspects of the Internet of Things will be addressed from an enter- prise point of view for those running small to large businesses. While IoT and M2M communications are already touch- ing many everyday consumers' lives, it feels that the end-user world of smart- phones, fitness trackers and connected toasters has been sufficiently discussed elsewhere. It wants to look behind the scenes into how these devices are run and managed, where the data they collect goes, and how it's used. If you're in the business of IoT and M2M or looking to start up a deployment, this guide is for you. Head to www.aeris.com/IoTGuide/ WW for your complementary copy of The Definitive Guide to IoT for Business. For more information, visit www.aeris.com, call 800.GO.AERIS, email Info@Aeris.Net or stop by booth #4849 at CTIA 2015.

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