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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 7 3 T h u r s d a y, M a y 7 , 2 0 1 5 Turn Heads with All-New Platinum Series Estrous At Code Blue, Standing Estrous was the first breakthrough. Now, years of devel- opment at a leading animal research uni- versity has resulted in an all-new tech- nology: Platinum Standing Estrous, the next generation of deer attractants. This product has been tested and proven to be 63 percent more effective in the field. At Code Blue, this is the highest buck response rate ever recorded. Platinum Standing Estrous is unlike any other scent because it's collected at the precise time in which a buck attempts to breed. Due to the unique process involved, this is a limited availability estrous. If you're lucky enough and you act fast, you will possess the most potent estrous avail- able. A 1.5 ounce bottle of Platinum Standing Estrous has an MSRP of $39.99. In addition to Platinum Standing Buckstep Climbing Stick (Cont'd. from p. 4) Estrous, Code Blue provides a full line of urines, attractants and personal scent management products. For more infor- mation on Code Blue Products go to www.codebluescents.com or call its cus- tomer line at 251.368.4089. About Pradco Outdoor Brands Pradco Outdoor Brands was founded in 1960 as Plastic Research and Development Corporation (PRADCO) and soon became one of the largest injec- tion molders in the United States. Its four hunting brands include Code Blue, Knight & Hale, Moultrie and Summit. PRADCO Fishing owns the oldest brand in fishing, Heddon, established in 1894. Additionally, PRADCO Fishing manu- facturers and markets Rebel, Lindy, Bomber, Booyah, YUM, Arbogast, Cotton Cordell, Smithwick, Silver Thread, Lazy Ike, Creek Chub and more. Visit booth #14120 for more information. a volume control allows the sound inten- sity to be set from 65 to 105 decibels. The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic fully exploits a bird's natural alertness to dan- ger and sensitivity to alarming sounds. Perfect for Large Open Spaces Especially designed to deter birds from large open spaces, the Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic gets rid of pest birds from parks, golf courses, large backyards, commercial and industrial rooftops, park- ing lots, parking structures, schools, cam- puses and other outdoor areas. The device is ruggedly designed and con- structed of UV-protected materials to make it sun and weather resistant. Solar Powered, Sustainable, Portable Powered by sustainable solar energy, the Bird B Gone (Cont'd. from p. 4) Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic can easily be placed wherever pest birds flock or gather. Ideal for use in large open spaces that do not have access to power, Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic uses solar pan- els to charge and store energy which keep the system operational during inclement weather. A handy LCD panel displays operating status and settings at a glance. The device comes with one internal speaker that easily covers up to an acre of property. Bird B Gone is one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions. It provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures. Visit Bird B Gone at booth #14115. mind. Of course, the breadth of the line – it's huge. More than 8,000 items. There's the variety of different categories: lights, trees, décor, table top. The company keeps it all fresh and exciting year after year. The line also includes items in more than 40 iconic licenses. Then there are our 12 showrooms that we maintain around the country. We have a terrific web site. Those are a few of the ingredi- ents that give the company its identity. But what I think really makes the Kurt Adler Company unique are the peo- ple that work for the company. It's like a family. A dedicated group of people that have been working together for many years. We have product development, the art department, sales and marketing, cus- tomer service, the import department that gets all our merchandise to the ware- house from the factories, and the gang at the warehouse that gets the product to the customers on time. It is really quite an amazing group that works as a team. There is a special culture that starts with the ownership of this family run business that operates with its head as well as its heart. That, I think, makes our company unique. HHR: Who is Kurt Adler's customer? BS: Our customers are as diverse as our Kurt Adler (Cont'd. from p. 1) line: independent retailers, hardware stores, garden centers, hospital gift shops, all year round shops, as well as big box retailers and high-end department stores. With more than 8,000 items in the line, we have something for everyone – but, of course, not everything is for everyone. Some of our lines are very regional and some do very well nation- wide. HHR: Why has Kurt Adler remained successful since 1946? BS: We have remained successful all these years thanks to our loyal cus- tomers, loyal vendors and loyal employees. Some of our customers have been with us since 1946, and many employees have been with us for more than 25 years. We also have mul- tiple generations on all three sides (customers, vendors and employees). It has been great to watch second and third generation salespeople and employees work closely with second and third generation customers and vendors – this is all part of the family atmosphere that I mentioned earlier. This unique, close-knit atmosphere is what has helped keep Kurt Adler a suc- cess since 1946. Visit Kurt Adler at booth #38127. For more information, go to www .kurtadler.com. best. A high percentage of the time, they are also thinking about two other important factors: safety and conven- ience. They are thinking about what products are going to keep them and their family safe or protect their per- sonal belongings. They are also think- ing about what products are going to make their day-to-day lives easier and more enjoyable. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or a retailer, these factors should play a role in decisions made regarding what your company should produce and sell, as well as who it should partner with to do so. These deci- sions could mean the difference between success or failure, so they should not be made lightly. The products and partners you associate your company with should be well thought out, evaluated against your company's goals and mission as well as the marketplace, and be benefi- cial to your bottom line. The team at KenoPlastics is actively seeking partnerships at all levels for the introduction of its newest products onto the market, and would be interested in speaking with you and learning more about your company. I am guessing you might want to learn a bit about them as well. For more than 15 years, William Kenosha, the innovative mind behind the KenoPlastics (Cont'd. from p. 1) KenoPlastics family of products has made safety and convenience a priority. His ideas are drawn from real world problems in need of a solution, and his efforts to solve those problems are tire- less. From design to manufacture to release of the final product, William Kenosha is hands-on, ensuring that the products produced by his company are the solution they are intended to be, safe for consumers to use, and improve their everyday lives in a simple and affordable manner. The KenoPlastics family of products is proud to feature: Lock-It Tops An innovative solution designed to not only prevent someone from accidentally or purposefully drinking your purchased beverages in dorms, break rooms or other shared space situations, but to keep them safe from tampering and pranks as well. Food-and-Beverage Platter KenoPlastics' newest addition is designed to help consumers juggle both food and beverages at the same time in places with limited seating or table space such as during camping, BBQs, tailgate parties and events. Visit KenoPlastics at booth #3047. For more information, go to www.keno plastics.com, call 602.552.0177 or email kenoplastics@yahoo.com. and web distributors. Beginning in 2011, its reputation quickly grew while work- ing successfully with QVC and selling its own line of storage and organization products called Store More. Discovering products from inventors or creating products under the Store More brand is the mission focus of Ignite Marketing, and its newest product for market release is the TripleLite ® 180, the world's first wide-screen flashlight. Patented technology from inventor Ronnie S. Pritchett, the TripleLite can illuminate everything you need to safely see in the dark. While traditional flash- lights only allow you to see a small por- tion of what's around you, the TripleLite gives users a complete 180 degree view, allowing everything to be seen directly in front as well as to the left and right. With three ultra-bright LED bulbs that produce 500 lumens of crisp, bright white light and a comfortable hand grip, the TripleLite is the world's first wide-screen flashlight. Lightweight and water resistant, the TripleLite can illuminate a distance of up to 160 feet (50 meters) and 50 feet (15 meters) in width, making it ideal for walking the dog at night, finding your way through the house during a power outage or walking down a dark trail while on a camping trip. Because it's super bright, it's the perfect addition to a vehicle emergency kit or the go-bag that's stashed away for a household Ignite Marketing (Cont'd. from p. 1) emergency. Also, it can stand upright, which makes it an ideal hands-free room light. The Mini TripleLite uses two AA batteries and weighs a mere 4.5 ounces, with a suggested retail price of $14.95, while the TripleLite requires three AAA batteries, weighs only 11.25 ounces and retails for $19.95. The TripleLite has already become a huge success with interest from many retailers, catalogers and web businesses throughout the world. The TripleLite is patented in the U.S. and in 27 countries around the world, and Prichett and his designers are currently working on incorporating its technology into many other useful and potentially life-saving products. The creation of the TripleLite flash- light is making the traditional flashlight, which produces a puny circle of light, nearly obsolete, and once your customers have seen the TripleLite for themselves, they'll be coming back for additional TripleLites for each of their vehicles, toolboxes and home emergency kits. The success of the TripleLite is gaining domestic and international acclaim, and is already proving to be another success- ful brand under the leadership of Ignite Marketing. For more information, contact Tracee McAfee at 330.283.0131 or Tracee@Ignitemktng.com, or visit www.triplelite.com and www.facebook.com/ tripleliteflashlight.

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