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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w T h u r s d a y, M a y 7 , 2 0 1 5 5 4 LA CROSSE TECHNOLOGY: YOUR BACKYARD WEATHER SOLUTION Founded in 1985, La Crosse Technology ® is the leader in atomic time and weather instruments. It offers a wide variety of easy-to-use products that deliver unsurpassed weather data, atomic time and an array of features that help make life easier. Whether you are a homeowner, parent, outdoorsman or commuter, rest assured that La Crosse Technology has the product for you to help plan your day with confidence. La Crosse Technology weather sta- tions deliver your personalized backyard weather data to make certain you are receiving the most accurate information available. Worried about rain ruining your afternoon event? Instead of turning on your television or waiting for a web- site to load, simply check your forecast station to help you plan ahead and avoid any weather-related mishaps. The company's emphasis on conven- ience and its forward-thinking mindset is ingrained in every product it produces. It introduced atomic clocks to the U.S. mar- ket in 1991, and continues to be on the cutting edge of technology. All of its atomic weather instruments, clocks and watches are calibrated daily by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to ensure it is delivering the most precise time to its customers. La Crosse Technology has made an effort to meet every segment of the mar- ket. The La Crosse brand offers a variety of traditional weather products that are both decorative and functional. Whether you are looking for a basic thermometer or some- thing more stylish, we have the perfect product that will fit into anyone's backyard or garden. More than 10 years ago, La Crosse Technology also partnered with Equity Industries ® , one of the nation's leading clock manufacturers. Together, the companies have more than 80 years of clock manufacturing and marketing experience that helps deliver the best selection of wall and alarm clocks to retail clock departments around the world. One of La Crosse Technology's most recent endeavors involves the launch of the revamped La Crosse Alerts Mobile™ system, which is an app-based product that allows you to remotely monitor your home, vacation home or business. Use the free app to set customizable tempera- ture and humidity alerts and view sensor data while you are away. From its professional weather stations to its most basic thermometers, every product is designed, developed, tested and used by the compa- ny's team of weather enthusiasts. Its small town team takes pride in the quali- ty and value of every product it produces. La Crosse Technology's faithful commit- ment to its customers and employees helps it continuously develop user- friendly products and provide excellent, in-house customer service to its satisfied customers. La Crosse Technology is based in La Crosse, Wis., and distributes to a variety of vendors across North America. Visit La Crosse Technology at booth #4915. ANNIVERSARY SAFE FROM CANNON SAFE BENEFITS VETERANS The new 50th Anniversary Series safe celebrates Cannon Safe's 50-year story as a company that works to protect fami- lies' valuables by benefiting those who fight to protect American families. For each 50th Anniversary Series safe pur- chased in 2015, Cannon will donate $50 to Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA). "The U.S. Armed Forces work hard to protect our country, and Cannon Safe works hard to protect their valuables," said Steve Hoffa, President of Cannon Safe. "So we thought, 50 years, a 50-gun safe and a 50 dollar donation to HAVA would be a great way for Cannon to cel- ebrate its success as well as aid disabled soldiers as they transition back to their lives in the United States." The charcoal-colored 50th Anniversary Series safe features chrome accents as well as internal adjustable shelving, high-grade upholstery and an interior door organizer. With up to 50- gun capacity, the safe's exterior measures 59 inches high, 45 inches wide and 26 inches deep, and weighs 906 pounds. Key features of the 50th Anniversary Series safe include an exclusive dual- access EMP™ lock that offers immediate access of an electronic lock backed up by the assurance of a manual combination lock. Multi-directional LED lights acti- vate when the door opens for increased internal visibility. An internal media out- let is equipped with two 110 outlets, two USB ports and a RJ45 Ethernet connec- tion to safely keep computers, iPods, external hard drives, dehumidifiers and other electronics charged and connected to the Internet behind Cannon Safe secure doors without having to drill a hole into the back of the safe. It's made with 12-gauge steel con- struction, four-inch door thickness and patented Trulock™ internal hinges to provide strong, durable security of valuables. Thirteen four-inch locking bolts, compared to two- inch locking bolts used by com- petitors, combine with anti-pry tabs for added protection. A heat- activated door seal (triple fin intumescent) that expands up to 12 times its size when exposed to heat protects the contents and prevents smoke damage. It's Intertek-ETL fire rating verified, earning the most demanding protocol in the industry for fire validation to protect contents from a blaze. The 50th Anniversary safe has a 60-minute/1,200- degree rating. In addition to the 50th Anniversary Series safe, product expansion will also mark Cannon Safe's half-century success with the release of the Home Essentials™ Series safe collection and Cannon's biggest safe yet – the Armory ® 100. About Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) HAVA is a 501(c)3 organization formed by companies in the shooting and out- door industry to raise awareness and further assist disabled vet- erans with their healing process through guided hunts, shooting events and other outdoor sports activities. For more informa- tion, visit www.honored veterans.org. About Cannon Safe Founded in 1965, Cannon Safe is a trust- ed name in protection and a leader in home safe design and technology. Cannon Safe is committed to making sure every household has a way of pro- tecting its valuables and to keep firearms secured. Designed to be part of everyday life, Cannon Safe products offer ultimate protection from fire, natural disasters and theft. Cannon Safe is the only safe com- pany to offer free parts, free labor and free freight for safes damaged by burgla- ry, natural flood or fire for the lifetime of the safe. Visit Cannon Safe at booth #36031. For more information, go to www .cannonsafe.com. STUMP CHUNKS KINDLING AND FIRESTARTER Stump Chunks was developed by four brothers in New Hampshire. It is the cul- mination of an innate knowledge of the slow-growing, dense wood native to cold New England climate and a lifetime of making memories around the fire with family and friends. For years, stumps would be placed in a big hole and covered up, leaving them to decompose, thus contaminating the local water supply. But after a generation of recycling and finding better ways to utilize this natural resource, the brothers discovered one more use. Stump Chunks was born one cold night when the brothers discovered how easy it was to start a fire using dried chunks of wood from old tree stumps. It sounded a little crazy to sell the product; it seemed too simple. But it worked so well that the brothers just had to share. What they found is that it's never about lighting the fire, everyone can do that. It's how quick you can get the fire going so you can start enjoying the fire. The brothers believe in this so strongly that you will find it on the back of the bag: "Step 3: OPEN BEVERAGE, PUT FEET UP, RELAX AND ENJOY." Completely green and self sustaining, Stump Chunks is 100 percent wood. It contains absolutely no chemi- cals or additives. The secret to this magic is in the stump itself. It just took some clever but chilly fellows to figure out how to unleash its potential. Stump Chunks is great for anyone who wants an easier, faster and environmentally safe way to light their wood stove, fire place, fire pit or light charcoal for grilling. This is a product that can be used and enjoyed year around. The outdoor grilling mar- ket is growing everyday as people are discovering the enhanced flavor of their food by cooking with charcoal or wood. With Stump Chunks you longer have that long wait to start cooking – you can be ready to go in less than five min- utes, again getting to Step 3 quicker. Visit Stump Chunks in the Outdoor Tailgate Section at booth TG379. For more infor- mation after the show, call 603.935.5405, email sales@stumpchunks.com or go to www.stumpchunks.com. FASHIONABLE HOME STORAGE WITH EUROPEAN FLAIR FROM CIE NORTH AMERICA CIE North America, a subsidiary of CIE France, one of Europe's market leaders in fashionable home storage products, has specialized in fashionable home storage since 1983. CIENA is focusing on three core product groups of its parent: Compactor Vacuum Storage Systems, Compactor Cosmetic and Jewelry Organizers and Bestlock Suction and Auto-Adhesive Storage Accessories for kitchen and bath. American buyers will eventually have access to all CIE product groups, includ- ing closet storage, baskets, over-the-door hooks, shoe storage and decorative boxes. CIE Europe became a market leader in decorative home storage by focusing on the details of quality, style and design at the right price. No detail that makes products better and easier for consumers to use is overlooked. Compactor vacu- um storage systems offer a variety of sizes, shapes and fabrics to coordinate with garment bags and other closet stor- age accessories.

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