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Hardware & Housewares Review May 7 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 5 1 T h u r s d a y, M a y 7 , 2 0 1 5 JASCO SHOWCASES CONNECTED HOME PRODUCTS Take control, save energy and transform any home with Jasco's diverse collection of GE branded connected home products. With one of the most robust lines of light- ing controls on the market, Jasco focuses on interoperability, product performance and reliability. According to CEO Cameron Trice, Jasco's connected home products allow consumers to live securely and efficiently with products designed to simplify your life and give you complete control from your smartphone or tablet. "As a growing number of homes are equipped with home automation solutions installed by service providers, customers have the option to independently expand upon their platform," said Trice. "We are excited to be leading in the home control momentum as we continue our growth and expansion of connected home prod- ucts. At the 2015 National Hardware Show, we are showcasing the world's first easy-set up Bluetooth lighting control ecosystem currently in development with startup company, Avi-on Labs." With CSR Bluetooth Mesh tech- nology, the simple home control solu- tion allows consumers to automate their devices directly from their smartphone or tablet without the need for a hub or router. The Bluetooth light- ing controls include a weath- er-resistant outdoor unit as well as a full line of indoor in-wall and plug-in devices that feature on/off and dim- ming functions for dimmable LED and CFL lighting. In addition to the lighting control features, these products also serve as multi-event timers with the capability to program and control light- ing, small appliances and more with unique timer functions such as setting daily, weekly and countdown sched- ules. All of these products operate off of the new and emerging CSR Mesh chipset that allows devices to securely "talk" to each other. Jasco's key initiatives in home automation are related to developing smartly designed products, new and innovative technologies and easily accessible cus- tomer education and support. Jasco works directly with hub suppliers, retail- ers, manufacturers and customers to ensure a high standard of integration and compatibility. GE is a trademark of General Electric Company and under license to Jasco Products Company LLC, 10 E. Memorial Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73114. Visit Jasco at booth #4515. For more information, go to www.jasco products.com or blog.jascoproducts.com. CERTWOOD: A LEADER IN CREATIVITY, INNOVATION By Chris Courtnell, Certwood Limited StorSystem, manufactured by Certwood Limited, is an award winning, industry leader in the production of effective and innovative modular storage solutions. Components are extremely mobile and diverse in the wide range of agile solu- tions, enabling the end-user to become fully organized. Certwood's unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation naturally supports its passion to lead the industry in the critical categories of strength, safety and sustainability. At Certwood Limited, safety is para- mount. This is precisely why the award winning Glide & Tilt runner system was perfected to create an innovative solution that prevents bins or trays and their con- tents from falling out under any circum- stances. This unique system additionally permits full access to the bin's contents, while being securely held within the unit. Safety of the end-user is supported by the shatterproof trays and bins, which pass the strongest of all international testing. Recent recognition from FIRA for inno- vation and Ergonomic Excellence, becoming the first manufacturer of edu- cational furniture to receive this award, supports Certwood's unwavering passion in innovation and safety. The StorSystem solutions speak to diversity in every detail and aspect with- in the extensive product line. With more than 75 different product types, eight organizing accessory com- ponents, five tray sizes, permitting choices of two widths and three depths with more than 23 color options, the breadth of combinations becomes endless. If it doesn't make a solution to fit your orga- nizational needs, the com- pany will customize it in their factory that runs 24 hours a day to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Certwood continues to explore new ideas to innovate the product line for the end-users. At this year 's National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Certwood will introduce a complete line of metal end and side panels with a highly functional use supporting the multi-functional attributes of its line. All panels will have the option of being supplied with a magnetic peg-board grid system, allowing solutions that fit you best. At Certwood, we take a great deal of pride in providing superb component quality, zero defect sup- plies, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. Certwood has achieved preferred supplier sta- tus with many of its customers endorsed by the long term associa- tions it retains. Combine technical expertise, invest- ment in state of the art equipment and product handling, a dedicated workforce and the continuous focus on customer satisfaction, creativity, innovation and competitive pricing; the result achieved is a truly satisfied customer. Visit Certwood at booth #33105. For more information, go to www.stor system.com, call 740.314.5874 or email chris@certwood.com. PAINT MADE WITH MILK? That's right, Real Milk Paint Company has been making paint with milk for the past 15 years. Real Milk Paint is made with powdered milk, lime and pigments for color. The milk is first treated with a mild acid like white vinegar, which makes the milk curdle. This curdled product is called casein. The casein curds are nearly the same as the cottage cheese at the grocery store, except that they are dried into a powder. The dry powder is mixed with pharmaceutical grade high calcium, lime and iron oxide pigments for color. Water can be mixed with the powder to make it into paint. Milk paint has been used by man for thousands of years. Its longevity has been proven in findings in the tombs of ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. Also, the Romans painted with milk paint emulsion. There is evidence showing how tough and resilient milk paint has been in the past. Milk paint was also used by every- day people, when latex wasn't even thought of. They would mix their soured milk from their own farms, add dried yel- low ochre, or red iron oxide from the ground or pretty much whatever they could use to color the paint to paint barns, fences and whatever needed to be protected from harsh climates. Milk paint is suitable for indoors or outdoors. It can be applied to porous surfaces such as concrete and wood. It can go over unknown surfaces with an additive. Milk paint can be applied with any technique, but it is preferable to use a brush, because it adds character, diversity and texture to your project. Milk paint is also unique in that it is an emulsion. This means it can be mixed with other things and stay in solution. One of the things early settlers would add is talon or animal fat to make milk paint more waterproof. (This can tend to mold, and is not recommended.) However, you can mix Pure Tung Oil into the liq- uid Real Milk Paint. Adding up to 20 percent oil makes the Real Milk Paint a waterproof finish type paint. Natural Pure Tung Oil, squeezed from the Tung nut tree, dries hard and makes the paint more weather resistant. Next time you need to paint that swing set, reach for the natural paint first: use Real Milk Paint, add a little Pure Tung Oil, and you will be amazed at the durability of the paint and the wonderful look that your outdoor pieces take on. Visit Real Milk Paint at booth #7035. SAY GOODBYE TO SMUDGES, FINGERPRINTS AND MORE ON STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES Polished, shiny and smooth stainless steel appliances look absolutely lovely on magazine pages and Pinterest walls, but in real life, these appliances are cov- ered in food, grease, dirt and fingerprints. Every homeowner wants that easy fix to get that showroom finish back in his or her kitchen. That easy fix is specialty Tub O'Towels ® Stainless Steel Polishing Wipes from Wonder Works Products ® . Unlike traditional stainless steel cleaners that are milky white and streaky during application, Tub O'Towels Stainless Steel Polishing Wipes "wipe" clean and easily polish and protect stain- less steel surfaces without the necessary buffing traditional cleaners require. During application, Tub O'Towels Stainless Steel Polishing Wipes feature a formula that makes it effortless to keep the appliance or stainless steel surface looking beautiful. The all-in-one product easily removes grease, oil, watermarks, fingerprints, food and more from stainless steel surfaces, leaving behind an effortless shine and lus- trous, streak-free finish. Utilizing the same tough weave as Tub O'Towels all-purpose wipes, Wonder Works specialty cleaners boast stronger stain removal and scrubbing ability over typical household wipes. Providing a protective coating that makes it effortless to keep the appliance or stainless steel surface looking beauti- ful, the Tub O'Towels Stainless Steel Polishing Wipes include a solution that is specially formulated to repel future grime and is free of silicones, abrasives or acids. Tub O'Towels Stainless Steel specialty wipes are available in a convenient 40-towel, re-sealable portable case (7-in. by 8-in. towels). Wonder Works Products also offers three additional cleaning wipes: All-Purpose Tub O'Towels Wipes, Tub O'Towels Granite & Marble Polishing Wipes and Tub O'Towels Carpet & Upholstery Scrubbing Wipes – formulated specifically for clean- ing these unique surfaces. For more information, visit booth #6720, or go to www.tubotowels.com, www .youtube.com/tubotowels, www.facebook .com/tubotowels, or www.twitter.com/ tubotowels.

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