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Hardware & Housewares Review May 7 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w T h u r s d a y, M a y 7 , 2 0 1 5 4 6 INNOVATION: THE LIFEBLOOD OF GROWTH Angel-GUARD Products, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious Retailer's Choice Award during four different National Hardware Shows. Not bad for a small company from Worcester, Mass. The SnoBrum™ earned the first Award in 1998. The oversized snow remover is the consumer version of the product used by car dealers to remove snow from all sizes of vehicles after a storm. The product sells well in catalogs and retailers throughout the Snow Belt. The SnoBrum is made of durable foam that is freeze resistant and color fast, and is now used to remove snow from vehi- cles, hot tub covers and solar panels. The Cord Connect™ earned the sec- ond Award in 1999. The versatile power cord lock has met with great success at retail, online and in industrial applica- tions. It's the only power cord lock that has been tested and approved in five dif- ferent levels of water-tight specifications. The convenient snap on/off design makes it a favorite for the home DIYer. The Bat Hook™ earned the third Award in 2009. The versatile instant stor- age hook secures on a "two by" board, at any angle, to turn the underutilized wall stud, attic rafter or floor joist into storage space. The galvanized spring steel Bat Hook holds up to 40 pounds at a vertical or horizontal angle. The product is ideal for increasing storage space in garages, cellars, attics, sheds and even under decks. The Deck Demon™ earned the fourth Award in 2012. "Necessity is the mother of invention" is the per- fect phrase to describe the develop- ment of this demolition tool. The Deck Demon was invented by a contractor who was stripping 30,000 lin- ear feet of pressure-treated decking to replace it with composite decking. The double claw design allows users to slide the tool along a floor joist and use back- saving leverage to easily pry up decking that is being removed. This year, the Spool Tool™ line of electrical products offer the same level of time and effort-saving benefits to be eli- gible for another Retailer's Choice Award. The Coil Stand and Ground Rod Driver are just two of the new products in the Spool Tool line. These products enable DIYers and electricians to dispense wire and work faster than ever before. Angel-GUARD Products, Inc. was launched in 1991 to develop and market innovative products. Currently, more than 25 products are produced for consumers, professional rescuers and industrial users. The rescue products have been used to save at least 70 people and hundreds of family pets from life threatening situations. A core value of Angel-GUARD is to support communi- ty-based special needs sheltered work- shops by providing jobs to those who have physical or developmental chal- lenges. Visit Angel-GUARD at booth #34066. For more information, go to www.angel guardproducts.com or call 800.325.4832. BERATEK'S POWER PERCH: A SHELF FOR YOUR COMMON OBJECTS BeraTek Industries, a product design and manufacturing company, is launching the Power Perch™, a shelf designed to easi- ly add storage anywhere there's an outlet. The Power Perch is the ideal solu- tion for holding a variety of everyday items, including electronic devices which require easy access to an outlet. The Power Perch is held in place with an existing outlet cover, so there is no need to put an extra hole in the wall. The stur- dy, easy-to-install shelf is ideal for any location that could use some extra space for storage and organization, such as the kitchen, bathroom, garage, family room or dorm room. "The Power Perch solves an every- day problem. I needed to charge my phone or tablet but didn't want to leave it on our overcrowded counter or on the floor next to the outlet," said Gerald Beranek, Founder and CEO. "I created the Power Perch as a space saving solution to solve this problem. I now have a place to set my phone or any other electronic device, off the counter and off the floor, while it charges. I also use the Power Perch to hold my razor in the bathroom where counter space is very limited." The Power Perch is currently available at www.beratek-industries.com and retails for $14.99. BeraTek is cur- rently seeking distribution partners for the Power Perch. Inquiries can be sent to bschroeder@beratek-industries.com or by visiting the BeraTek booth. About BeraTek Industries BeraTek Industries is a product design and manufacturing com- pany that has mastered the art of developing simple, innovative solutions for life's little chal- lenges. From space-saving stor- age and shelving to a super- portable slow cooker and a safe, simple baby monitor mount, BeraTek Industries has a groundbreak- ing product for every need. Visit BeraTek at booth #5546. For more information, go to www.beratek- industries.com. RANCHMATE PROVIDES PREFORMED SPLICES, DEAD-END REPAIR KITS Ranchmate is introducing an innovative new line of wire fence construction and repair products, changing the old way of doing things by making them much easi- er for everybody. Developed and manufactured in the U.S. by Preformed Line Products ® (PLP), Ranchmate is new to the market even though the technology it uses is tried and true. Ranchmate is a fence repair and con- struction product company, and its mis- sion is to become the industry standard in how wire fences are built and repaired all across America. Using the same design for almost 70 years, it strives to make sure it provides tried and true fencing repair products through all end users, for both farmers and ranchers alike. Ranchmate's core products in the line are fence repair splices and patented dead-ends (wire end terminators). The splices are used to reconnect any broken or cut wire, and the dead-ends are designed to create a secure loop around a post or create a radius around the corner post. Both splices and dead-ends are color-coded for specific gauges of wire. The result is a repair that is much stronger than the original fencing wire, most likely outlasting the fence itself. What makes PLP's splices and dead-end terminations so unique is its preformed technology, and it can be used with both smooth and barbed wire fencing. Before being used, the splices and dead-ends look as though they are already wrapped around an invisible core. When the splices and dead-ends are applied to wire, they follow their preformed shape, locking tightly in place and creating a solid, rod-like connection. Both products are made from galvanized steel that won't crack or rust, and are designed to match a variety of barbed and smooth wire gauges as well as working with wood posts and T-posts. Ranchmate also offers a unique line of fencing accessories, such as its three- dimensional "posted" signs. Sold under the 3D Post™ brand, the all-weather signs can be attached to fences or posts to give a very effective and highly visible "posted," "no trespassing" or "no hunt- ing" notice that is almost impossible to miss from any angle. Ranchmate also offers full-grain cowhide American-made work gloves that come in four lengths, as well as a fence post wire stretcher that makes installation a one-person job along with fence dip tie bars for installing and remov- ing T-post clips. As part of PLP's commitment to the future of American agriculture, the com- pany supports The National FFA Organization™ through official FFA ® licensed Ranchmate products. A portion of every sale of Ranchmate products directly supports the FFA, which works to promote and enhance agricultural edu- cation. Ranchmate products are available at farm, hardware and other retail stores and suppliers across the country. Ranchmate also provides instructional videos on its website. For more information, visit booth #41105, go to www.ranchmate.com or call 800.290.0436. SAY GOODBYE TO PAIN FROM USING YOUR WEED TRIMMER Weed trimmers and brush cutters can be one of the most dreaded landscaping tools, simply because they cause strain to your body – especially over extended use. That's why Comfort-Tech by LimbSaver has developed its Weed Trimmer and Utility Sling. The sling is designed to help you work longer with reduced fatigue and backache. The Comfort-Tech Weed Trimmer and Utility Sling is designed with two goals in mind: amazing comfort and ease of use. The contour design of the shoulder sling reduces body fatigue by distributing weight over your entire back, not just your shoulder. This also relieves your hands and arms from doing all the heavy lifting. With this weed trimmer sling, you will have bet- ter balance and control while using your tool, enabling you to work more efficiently. The sling is easy to install and use. The universal one-click easy on/easy off connection makes it perfect for trimmers and brush cutters. It is fully adjustable for an impeccable fit and is suited for right or left hand use. Easily customize your look by choosing any of six colors. Also from Comfort-Tech are the incredible Grip-Wraps. They are avail- able in two sizes and can be used on a wide range of power and hand tools, including weed trimmers, brush cutters, chainsaws, grinders, hammers, picks, shovels, axes and much more. They isolate your hands and provide cushion from hand shock and vibration. Your hands and arms will thank you! Comfort-Tech products are proudly made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality craftsmanship. For more information, visit booth #41119, go to www.limbsaver.com/ comfort-tech or call 877.257.2761.

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