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Hardware & Housewares Review May 7 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 3 1 T h u r s d a y, M a y 7 , 2 0 1 5 WILD-PAK BUTCHER KIT FROM OUTDOOR EDGE Outdoor Edge is a market leader in qual- ity home processing and butcher kits. Designed specifically to assist hunters in taking wild game meat from the field to the freezer as quickly and easily as possi- ble, Outdoor Edge's butcher kits also make for excellent knife sets to use while preparing meals in camp or at home. The eight piece Wild-Pak is the latest addition to Outdoor Edge's assortment of butcher kits, and at an MSRP retail price of $61.95, it's a terrific value. Home processing kits have always been a hallmark of Outdoor Edge; from the original Game Processor 12 piece kit to the new Wild-Pak, Outdoor Edge has never stopped innovating and evolving its butcher kit offerings. The Wild-Pak contains all the tools a hunter needs to render deer or elk into family sized portions. This set includes: a caping knife, gut-hook skinning knife, boning/fillet knife, car- bide sharpener, wood/bone saw, ribcage spreader, and game cleaning gloves. Each knife in the kit features full-tang construction, rubberized blaze-orange handles with a molded elk horn inlay for an enhanced non-slip grip, and thin taper ground 420 stain- less steel blades. The pull-through sharpener features replaceable carbide bits that are pre-set to a 22-degree angle to quickly re-sharpen your knives to a razor's edge after each use. The T-handled wood/bone saw has a rubberized grip which provides a safe and ergonomic hold while cutting through bone, trimming limbs around camp, or clearing sight lines for your tree stand. Outdoor Edge's Steel Stick ribcage spreader is a specialty hunting tool to help cool your fresh game meat faster. Finally, the Wild-Pak comes complete with a durable hard-side carry case for stor- age and organized transportation. The Wild-Pak is Outdoor Edge's most value-oriented butcher kit. It pro- vides hunters with a fully featured 8 piece butcher kit at a fraction the price of many other home processing and butcher kits. Most importantly, Outdoor Edge's butcher kits are made to last; every knife in the kit features a full lifetime warran- ty, and free factory re-sharpening. Aside from producing a great product, Outdoor Edge firmly believes in supporting its retail part- ners with aggressive adver- tising to drive consumer demand. In 2015, Outdoor Edge will continue to be a heavily advertised knife brand on the major outdoor TV networks with more than 40 sponsored hunting shows, including "Outdoor Edge's Love of The Hunt," which is hosted by home processing expert Brad Lockwood and showcases exciting big game adventures along with tips on how to process your wild game. Visit Outdoor Edge at booth #44105. For more information, go to www .outdooredge.com or contact Jordan Brothers at 800.447.3343 or by email at Jordan@outdooredge.com. FIND A CERTIFIED HANDYMAN WITH ACHP The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP) is a not-for-profit organization of handyman professionals with the general skills and knowledge of the trade. Membership is open to all handyman professionals across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Interested members must take an online evaluation exam and agree to adhere to the code of ethics to qualify to become an ACHP certified member. The ACHP's purpose is to improve the handyman industry, as well as connect the public with a certified handyman in their area. The Association's website provides a place where members can maintain their own directory profile, interact with other members, take advantage of forums and resources, newsletters, and remain informed on the latest developments in the handyman professional industry. "Our main goal was to create an easy-to-use website that everyone can use to access only certified handymen," said Ed Padilla, Founder and Chairman of ACHP. "With so many handy profes- sionals out there to choose from, ACHP is the only place that you can go to find a truly Certified Handyman that has gone through aptitude tests to be included within our select group of professionals, not just some guy looking to make beer- money for the weekend." The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals offers general liability insurance options to handymen nationwide. Being insured as part of the ACHP group pro- vides peace of mind to your customers and protects you and your business. As a handyman, securing a general liability insurance policy is essential in covering the unforeseen incidents that can occur on the job. This handyman liability insurance, brought to you by The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals, pro- tects you while performing work on your customer's property for liabilities that may arise as a result of your finished work. Buy a general liability policy start- ing for as little as $294 per year. Two lev- els of coverage are available, suited to your needs. $2,500 of tools coverage is included in your poli- cy, at no charge. A r i z o n a , California, Colorado, Nevada and New York have special requirements in their state laws that make it very difficult for insurance carriers to provide general liability coverage at rea- sonable prices. As such, ACHP does not have the ability to provide any coverage in those states. Join the fastest growing handyman association in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. ACHP is dedicated to improving the handyman industry and is open to all who qualify. Visit The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals at booth #30100. For more information, go to www.handymanassociation.org. MAKE TRANSPORT JOBS EASY WITH JERI-RIGG By Jerry Hill, CEO, Jerry Hill Innovations, Inc. The Jeri-Rigg was invented to solve the problem of not having a solid anchoring or attachment point for an object being transported, so we came up with an inno- vative solution. The Jeri-Rigg is a tie-down/anchor point/attachment point/strap that is used in conjunction with various securing medi- ums such as a bungee cords, tie down straps, lanyards, ropes, netting, carabiners, webbing straps, chains, etc. It eliminates the practice of wrapping bungee cords/tie down straps around an object and attach- ing the hook to itself, resulting in a poor connection, scratching and slipping. The Jeri-Rigg provides a non-scratch, non-slip surface, providing a safe and secure con- nection. We even came up with one large enough to wrap around a 2 x 4 and added a hook in three sizes to make storage and organizing easier. The Jeri-Rigg can be applied or removed within seconds without any tools, and it can be used as a tempo- rary or permanent attachment. Organize with it. Hang with it. Secure with it. Move with it. It is an easy and simple solution for hanging, holding and hauling gear and equipment and can fasten just about anything. With a hook in three sizes and an eye in six dif- ferent sizes, the Jeri-Rigg offers campers, boaters, home-organizers and construc- tion workers safety, durability and strength, offering easy, endless solutions for just about any project or adventure. The Jeri-Rigg has a tested workload of up to 1,700 pounds and a breaking strength of 5,100 pounds depending on the version and size, while its polyester strap and stainless steel head was designed to han- dle the toughest of elements. For more information, visit booth #2949, go to www.jeri-rigg.com or email info@jerryhillinnovations.com. PROTECT YOUR TREES WITH TREEPANS We all know the expression "you reap what you sow." We also know that every seed is full of living potential, and your job is to give each seed every advantage you can: nurturing it, protecting it and helping it thrive. Luckily for your trees, your job just got a lot easier. TreePans are a reusable, environ- mentally friendly agriculture product that shortens growth spans, increases yield, makes maintenance easier and lessens the resources needed to care for trees. Simply plant your young developing tree and assemble the TreePan around the base. The edging goes into the ground, protecting the roots from rodents and allowing you to easily mow and trim around it. The enclosed design prevents weed growth and eliminates the need for mulch, plastic sheeting, slow drip water buckets and trunk protectors. Without mulch, mold and insect prob- lems are also no longer a con- cern, so less herbicide can be used. In fact, removing the mulch delivered between 34 to 47 percent more water to the root system. The tight enclosed barrier creates a mini greenhouse effect, keeping moisture in the soil and reducing water use by up to 50 percent, not to mention helping the young root system during frosty nights. The fertiliz- er trough delivers nutrients exactly where they need to go, and requires up to 30 percent less. The patent-protected door system expands, allowing tree growth, and gives you the flexi- bility to use it on trees from one to 12 inches thick. Stake holes are also available to help younger trees. TreePans are made from recycled plastic and can be moved and reused eas- ily. Faster growth, greater yield, fewer resources and less maintenance. Visit TreePans at booth #37131. For more information, go to www.treepans.com.

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