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Hardware & Housewares Review May 7 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w T h u r s d a y, M a y 7 , 2 0 1 5 1 4 BEST OFFENSE PRODUCTS: MADE IN THE U.S.A. Best Offense Products, Inc.is showcas- ing all Made in the U.S.A. products in booth #6140. It will also be doing a national relaunch of its flagship prod- uct, PEST OFFENSE ® , a patented electronic indoor pest repeller, in sev- eral SKUs, which will include its pal- let design for the club stores. PEST OFFENSE has a U.S. University study for Efficacy, UL Listing, FCC Certification and its factories are EPA registered. The technology has been updated in its unit to make it a leader in the industry. Millions of units have been sold in the U.S. and globally since 1998. This year, Best Offense Products added manufacturing in the U.S.A. (Florida), changed its retail packaging to a smaller package, updated the package with a new, fresher look and has submit- ted paperwork to be a certified Woman Owned Company. Along with PEST OFFENSE units, Best Offense Products is showcasing additional Made in the U.S.A. Products: the national launch of a new line of food grade NSF H-1 lubricants from GetSome Products, Inc. This eco-friendly line of products will also include an "energy drink" for all serviceable batteries called Batteryade. Best Offense Products will also showcase in its booth a line of Indoor- Outdoor paint additives that are also Made in the U.S.A. Best Offense Products, Inc. is dedi- cated to adding more Made in the U.S.A. products to drive the goal of putting Americans back to work. The company has found that making PEST OFFENSE units in the U.S.A. costs more, but it believes that most Americans will not have a problem paying just a little more to ensure that they get a quality product that is manufactured by their friends, families and neighbors in the U.S.A. The company challenges other U.S. compa- nies to do their best to manufacture at least one product in the U.S.A. Visit booth #6140 to take advantage of show specials. FIND PRODUCTS THAT FIT YOUR RETAIL NEEDS CM Global, a leader in innovative prod- uct design, has been delivering solutions for customers since 2001. Its mission is to build and sustain client relationships by providing exceptional product value, high-quality innovative designs, compet- itive pricing and superior customer serv- ice, all in an environment that is positive, energetic and rewarding. The company strives for operational excellence to pro- vide the best value to its customers through continuously improving its processes and cost structure. With licenses for Corona, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and more, it can provide you with products that fit your retail needs. It starts with an award winning design team to envision a product. It then couples this with the latest technologies to create unique solutions for clients. Here is where concept becomes reality – having the ability to produce and deliver the product to you. The company man- ages all aspects of the development, man- ufacturing and distribution process including global sourc- ing. Its goal is to offer unique licensed products and displays to help you sell quickly. It partners with licensors to offer fun and unique items for going to the beach, use in your home, and more. Its core prod- ucts include coolers, glassware, novelties and insulators, showcasing stainless steel coolers with bottle opener, pint sets, freezer mugs, bottle openers, lanyards, key chains, buckets, and can and bottle coolies. If you have a need in one of these categories that the company currently doesn't offer, it can design new products to fulfill that need. It also offers a pallet pro- gram to satisfy even the largest of retail spaces, collab- orating with other licensees like JGR Copa to deliver a wider range of products, including Corona umbrellas, beach chairs, towels and blan- kets. Whether you're looking for Corona beer gear, Pepsi gear or Mountain Dew gear, it's excited to pro- vide what you need. For more information, visit booth #26045, email larryh@cmglo.com or call 608.354.1315. CLEAN YOUR GRILL COOL, STOP WASTING FUEL 94 million: number of U.S. households with at least one grill. 54 million: number of U.S. households with at least one gas grill. 3 billion: number of annual gas grill outs in the U.S. 325 million: gallons of fuel wasted annu- ally in the U.S. as a result of the 15- minute "burn-off." 87 million: number of 20LB LP grill cylinders wasted annually in the U.S. as a result of the 15-minute "burn-off." Are you familiar with the "burn-off" approach to cleaning a gas grill? This is when one leaves the grill "on" for an extra period of time (15 minutes, on aver- age) in order to "burn-off" the residue remaining on the BBQ grill's cooking surface as a result of the most recent grill use. The overwhelming majority of gas grill owners in the U.S. use the "burn- off" method because it's easy. It's also an extremely irresponsible use of one the Earth's most precious resources – fossil fuels. More importantly, it doesn't really "clean" your grill. The complete line of Weber Cleaners includes Weber Grate Grill Cleaner and Weber Grate Grill Scrubber for the interior surfaces of your grill. Weber Exterior Grill Cleaner for keeping the exterior surfaces clean and protected and the Weber Stubborn Stain Remover for those hard to remove stains. Weber Stainless Steel Polish is perfect for keeping your stainless steel surfaces shining like new. Weber Cleaners have enjoyed con- tinued sales growth across multiple chan- nels since being introduced. From national retailers to small Mom and Pop locations, the Weber Cleaners line of products have continued to increase year over date sales and provide a great opportunity for return shopping purchase visits. Available as an inline item or in a number of point-of-purchase configurations, there are a number of options available for every retailer. Weber Cleaners have been devel- oped to provide safe and sustainable total grill cleaning solutions. Your investment is protected and the life of your grill is prolonged. For more information, visit booth TG218. HOW GENTENT SAFETY CANOPIES HELPS STIMULATE THE U.S. ECONOMY When people think of manufacturing, they typically do not think of the U.S. Over the last several decades, it has become the accepted norm, the contem- porary wisdom that manufacturing any high volume product should be done out- side the U.S.A. However, one company, GenTent Safety Canopies, is proving this wrong. Case-in-point: One of the company's suppliers, with textile factories both in the U.S.A. and in China, offered their China-made fabric, citing its cost advan- tages. However, when GenTent posed the question, "If GenTent continues to grow, and we purchase only U.S.-made textiles from you, what effect will it have on your business?" it was clear the company gained a business partner. The manufac- turer will have to hire more U.S. workers. With a high textile quality, fair cost and ample material supply – why not invest in U.S. jobs? After taking GenTent 3D CAD mod- els to a half dozen injection molding companies in the U.S.A., some of which are owned by foreign companies, several encouraged GenTent to have the mold done in China. Although they cited lower manufacturing costs as the stimulus, the company found competitive rates and the best execution in the U.S. GenTent's selected U.S. injection mold part supplier was able to quote manufacturing require- ments within 24 hours and modified the CAD models for optimal molding quality and yield. In addition, its quote was substan- tially competitive with the perceived lower manufacturing rates with the "cheaper in China" estimate GenTent received. Needless to say, it became GenTent's manufacturer of choice. Precedent has been set and GenTent continues to fulfill its manufacturing requirements in the U.S. using vinyl welding technology to seal the GenTent product and eliminate hand-sealing oper- ations. Through the help of a textile industry expert, GenTent was introduced to a company manufacturing high vol- umes of large tents, accessories and apparel with a large U.S. warehouse and integrated fulfillment process. Because of its U.S. location, the company quickly learned GenTent's requirements and proved to the compa- ny that once again, Made in the U.S.A. means no compro- mising on quality. Today, GenTent maintains many strong relationships with U.S.-based manufacturing companies. As it contin- ues to grow, its supply chain has expand- ed to include companies from N.H., Mass., R.I., Wis., Ill., Ohio and Va. Its growing business helps to employ hun- dreds of U.S. workers that in turn help to stimulate the economy, and the company anticipates more growth. Imagine thinking it crazy not to con- sider manufacturing products in the U.S.A. GenTent is proof that a quality product can be manufactured in the U.S.A. and still deliver above average consumer value. Visit GenTent at booth #5140, or visit online at www.gentent.com.

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