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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 7 3 Tu e s d a y, M a y 5 , 2 0 1 5 est in LED technology at affordable prices. Viribright is introducing a new line of High CRI bulbs with unmatched performance. Viribright has become an industry recognized brand and company that sells products through distribution and a pro- fessional national sales network. Viribright Benchmark II Series products have hit new heights in LED bulb per- formance, achieving 90CRI @ 90Lm/W, and in many cases thermally managed so well that there is no need for bulky, heavy and costly aluminum heat sinks – and where aluminum is needed it has been drastically reduced. The benefits of this High CRI and efficiency are quality of the light experience for the customer while maintaining maximum energy sav- ings and efficiency. Viribright LED bulbs have been engineered to deliver the highest amount of lumens with Color rendering index of +90 with the efficiency of 80-90 lumens per watt. The new Viribright A type LED bulb series and chandelier bulb is +90 CRI @ 90Lm/W. The new Viribright LED bulbs include PAR, BR, MR and PL which are 90+ CRI @ 80Lm/W. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is Viribright Lighting (Cont'd. from p. 1) a way to show a light bulb's ability to show color in objects. Bulbs that score 90 to 100 on the CRI are best at showing col- ors in the same way that sunlight would. Consumers spend a lot in hardware stores and related industries on paints, wall coverings, flooring, cabinetry and furniture. Since the inception of fluores- cent and CFL and the ban on the incan- descent, a growing void in light quality has occurred. Fluorescent has very poor CRI, and incandescent is inefficient and LED has been expensive and without a true solution to the CRI issue while main- taining maximum energy efficiency. Putting CFL and LED with low CRI and illuminating these things simply dulls and discolors the light/life experience. With Viribright ViriTrue™ White tech- nology, it no longer has to be that way. Viribright has put the power of the sun and candle light back into modern lighting in a light bulb series that looks like a light bulb. Experience the ulti- mate in light quality and efficiency with the Viribright LED light bulb priced to encourage volume sales and margins for you! Visit Viribright at booth #4019. For more information, go to www.viribright.us, call 951.336.8108 or email sales@viribright.us. DS: Real Milk Paint makes natural fin- ishing products for wood, stone, brick and concrete. HHR: Can you share some information about your flagship products? DS: Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent come to mind. Pure Tung Oil is squeezed from the Tung nut, and is one of the safest drying oils for finishing porous surfaces. Citrus Solvent is squeezed from the peel of the orange. Combining Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Solvent gives you one of the strongest natural finishes on earth. HHR: How did you discover Pure Tung Oil? DS: Pure Tung Oil comes from only two places in the world. It has been used by generations of people to waterproof wood and boats for a thousand years. However, in this petro-chemical world, natural finishes have largely been forgot- ten. HHR: What would someone use Pure Tung Oil for? DS: Wood counter tops, concrete, floors, unfinished furniture, children's toys and wood tool handles. It is even good for steel exposed to the elements to stop rust. HHR: What does this have to do with VOC's? DS: VOC's are the off gassing of volatile chemicals. Pure Tung Oil alone Real Milk Paint (Cont'd. from p. 1) does not off gas. It dries by taking in oxygen. Citrus Solvent is a 100 percent natural VOC. The smell you get from an orange is citrus off gassing. The good part is this VOC is not toxic to the earth or to people. Citrus Solvent would be released by the orange groves some- where in the world, we are just repur- posing it here. HHR: How long can VOC's off gas? DS: In the case of Citrus Solvent, the volatile part evaporates in two hours. The orange fragrance can last up to two weeks. Toxic chemicals like glycols in some paint and finishes can off gas for two plus years. This is why using natural products in your home or office is so important. Breathing toxic off gassing can impact your health in the long term. HHR: Why should consumers care about VOC's? DS: Dangerous VOC's come from a lot of man-made items, anywhere from ply- wood to dry wall, carpet and furniture. These invisible toxins you breathe in time can eventually wear down your immune system and you may be more prone to illnesses and long term diseases. HHR: How can you tell what has VOC's? DS: It's kind of like raw fruit and vegeta- bles diet vs. eating processed foods. Try to pick products you would find that don't go through a lot of processing, and that are made with the least modified products. Visit Real Milk Paint at booth #7035. the 2015 NRHA Packaging and Merchandising Awards, is similar to the counter display with extender. It is also a wire POP and is an ideal unit to maxi- mize showroom space where there is lim- ited real estate on the counter. The floor display can hold 360 pieces as well. Whether you have ample or limited space on your peg board or slat wall, the panel units are flexible to accommodate a large Lucky Line (Cont'd. from p. 4) or small planogram. Celebrate home, country and fun with Key Shapes. Each design has its own unique shape, and with more than 40 designs, you are bound to find a shape to fit your life! Over a million Key Shapes have been sold! Visit Lucky Line in booth #41056. For more information, visit www.lucky line.com, call 800.654.6409 or email info@luckyline.com. Tub O'Towels Stainless Steel Polishing Wipes clean, polish and protect stainless steel surfaces. Easily removing grease, oils, watermarks, fingerprints, food and more from stainless steel sur- faces, the all-in-one product also polishes stainless steel for a superior shine, pro- viding a lustrous, streak-free finish. The formula resists streaking and gunky residue during application. The solution is specially formulated to repel future grime and is free of silicones, abrasives or acids. Tub O'Towels Granite & Marble Polishing Wipes spotlessly clean all types of natural stone and cultured mar- ble, granite and stone countertops, table- tops, vanities and more. The formula pro- vides extended protection by rejuvenat- ing the surfaces' natural seal to protect against future staining. The professional strength polishing wipes will not discolor sealed grout. No harsh chemicals or addi- tives are included in this exclusive for- Tub O'Towels (Cont'd. from p. 4) mula. Tub O'Towels Carpet & Upholstery Scrubbing Wipes remove stains and spots left behind from pets, food, grass, blood, latex paint, wine, permanent marker and an entire host of other common household stains. These professional grade scrubbing wipes offer a tough-on-grime solution inside a handy towel that can withstand even the most vigorous scrubbing on multi- dimensional surfaces like natural and synthetic fiber carpets, rugs and uphol- stery. Specially formulated to prevent saturation-related spotting, the wipes also offer protection against future staining. Each one of the Tub O'Towels Specialty Cleaners are available in a con- venient 40-towel re-sealable portable case (7-in. by 8-in. towels). For more information, visit booth #6720, or go to www.tubotowels.com, www.youtube .com/tubotowels, www.facebook.com/ tubotowels, or www.twitter.com/tubotowels. point/attachment point/strap that is used in conjunction with various securing mediums such as bungee cords, tie down straps, lanyards, ropes, carabiners, chains, etc. It eliminates the practice of wrapping bungee cords/tie down straps around an object and attaching the hook to itself, resulting in a poor connection, scratching and slipping. The Jeri-Rigg provides a non-scratch, non-slip surface, providing a safe and secure connection. HHR: How did you come up with the idea? JH: I was loading an object into a trailer for transport. I hooked one end of my tie down strap in the trailers D ring and went to hook the other end of the tie down strap on the object I was transporting and found no place to attach the hook, except to wrap the tie down strap around the object and then hook it to itself. This could have caused the paint to scratch or resulted in a poor connection or slipping. HHR: Why the name Jeri-Rigg? JH: It is common to use the phrase "jerry rig," which roughly means to solve a problem with whatever tool or materials you have at hand. Having a set of these straps on hand can solve a lot of com- mon, everyday problems, whether it be transportation, construction, recreation, or around the home. One person com- mented to me, 'It's like duct tape – end- less uses, and handy to have around when you need it.' Since my name is Jerry, I thought why not. It's also an easy name to remember for marketing purposes. I Jerry Hill (Cont'd. from p. 1) did change the spelling to make it easier to trademark. HHR: How strong and durable is it? JH: The Jeri-Rigg (Eye version) has a tested workload between 1,050 to 1,700 pounds and has a breaking strength between 3,200 to 5,100 pounds, and comes in six sizes; the Hook version has a working load between 100 to 150 pounds and a breaking strength between 300 to 450 pounds, and comes in three sizes. The strap is made of high strength polyester and the head is made of stain- less steel. It was designed to handle the toughest of elements and conditions. HHR: How easy is it to use? JH: The Jeri-Rigg can be applied or removed within seconds without any tools. It can also be used over and over again or as a permanent attachment. HHR: Is the Jeri-Rigg just used for trans- portation? JH: No! You can organize with it. Hang with it. Secure with it. Move with it. It is an easy and simple solution for hanging, holding and hauling gear and equipment and it can fasten just about anything. It offers campers, boaters, home-organizers and construction workers safety, durabil- ity and strength, offering easy, endless solutions for just about any project or adventure. For more information, visit booth #2949, go to www.jeri-rigg.com or email info@jerryhillinnovations.com.

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