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Hardware & Housewares Review May 5 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w Tu e s d a y, M a y 5 , 2 0 1 5 6 6 blade knife, sold primarily into the hunt- ing market, and improves it for every- day use. While replacement razor blade utility knives remain the industry stan- dard for hardware, Outdoor Edge's innovation in the Razor-Lite EDC is to combine replacement blade convenience with the utility and function of a tradi- tional folding knife. Outdoor Edge was founded 27 years ago by President David Bloch on a refusal to accept the status quo of exist- ing knife designs. The company has grown considerably from just one inno- vative knife design in 1988 to an inter- nationally recognized brand that offers a wide selection of knives, combo sets and accessories for hunting, home pro- cessing, survival, everyday carry and outdoor use. Outdoor Edge's new Razor-Lite EDC is the strongest replaceable razor blade knife available with a safe and easy blade release system. The EDC's innovative handle incorporates both a pocket clip and one hand opening thumb stud, making it the ideal every- day carry knife. Outdoor Edge's Jordan Brothers explains, "While the trapezoidal utility knife has always been favored by con- tractors and hardware store patrons for their affordable blade replacement, the suitability of these knives for everyday use is limited by their blade shape. The Razor-Lite EDC's easily replaceable and incredibly sharp drop-point replacement blades make it the first knife to combine Outdoor Edge (Cont'd. from p. 1) the best qualities of disposable trape- zoidal blade knives with that of the more traditional drop point folding pocket knives." With an initial "ship to stores" scheduled this July, the Razor-Lite EDC will retail around $29.95-34.95 and be available in three handle colors: orange, blue and gray. The handle is construct- ed from Grivory, an incredibly tough, glass-nylon polymer with rubberized TPR inserts for enhanced grip. This makes for an extremely light-weight, safe and durable handle. The handle features a recessed, replaceable pocket clip design for a comfortable grip as well as added convenience if the clip ever needed to be replaced. In fact, the clip is so well shaped that the grip feels like there is no clip at all. Once the blade goes dull, it's as easy as ever to change blades. Simply depress the lock button on the handle to remove the worn blade and insert a "shaving-sharp" Japanese 420J2 stainless new one. The black-oxide coated blade holder offers double-sided thumb studs for one-hand opening and supports the 3.5 inch razor- blade for the strength of a traditional knife with the sharpness of a surgeon's scalpel. Each knife comes with six replacement blades and additional six packs of blades can be purchased for a retail of $14.95. Visit Outdoor Edge at booth #44105. For more information, go to www.out dooredge.com or contact Jordan Brothers at 800.447.3343 or by email at Jordan@outdooredge.com. TapeBuddy applies the drywall compound directly to the drywall tape, eliminating the need to pre-coat seams with drywall compound. TapeBuddy tools apply an even coat of compound with more in the tape center where it is needed. TapeBuddy is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean. Consumers who have purchased TapeBuddy call it one of the best taping tools on the market. The TapeBuddy tool was the recipient of the NRHA 2013 Retailers' Choice Award at the 2013 National Hardware Show. TapeBuddy tools have been featured on the DIY Network, HGTV and PBS. TapeBuddy has the Handyman Seal of Approval with a 99 percent rating. TapeBuddy Tool Features and Benefits The tools nest for lower shipping cost and less warehouse space. It is a one- piece unit with no outer packaging, for easy visibility and hands-on viewing. TapeBuddy Design Features Two preset choices of compound thick- ness are applied to the tape. It has a durable heavy duty plastic that won't rust. It's just a two-step set up. It applies the correct amount of mud on the tape with more in the tape center, and it's made in the U.S. It produces a smooth, even application of tape on the wall with- out pre-mudding the seams. There are no heavy, bulky tools and it uses industry standard paper or FibaFuse ® tape. Benefits No tape repairs from dry tape spots in finished product. There is less sanding, less mess, less wasted material and less final floor clean up. Quality taping work results in paint crew satisfaction. TapeBuddy (Cont'd. from p. 1) Results The product achieves project comple- tion sooner and increases company pro- ductivity, as well as increased customer satisfaction ratings, resulting in increased customer jobs. There are also possible increased bottom line profits on every job. Consumers Say "I'm a contractor and my boys laughed at me when I showed up with the TapeBuddy, but by the end of the day they totally think this cool tool rocks. Way easier to use and better than packing a banjo around!" "This is a very well designed tool that performs as described. Follow the simple directions and you can tape with ease. It is nice when a simple tool works so well." "I bought this figuring it was worth $30 to try something that looked a bit gim- micky. I was very pleasantly surprised as I used it to find out it is probably one of the best tools I have purchased in years. It shaved my taping time by a factor of four! I would gladly play triple the price for this thing with how much value it offers." TapeBuddy is a great DIY tool, giving fast, professional results on a DIY budg- et. Each tool comes with step-by-step instructions. The TapeBuddy website has how-to videos and testimonials. Tools are sold in five, 10 and 20 unit boxes and can ship with up to 700 tools per pallet. Buddy Tools LLC now offers two more innovative drywall tools: the Scoop-N-Scrape bucket tool and the new MixIt material mixer. Visit Buddy Tools at booth #7628. For more information, go to www.tapebuddy.net. complete product offerings in cleaning tools, household sponges, household gloves, lint rollers and laundry acces- sories, Butler has the products and brands you need to compete in today's challeng- ing retail environment. Butler has strong partnerships with such brand names as Clorox, Mr. Clean, Black + Decker, Dawn, Liquid PlumR, and Gain as well as owned brands like Butler and Evercare. Butler Home Products is a division of Bradshaw International, and you will find a full range of kitchen tools and gadgets, cookware, bakeware and more offered at this year's National Hardware Show. Butler is your full service partner for housewares. Since the business started as a regional mop maker in 1947, there has been steady growth and re-invention of the busi- ness by adding products and brands. Butler Home Products (Cont'd. from p. 1) Butler has brought many "firsts" to the category; first in category manage- ment, first with television commer- cials, first with licensed brands, etc. The company has been grown over the years to now be a major player in the industry. Not just a mop and broom compa- ny, Butler can supply its retail part- ners with five different categories – that makes Butler a much better part- ner! When visiting the Butler booth, make sure to sign the Wounded Warrior Wall. For every signature collected on the wall during the show, Butler and Stanley Black and Decker will donate $1.00. Butler is mops, Butler is sponges, Butler is gloves, Butler is laundry acces- sories, Butler is lint rollers. For more information, visit booth #19017. Commission reports weatherization as a top generator safety concern: 'there is an inherent conflict in the actions con- sumers should take in order to avoid both an electrocution hazard and the CO poi- soning hazard when the generator is to be used in damp conditions' … 'be weather- proof, a generator would need, as a min- imum, a rain tight or rainproof enclosure, in-use weatherproof receptacle covers, and ground fault protection for all recep- tacles.' GenTent is 100 percent made in the U.S.A., and is the first product to pro- vide a rainproof enclosure and weather- proof receptacle cover. HHR: How does this relate to CO poi- soning? MC: CPSC research suggests that the driver for using portable generators in places that cause CO poisoning is direct- ly related to people attempting to keep their portable generators out of wet weather. HHR: What are the alternatives? MC: GenTent is the only product engi- neered to work with the majority of portable generators on the market today and solves the aforementioned problems at an affordable price point. Metal enclo- sures are four to five times more expen- sive, cannot be installed by the typical homeowner and turn a portable generator into a stationary generator. Do-it-yourself options use flammable materials such as wood and can cause overheating and engine damage. Pop-up canopies cannot withstand winds in excess of 20 mph, not be properly anchored on a driveway. Also, they don't protect from rain that comes in sideways. GenTent (Cont'd. from p. 1) HHR: You say it's been engineered. How so? MC: GenTent is comprised of three sim- ple to install interworking systems. Adjustable clamps fit round or square tubular generator frames up to 1.5 inches in diameter (our new GenTent 3Ki option mounts the GenTent on inverter class generators without exposed frame mem- bers). The Frame system uses specially formulated high-tension fiberglass rods, and the Stormbracer ® Canopy system creates a weatherproof shield. These systems work together to withstand winds up to 70mph, snow loads up to 18 inches, precipitation and winds coming from any direction in vir- tually any amounts. Also, a portable gen- erator's natural air flow for cooling and fresh air intake is unchanged. The GenTent design keeps the generator portable and allows refueling and main- tenance of the generator with the GenTent attached. HHR: How has it been tested? MC: We did our own extensive tests and have flawless performance reports from victims of SuperStorm Sandy, as well other major snowstorms and hurricanes that have made landfall since. Further, as tested by 360° Product Testing, the GenTent operates in forecast winds of 70mph, supports 55.5 pounds of load, remains water tight in the equivalent of 24 inches of rain per hour, does not change the cooling profile or modify air intake of the portable generator in any way, and GenTent materials will not auto-ignite even when exposed to high temperature surfaces typical of a hot muffler. Visit GenTent at booth #5140, or visit online at www.gentent.com.

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