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Hardware & Housewares Review May 5 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 5 9 Tu e s d a y, M a y 5 , 2 0 1 5 INTELLIGENCE, ADVANTAGES OF NEATO ROBOTICS HOME ROBOT VACUUM By Allen Hollingshead, Vice President of Sales, Neato Robotics I'm often asked by people in the industry to explain what's different about Neato Robotics home vacuums compared to other robot vacuums on the market. The answer is simple: intelligence. Neato Robot home vacuums uses a laser mapping technology – similar to the technology used in the Google self-driving car – to methodically scan and map a room before it begins. It takes note of obstacles, doorways and stairs and then figures out the best, most efficient cleaning pattern. Other home robot vacuums bump around the room by "sensing" items, leaving a ran- dom cleaning pattern and wearing down its battery power. Because Neato's intelli- gence results in an organized cleaning pat- tern, it cleans an area three times faster than the competition, and leaves those nice straight carpet lines that people love to see in their homes. Neato's intelligence also gives it another advantage: it's smart enough to not only go back to its base when it needs to recharge, but it returns to the place it left off to finish the job. It cleans, returns, recharges and resumes its work until it has cleaned multiple rooms, vacuuming up to a 2000 square foot home. The competition cleans until it runs out of battery – but once back on the docking station, that's where it stays. That means it can only clean about 500 to 600 square feet. In other words, the competition runs once and then it's done. But we're not stopping there. The Neato Botvac™ family of Neato robot vacuums gives us yet another major advantage over the competition. Botvacs have the largest brush and filter on the market. That means Neato can cover more floor space and vacuum more dust, dirt, pet hair and allergens with every pass it makes. Our design is also intended to clean more area. If you turn over our vacuum and compare it to our competition, you'll see that our brush is positioned on the edge of the vacuum, letting it clean within 10 mil- limeters of the wall. The competition's brush is smaller and centered on their circular vacuum, leaving a substantial gap between the brush and the wall and resulting in less area that can be cleaned. All of this helps explain why Neato comes out ahead in so many head-to- head comparisons of cleaning power, especially when it comes to picking up pet hair and allergens. It's a highly sophisticated, intelligent robot vacuum, tapping advanced technology to provide a product that frees people from the mun- dane task of vacuuming so they can do other things with their time. For more information, go to www.neatorobotics.com or call 510.795.1351 CANDLE AIRE FRAGRANCE WARMERS FROM THE COMPANY THAT INVENTED THE CATEGORY Candle Warmers is launching another new patented line of products that adds a charming visual aesthetic to the scented candle. Four years in development, the Candle Aire Fragrance Warmer incorpo- rates warming to infuse the fragrance with a fan that disperses the fragrance better than any other candle or warmer. The fragrance comes in a Candle Aire tin that sits inside the candle warmer. The fan disperses the fragrance into the air, while the glow of a flickering light bulb creates the ambiance of a real candle without the danger of an open flame. The combination of the whisper- quiet fan and warming plate fragrance larger areas faster than a burning candle, and with seven styles, there's one to suit every decor. The Candle Aire tins of scented wax come in a variety of different fragrances – 11 now and 40 by the time the product launches to the retail marketplace on June 1, so there'll be a scent for everyone too. The fragrances will include the same scent families in the Candle Warmer line, from citrus and floral to spicy and holi- day scents. The Candle Aire Fragrance Warmers will retail for $39.99, with the fragrance tins selling for $8.99 for a 4-ounce tin that will provide a warming time of about 60 hours – the same length of time that you typically get from a 16- to 18-ounce candle. "It's as much a home decor piece as a candle warmer. We're really excited about it," said Chris Barnes, Candle Warmers' Marketing Director and President. These new products come from the company that introduced the candle warmer to the market in 2001 and is the only company to hold patents on candle warming products. "Retailers are coming to us because this is the only thing we do, and we're the ones that started it," Barnes said. "We worked with both Intertek and UL to develop testing standards for this category. When they need something to give their candle sales a jump start, we're the company that people come to for that, and we're able to provide that for them." For more information, visit www.candle warmers.com.

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