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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w Tu e s d a y, M a y 5 , 2 0 1 5 5 4 GET YOUR FOOD AND BEVERAGE ON LIKE NEVER BEFORE By William Kenosha, Owner and Inventor, KenoPlastics LLC Imagine your customers are at a crowded BBQ. There are lots of guests, but only a few chairs and limited table space avail- able. They fill up their plate with a burg- er and all the fixings, pick up a beverage, and begin looking about for a place to sit down and enjoy them. Unable to find a single seat, they are left standing around with a plate in one hand, a drink in the other, and no way to eat the food on their plate. When it comes to BBQs, camping, tailgate parties and events, juggling food and beverages at the same time can be a major problem. The KenoPlastics family of products has developed a solution that allows consumers to comfortably and conveniently hold onto plates and bever- ages at the same time, while still having a free hand to eat with. How does the Food and Beverage Plate accomplish this? Our Plates consist of compartments perfectly sized to cradle paper or other plates, as well as a compartment which beverages can be slid down into and held safely while not being con- sumed. The plates are held by consumers by placing their hand on the bottom of the plate compartment and sliding their thumb through a hole which allows them to balance both their food and beverage comfortably. A convenient slit also allows for holding wine glasses. With a Food and Beverage Plate in hand, consumers will be able to enjoy eating and drinking regardless of whether they are sit- ting or standing. Not only that, they will be able to easily wash and use them over and over again. Plates are sold in packs of six, with assorted colors. They also come in two sizes designed to fit full plates or smaller pastry/event plates. Visit KenoPlastics at booth #3047. For more information, go to www.keno plastics.com, call 602.552.0177 or email kenoplastics@yahoo.com. RAPIDFIX UV PUTS YOU IN CHARGE OF THE PROCESS RapidFix UV is an amazing ultraviolet cured liquid plastic adhesive that only sets when it's exposed to UV light. This allows the user to take as much time as needed to position pieces properly. When they have the repair perfect, they shine the special LED flashlight that's included with RapidFix UV on the adhesive. It hardens in about 10 seconds and dries crystal clear. This means that the user is in charge of the process. Uses are endless. It's great for mak- ing emergency repairs on plastics, glass, metal and fiberglass. At home, it'll bond ceramics and jewelry. In the workshop, it'll repair cracks in headlights and tail- lights, bond and seal cracked plastic elec- trical connections and repair circuit boards. It'll easily fill metal, plastics and wood. "You can even use it to repair a gap in a wood floor. You can sand it lightly, and paint, or use a clear polyurethane, and you won't see it – it's like it's just not there anymore," said RapidFix USA President, Len Kelsey. "You can use it to rebuild parts using a mold or build it up in layers. When you have the shape, fin- ish it by sanding or filing and then paint or leave it clear." RapidFix UV comes with both the adhesive and the spe- cial LED UV flashlight to cure it. Its pow- erful UV LED light will last for years, and the flashlight uses a standard AA battery that's not included. The set retails for $25.95. RapidFix UV is also available in a refill pack that contains the adhesive only. The product comes from the manu- facturer of the already successful RapidFix Dual Adhesive System, which incorporates both an instant adhesive and a welding powder for a combination that instantly repairs almost anything. The high strength adhesive bonds in seconds to most materials, and the welding pow- der can be used to repair all types of holes, cracks and gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to support the repair, just like soldered or welded joints. "Hardware, automotive, industrial, marine or hobby. Glue is such a universal need," said Kelsey. "There is no desig- nated market segment. Everyone uses glue, everybody from the industrial pro- fessional to the trades, the DIY and home market to the hobbyist and everyone in between." The RapidFix Dual Adhesive System retails for $19.95. For more information, visit booth #6818, email lenkelsey@aol.com, call 231.793.3600 or go to www.rapidfix.com. SUPER GRILL: THE NO-MESS WAY TO COOK OUTDOORS Super Grill is launching its disposable portable grill at the 2015 National Hardware Show. It's perfect for camping, tailgating, cookouts at the beach – any occasion in the outdoors. Supergrill is 100 percent natural and includes charcoal. Just unpack it and drop in a match, and in 15 minutes, the grill is ready for cooking. The charcoal fire lasts for about two hours, so whether you're grilling brats and burgers, cooking kabobs or impressing a date with a steak and grilled veg- etables, Super Grill is the easy, fun solution for an impromptu picnic in the great outdoors. Food cooked on Super Grill tastes great because the charcoal is 100 per- cent natural fruitwood charcoal, so the food comes off the Super Grill infused with that great fruitwood smoke flavor. After the meal, just ensure that the coals are extinguished and then toss Super Grill away. No fuss, no mess. Or if you prefer, bring Super Grill home and recycle it. Super Grill retails for $9.99 and is in stock now to ship from California. See Super Grill in booth #TG381. For more information, call 909.800.0102 or visit www.supergrill.com. LAMBERT PEAT MOSS: FOCUSED ON CUSTOMER NEEDS Lambert Peat Moss Inc., founded in 1928, is one of the true pioneers in the development of the peat moss industry in North America. The fourth generation of Lamberts is still operating from the orig- inal location at Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec, along the south shore of the St. Lawrence river. Over the years, the company has expanded with additional bogs and facil- ities along the north shore and near Lake St. John. The original product line con- sisted of screened and bagged Peat Moss. Due to the various ages of the bogs and locations in Quebec, Lambert has an extended harvest season and processing capacity. Lambert has access to more than nine grades of peat moss that can be screened and blended according to the specific needs of its customers. Lambert's technical team maps the bogs to identify peats by age and color because these parameters help define the physical and chemical properties of the peats. These properties are important to customers because they help deter- mine their best uses. Lambert offers a large selection of professional growing mixes for many specific uses and production. The LM series is a com- plete line of professional growing mixes that uses professional grade Canadian Blond Peat Moss as a base to provide growers with a consistent growing media that they can count on. These mixes use other components including perlite, ver- miculite and composted bark. Lambert also provides products for the environment (spills and remediation), land- scaping (green roofs, soil preparation and aquatic gar- dens), turf (construction and maintenance), forestry (refor- estation) and agriculture (speciality crops including tobacco, small berry crops, mushrooms and worm culture). Lambert … at the root of your suc- cess since 1928. Visit Lambert at booth #14063. For more information, go to www.lambertpeat moss.com or call 418.852.2885. TAYLOR OFFERS SMARTEMP BLUETOOTH APP THERMOMETER Taylor is known for making precision ther- mometers for more than 160 years, and is using that expertise to introduce a ther- mometer made for today's consumer. The result is an app thermometer from an established thermometer company. The SmarTemp's Bluetooth 4.0 tech- nology allows users to monitor grilling, cooking and candy making, all from the convenience of their smart device (iOS and Android). The thermometer syncs to Taylor's proprietary app. Just download the free SmarTemp app from the App Store or Google Play. The SmarTemp app is easy to set up and easy to navigate, and is screen optimized to be used on a phone or a tablet. The app includes nine presets for var- ious proteins, five meat taste options, seven candy zone presets and a tempera- ture customization option. Two thin, high temperature cords are included – one step down tip for meat, fish and other grilled or baked goods, and a rounded tip for candy making or ambient oven/grill monitoring (clip included for attaching to a saucepan or oven grate). The app can run and moni- tor two programs at one time, which can be viewed both on the app and the thermome- ter itself. Each temperature event can be stored in history for reference at a later date, with an optional photo reference. Want to know how that tenderloin or toffee turned out last time? Just refer to the picture, cooking time and final temp to help manage the process the next time. The app also fea- tures an independent timer that can be used while the thermometer is monitoring your other creations. After you are done, share your final results on social media (Facebook and Twitter). As an added convenience, the ther- mometer also works without the app with all the same great features. Plus, the ther- mometer includes a blue backlight for reading in low light situations and a cord wrap for easy storage. The SmarTemp Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer is available now and carries a $69.99 retail.

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