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Hardware & Housewares Review May 5 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w 5 1 Tu e s d a y, M a y 5 , 2 0 1 5 TREEPANS: PROTECTING TREES, PROTECTING OUR FUTURE TreePans.com is the name of the business developing in Akron, Iowa. The primary product for this new venture is called the TreePan. Manufactured with recycled plastic, TreePans are designed to enclose around a young tree for the care and pro- tection of young trees during the all- important early stages of growth. TreePans replace the industry standard of mulch, plastic, tree rings, plastic buckets and tree tubing guards. TreePans are the first of the compa- ny's products for the home and garden industry. It has two additional products that are in a related field, however, the company has decided to concentrate on one innovation at a time. With the all the emphasis on planting trees, the company's market area expands not only to the United States, but interna- tionally. Potential customers range from the individual purchase for the acreage owner to independent hardware stores to large box stores. The company has five trade shows identified that will put its products in front of buyers rang- ing from orchards, landscape designers, property managers, lawn and garden retail outlets and hardware stores, as well as becoming a vendor for the United States government for all their facilities. TreePans have a market advantage over many of the products cur- rently used in tree development. Currently, wood chips and mulch and plastic sheeting are the industry stan- dard that is placed at the base of young trees. Here are just some of the advantages TreePans provide: weed competi- tion/watering/moisture; fer- tilizer trough delivers nutri- ents; mower and weed eater protection; rodent and ani- mal protection; prevents fun- gal spores; easy to clean and reuse; assist in harvesting berries; weather assistance in heat and cold; maintenance free; prevents compaction; protects the entire base of the tree; adjustable. Visit TreePans at booth #37131. For more information, go to www.treepans.com. RANCHMATE PROVIDES TRIED AND TRUE FENCING REPAIR An interview with Dustin Graef, Field Sales Representative, Ranchmate. HHR: Tell our readers about your com- pany. DG: Ranchmate is a fence repair and construction product company whose mission is to become the industry stan- dard in how wire fences are built and repaired all across America. We've used the same design for almost 70 years and make sure to provide tried and true fenc- ing repair products through all end users, both farm and ranch alike. HHR: Can you tell us about the core products that you'd like to highlight? DG: Developed and manufactured in the U.S. by Preformed Line Products ® (PLP), Ranchmate is new to the market even though the technology they use is tried and true. Ranchmate products can be used with both smooth and barbed wire fencing. The core products in the line are fence repair splices and patented dead- ends (wire end terminators). The splices are used to reconnect any broken or cut wire and the dead-ends are designed to create a secure loop around a post or cre- ate a radius around the corner post. Both splices and dead-ends are color-coded for specific gauges of wire. The result is a repair that is much stronger than the orig- inal fencing wire, most likely outlasting the fence itself. HHR: What makes your splices and dead-ends so unequaled? DG: What makes PLP's splices and dead-end terminations so unique is their preformed technology. Before being used, the splices and dead-ends look as though they are already wrapped around an invisible core. When the splices and dead-ends are applied to wire, they follow their pre- formed shape, locking tightly in place and creating a solid rod-like connection. Both products are made from galvanized steel that won't crack or rust, and are designed to match a variety of barbed and smooth wire gauges as well as working with wood posts and T-posts. HHR: Are there any other products that Ranchmate offers? DG: Ranchmate also offers a unique line of fencing accessories, such as its three- dimensional "posted" signs. Sold under the 3D Post™ brand, the all-weather signs can be attached to fences or posts to give a very effective and highly visible "posted," "no trespassing" or "no hunt- ing" notice that is almost impossible to miss from any angle. Ranchmate offers full- grain cowhide American-made work gloves that come in four lengths, as well as a fence post wire stretcher that makes installation a one-person job along with fence dip tie bars for installing and removing T-post clips. HHR: Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about Ranchmate? DG: As part of PLP's commitment to the future of American agriculture, the com- pany supports The National FFA Organization™ through official FFA ® licensed Ranchmate products. A portion of every sale of Ranchmate products directly supports the FFA, which works to pro- mote and enhance agricultural education. For more information, visit booth #41105, go to www.ranchmate.com or call 800.290.0436. QUALITY AND INNOVATION FROM HEAT FACTORY USA Heat Factory USA is much more than just a warmer company. Heat Factory USA has kept its focus on quality, and is proud to offer some of the highest quality prod- ucts designed for the outdoor enthusiast and general consumer. It is no surprise that people who have been using warm- ers for years ask for Heat Factory brand by name. Heat Factory USA strives to increase brand recognition through con- sistent packaging and branding, as well as through its manufacturing of the most reliable warmers in the market. You will often find Heat Factory USA warmers outperforming package claims even after expiration. Heat Factory USA's commitment to product develop- ment, combined with its expertise in managing the manufacturing process from start to finish, have made Heat Factory USA a No. 1 choice for both consumers and retailers. It is equally proud of its commitment to promote domestic manufacturing. Being a leader in product innovation demands attention to high quality stan- dards, often resulting in many prototype designs before production can begin. Heat Factory USA designs a product from concept, cuts the fabrics and materials, sews, trims and packages the items – all with- in its facility in California. Heat Factory USA constantly tests its products to ensure that customers receive only the highest quality warmers and accessory products on the market today. Uncompromising product quality and reliability remains its No. 1 goal. In addition to working on further developing warmer products, Heat Factory USA also distributes other pre- mium products created by trusted part- ners. Sawyer's Permethrin is the leader in repellents on the modern market, being the only Permethrin that is completely odorless and effective for up to six washings or 42 days of UV exposure. Heat Factory USA is dedicated to the needs of both dealers and end users. Its team understands that cus- tomer satisfaction and Heat Factory USA's reputation are the most impor- tant driving factors in all daily work decisions and activities. As Heat Factory USA's President says: "Surround yourself with good people and good things will happen." Visit Heat Factory USA at booth #36110. BITS LIMITED INTRODUCES MINISQUID By Russell Barton, President, BITS Limited This year, BITS is proud to continue showing new and innovative solutions for safely providing power to electronic devices with our miniSquid Travel Surge Protector. As a continuing exhibitor at the National Hardware Show, we always try to listen to the feedback we get from our visitors. This year, we are pleased to say we have a product that we have been asked about for a while. Many visitors to our booth over the years have noted how hard it is to find a quality surge protector that is convenient to travel with, and how few convenient outlets are usually avail- able in hotel rooms. We thought about this and came up with a way to resolve this problem. The miniSquid is the little brother of our PowerSquid line of products. Its small case size and flexible outlets make this product the perfect traveling companion. The small size makes for easy storage in your laptop bag or carry on. With the miniSquid, you never have to worry about not having enough outlets at your airport gate or in a hotel room, because with one miniSquid you get four pro- tected outlets for one wall outlet! Not only does the miniSquid allow for mul- tiple large-sized plugs because of the outlet style, but this unit offers excellent surge protection for the devices connect- ed to it. The miniSquid allows people on the go to have spare protected outlets anywhere they need them. If you're interested in finding out more about this and some of the other products we offer, then we encourage you to stop by our booth or visit our website and have a look for yourself! Visit BITS Limited at booth 4310. For more information, call or write Bits Limited VP of Sales, Scott Wilson, at 831.419.1627 or scott.wilson@bitsltd.net.

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