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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w Tu e s d a y, M a y 5 , 2 0 1 5 4 6 MOULTRIE GAME CAMERAS RAISE THE BAR YET AGAIN With modifications and improvements across the line and a continued focus on durability and reliability, Moultrie Products has made an already top-of- class product even better for the upcom- ing 2015 season. The entire line of Moultrie trail cameras has received enhancements that are guaranteed to give hunters an unmatched advantage in plan- ning and executing the perfect hunt. "We are proud to say that Moultrie has taken an already outstanding product and propelled it to a whole new level," said John Skrabo, Vice President of Marketing for PRADCO Outdoor Brands. "The attention to detail and an unmatched focus on delivering a high quality product has created a line of game cameras from top to bottom, like nothing on the market today." The most apparent change to the overall game camera lineup is the rugged new look that the entire Moultrie product line has taken on. Modifications to the design go beyond mere cosmetic changes, however, and most importantly include improved weather resistance, allowing critical components to remain completely sealed from the elements. Long-term performance and reliability has also been improved through the implementation of a snap together mod- ule design that eliminates potential solder quality issues. This improved module design has contributed significantly to the production and testing processes of all Moultrie cameras before they even leave the factory. When the 2015 Moultrie trail cameras enter the field, advances in image quality will produce substantially clearer and sharper daytime images with noticeably enhanced coloration. Night time images will retain the high quality contrast that is critical when distin- guishing that big shooter buck. The new design, which incorporates a "grid" pattern over all LED lenses, allows for the breakup of the LED arrays, providing better-than- ever concealment in the woods. In con- junction with the new LED layout, an upgraded IR filter design has produced a much quieter action and has virtually elim- inated the possibility of the filter sticking. Better-quality PIR lensing has also increased camera range and response. With easy to use interfaces, more organized menu systems, and a "quick start" setting, Moultrie trail cameras can now be confi- dently deployed in a matter of seconds. Consumers may be most excited about the advanced features and settings offered at lower price points that were previously available only on "high-end" game cameras. With quicker delay times, invisible flash options and the inclusion of multi-shot, what used to be considered an "entry level" trail camera is now capa- ble of nearly any scouting application while still available at a great price. About Moultrie Moultrie is a recognizable and best-sell- ing game management brand. Moultrie develops and manufactures game cam- eras, feeders, spreaders, sprayers, feed supplements and accessories for deer, turkeys, hogs and fish. With 35 years as a leader in the industry, Moultrie is a trust- ed expert in game observation and man- agement. Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor Brands. You can visit Moultrie on the web at www.moul- triefeeders.com. Visit booth #14120 for more information. For product information and media inquiries, please contact Glenn Walker at glenn@providencemarketinggroup.net. KURT ADLER: BEYOND CHRISTMAS Kurt S. Adler, Inc., one of the most rec- ognized Christmas and holiday décor brands in the industry for 69 years, con- tinues to go beyond Christmas with its offering of year-round lighting and décor for lawn and garden, pool and patio, party and tailgating. Kurt Adler has more than 8,000 items in the line, half of which are new every year. The line also includes more than 40 iconic licenses, including Star Wars, Despicable Me, Budweiser, John Deere and Major League Baseball, just to name a few. In business since 1946, Kurt Adler is a customer friendly, family run business and has many long time employees, some of whom have been with the company for more than 40 years. Its team of experi- enced salespeople has also been with the company for many years; in fact, many are second generation employees, carry- ing on the Kurt Adler fam- ily tradition and atmos- phere. In addition, several customers have been with the company for many years; some have exceed- ed 60 years with Kurt Adler. Known for quality and new designs which incorporate new twists on old tra- ditions, Kurt Adler works with many of the industry's top artists and factories, and always strives to keep on top of cur- rent trends while creating holiday deco- rations for all tastes, categories and themes. The company enjoys a combination of experience and youthful enthusiasm, and is well known for quality, variety and service. It has always created and will continue to create beau- tiful memories for generations to come. Kurt Adler currently operates 12 showrooms which are located in major cities around the United States. Visit Kurt Adler at booth #38127. For more information, go to www.kurtadler.com. WATER SPORTS LLC: FAMILY FUN AND RELIABILITY, JUST ADD WATER The Water Sports ItzaBadminton set is fun for all ages. Whether you're enjoying a backyard barbeque, a weekend camp- ing, a day at the beach or a lazy day at the lake, this set is the perfect portable enter- tainment for your family and friends. The ItzaBadminton set by Water Sports is a compact portable carrying case that holds two racquets, two tele- scoping poles, two birdies and one bad- minton net that sets up and tears down with ease. The carrying case also doubles as the base for the net poles, virtually eliminates the hassle of a hammer and hooks to anchor the game to the ground. The free-standing ItzaBadminton set is made of high quality ABS and can endure water, extreme heat and the wear and tear of any backyard game. In addition to its durability as well as its easy set-up, the ItzaBadminton set is brightly colored and sure to catch the eye of passersby so that the owner of this amazing product is never left without an opponent. Water Sports has a 23 year long history of ful- filling products domes- tically in the United States and has offered competitive pricing just as long. Launched early spring of 2014, the ItzaBadminton set has already been picked up by several mom-and-pop retailers as well as larger big box stores, making this product accessible to a wide consumer base all over the nation. Tim Raymond, Owner of Water Sports LLC., is dedicated to expanding the company's focus on outdoor games that are unique and family oriented. His vision puts the family in high regard and places the every- day humdrum of work, cell phones and technological distractions on the back-burner. This focus brings the relationships so easily lost in translation back into view, a quick and easy way to create a healthy and interactive lifestyle. Visit Water Sports at booth #14152. CERTWOOD: GET ORGANIZED WITH STORSYSTEMS By Chris Courtnell, Certwood Limited Certwood Limited manufactures indus- try-leading mobile and tall bay storage solutions that that are built to last. Whether you're looking for an entire wall of diverse storage solutions or simply an agile cart to provide the efficient transfer of materials, equipment or supplies, we have got you covered. At Certwood, we have been successfully manufacturing durable product for nearly 30 years, and we will stand behind it. In fact, we actu- ally stand on top of it to prove its strength. Simply put, our product is shat- terproof. It is built to last. StorSystem is the last storage solu- tion you will have to purchase, not only due to its strength and durability, but also due to its diversity. Every decision that was made in the creation of our products was done to reinforce mobility and flexi- bility. For this reason it will fit your needs today and in the future as they change over time. At Certwood, we manufacture a wide range of products that meet a vari- ety of needs and solutions. Tall bay rack- ing systems support over six feet of ver- tical storage with unlimited horizontal potential as part of the DesignaRak line. This line is customizable to incorporate tray units, open shelf units, as well as drawer units of a variety of widths and heights. With the supplement of endless options of mobile cart solutions, our cus- tomized solutions will get you organized. It will elimi- nate the endless search for lost items. As mentioned, mobility speaks to the inherent need to enable the end-user to easily position an entire set of tools or components, parts and or equipment at the precise point of need. After the tasks are complete, Certwood's simplistic and lightweight solutions allow for the quick and efficient reposition of the total storage system. Everything has its place with one well-defined set of organizational tools. Our accessories include clear lids that provide the ability to stack and carry more than one bin, as well as the ability to optimize storage within your existing solutions. We also have created a line of four different tray inserts that further keep you organized by dividing up the smallest of hardware, pieces and parts of every category. The end user has designed various features of Certwood's product lines. One important feature, a labeling method, was created at the request of a kinder- garten teacher. Now there are two sets of very unique labeling options, one on either end of every bin. On one end, Certwood provides a traditional paper label with a translucent cover. On the opposite end, as an integral part of every bin, a series of extremely small dots are embedded, allowing for the easy removal of oversized self-adhering labels. Certwood can customize a storage solution that fits your needs. Visit Certwood at booth #33105. For more information, go to www.stor system.com, call 740.314.5874 or email chris@certwood.com.

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