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Hardware & Housewares Review May 5 2015

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H a r d w a r e & H o u s e w a r e s R e v i e w Tu e s d a y, M a y 5 , 2 0 1 5 1 4 PAINT HANDY: NO SPILL, NO DRIP, NO MESS Defy gravity with Paint Handy's patented no-spill, no-drip, no-mess design. It is guaranteed to reduce your painting mess while also saving you time, money and stress. The first anti-gravity painting tool ever produced, Paint Handy allows you to transfer paint from its special liner to your paint surface without dripping a sin- gle drop. The 12-inch diameter liner is made of a unique fabric that holds paint and keeps it from dripping, even if turned upside down. The liner holds up to 12 ounces of latex paint and provides a con- sistent amount of paint for your brush or roller on each reload. The Paint Handy special liner also makes for easy clean up. When your project is complete, squeegee the paint back into the can and wash and towel dry the liner. You can re-use the liner again and again. Or if you're not quite finished with your project, don't bother pouring the excess paint back into the can. Paint Handy's unique low-profile design makes it easy to store in any large Ziploc bag. When you come back to the job, just pick it up and start painting again. Featured on This Old House and The Rachel Ray Show, Paint Handy is receiv- ing grand reviews across the home improvement scene. Creator and compa- ny founder, Ben Mayberry, just recently received the 2015 Housewares Show Innovation Award in the Home Décor and Gifts category with his Paint Handy prod- uct. The award winning Paint Handy is specially designed to provide superb results regardless of level of experience or job difficulty. It is the perfect paint tool for the pro or DIYer. Capable of holding up to six different latex colors at one time without running together, it's an invalu- able tool for touch ups and multi-color projects. With Paint Handy, you'll never need to sacrifice quality, accuracy or speed. It's guaranteed to reduce prep time, clean up, paint waste, project costs and countless steps up and down the lad- der. Plus, it's easy to clean, re-usable and improves safety. Paint Handy eliminates the hazard of tripping over paint tarps and slippery paint spills. You can also climb a ladder with the security of both hands while using Paint Handy. Simply loosen the strap and reverse the disc to be on the back side of your hand with the strap inside your grip. When you reach your spot on the ladder, reverse the disc to the front of your hand or leave it on the back side to easily grip the ladder again. The durable, adjustable strap fits almost any size adult or youth hand. Paint Handy is a quality made prod- uct that every painter should own. For the DIY person, it makes painting easier and more fun. For the professional painter, it makes jobs move faster with fewer safe- ty issues, in the long run creating more revenue for your business. Only $29.99 plus S&H. Visit Paint Handy at booth #6042. For more information, go to www.painthandy.com or call 877.777.6112. GARDENERS GET A PERFECT START WITH HYDROFARM'S MINI GERMINATION STATION Available exclusively from Hydrofarm Garden Center, the Jump Start ® Mini Germination Station is an ideal way for the space-challenged gardener to start seeds indoors any time of year. Perfectly sized for a windowsill, tabletop or spare corner, this kit includes a 6-inch by 13-inch UL-listed heat mat, waterproof outer tray, 24-cell seedling insert, 2-inch vented dome, rooting addi- tive and the buyer's choice of naturally composted Grow Plugs or Rockwool Macroplugs. This product makes seed germina- tion easy because it makes perfect condi- tions so easy to create and maintain. The heat mat keeps the tray's bottom and con- tents a steady and ideal 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while the tray and dome maintain just the right amount of humid- ity (which is adjustable with the dome's top vent). Users of the Jump Start M i n i G e r m i n a t i o n Station report germination rates among the highest they've ever seen. These rates are pos- sible because this system makes creat- ing the optimal moisture conditions for the media plugs and their sur- rounding microenvironment so simple. What users get is quick, vigorous ger- mination – within days for most types of seeds and plants. A delicate balance between mois- ture, temperature and available oxygen is at work whenever seeds are germinated, and the Mini Germination Station is designed to make that balance easy to achieve and main- tain. More exacting control over temperature with this kit can be had by pairing it with one of Hydrofarm's Digital Temperature Controller for Heat Mats (MTPRTC). These units have a stainless steel temper- ature probe and digital control of a range of heat settings between 68 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit. For more information, go to www.hydro farmgc.com, call 800.634.9990, email info@hydrofarm.com or stop by booth #14051. EASE-UP STRESS ON THE BODY FROM POWER AND HAND TOOLS If you're in the lawn and garden or build- ing and construction industries, or if you just like to get outside and work at home, pain is nothing new to you. You'll be excited to hear about the new Comfort- Tech products from LimbSaver. This all- new line of American-made products is designed to help you work longer with reduced fatigue and backache, while pre- venting numbness and soreness of arms and hands. This year, Comfort-Tech is selling two sizes of its Grip-Wraps. The 24-inch wraps are perfect for power tools such as weed trimmers, brush cutters, chainsaws and grinders. Its tentacle design maxi- mizes control and comfort. It isolates your hands from the vibration from your power tools while giving you cushion to ease tension in your hands. This helps to inhibit numbness and tingling associated with your power tool. The new, shorter, 16-inch Grip- Wraps are designed for smaller hand tools. They relieve your hands from the shock of using hammers, picks, shovels, axes, rakes, brooms, saws and many other lawn and garden tools. Comfort-Tech Grip-Wraps give you great non-slip grip, even in dusty or wet conditions. You'll be able to continue working hard without the aches and pains in your arms and hands that you're used to. If you spend any time using a weed trimmer or brush cutter without the Weed Trimmer Sling, you know that it is tiring at best. That's why Comfort-Tech created the Comfort-Tech Weed Trimmer and Utility Sling. It is designed with two goals in mind: amazing comfort and ease of use. The contour design of the shoul- der sling keeps your power tool in balance while reducing body fatigue by distributing weight over your entire back. The universal one- click easy on/easy off connection makes it a perfect fit for trimmers and brush cutters. It is fully adjustable for an impeccable fit and is suited for right or left hand use. Comfort-Tech products are proudly made in the U.S.A. with the highest qual- ity craftsmanship. For more information, visit booth #41119, go to www.limbsaver.com/ comfort-tech or call 877.257.2761. NEW PRODUCTS FROM KIPOR POWER EQUIPMENT Kipor offers far more than its popular digital generators. It also offers equip- ment for the construction market, though the KGFC series transporters have proven to be a very popular item amongst all markets. The KGFC500 is driven by a Kohler CH270, while the KGFC350 is powered by the Yamaha MZ Series engine. With a max load weight at 1,100 pounds (KGFC500), Kipor is certain you have many uses for its transporters. Kipor's transporters are also covered under the same industry leading warranty program as the rest of its equipment; three years residential and one year commercial. Kipor Power Equipment, Inc. is excited to announce the arrival of the first of many new products for 2015. The new LED Light Towers have arrived, adding a greater selection to its family of Light Towers; the KLE200-4 and KLE100-4. Both models are optional for the IG3000 (Kipor's top selling inverter generator) with an inclination of 10 degrees and a net weight less than 500 pounds. Engineered with a four stage lifting mast ranging from 83 inches to 193 inches, you will have the ability to provide clean, quiet, glowing LED light to whatever and almost wherever you may need. In addition to the KLE LED series Light Towers, Kipor also offer the ever popular KLB and KLA series Towers. The KLA100-4 Light Tower offers four 1,000W bulbs with a radiant luminous flux of 440,000. It also offers the KLA100-1 Balloon Tower that is perfect- ly suited for environments that demand softer lighting, yet is easily maneuverable at less than 335 pounds. Kipor is thrilled with the recent arrival of its e-AVR Genset (KGE6500ED). If you're in need of a high value, rugged workhorse generator on the job site, farm or around the house, the e-AVR Series generators are a perfect match. The new e-AVR genera- tors are designed to deliver power while running smoothly and efficiently. With a larger, redesigned display panel, use is even simpler. Visit Kipor at booth #44095.

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