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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 5 5 2 This belief was based on the theory that manufacturing will come back to the U.S shores, due to customer needs and favor- able comparative costs that today has become known as insourcing. How did Belleco become an insourc- ing and industry leader in countertop toasting, conveyor and warming equip- ment in a mere 10 years, using home- grown employees, all design, fabrication and assembly from the northeast corridor of Maine, U.S.A.? It started with valuing the ability to customize vs. generalize. Belleco's team found it much more cost effective to design its products for customization and accessibility than to find a low cost pro- ducer of a one size fits all product. Imagine starting a mature product line from scratch, ridding oneself of design redundancies and inferior parts! From its inception, Belleco did just that 10 years ago, and now dominate over import copycats. Next was the ability to create a Superior Product Realization Cycle, from sales to design to supplier to fabricator to distribution to end user. All of which were partnered in, not just with Belleco and its toasting products, but Made in USA manufacturing. Even a supplier pro- viding some internal parts from overseas Belleco (Cont'd. from p. 1) attested, "it is refreshing to work with a manufacturer who understands that a competitively priced piece of equipment should never be compromised and that the opportunity to support USA manufac- turing is always a priority." Insourcing here in the U.S. allows for the largest of chain accounts, interna- tional accounts and even small mom and pops to capture the effectiveness of Belleco's cycle of rapid prototyping to product realization. Delays in design completion, third party supplier fulfill- ment, product evaluation, beta testing and production are kept to a minimum. For the dealers, customers and end users, it has become the Full Service Quality (including the 'live voice') that insourcing promotes. Belleco's direct connection to its customers, its people, its product designs, and its product knowl- edge have proved that Made in USA, customization, low cost and superior product can go hand in hand. Belleco would like to thank you and thank its NAFEM partners for a great 10 years and its triumphant return to Anaheim from its 2005 startup year. Full speed ahead for U.S.A. manufacturing for the years to come. Visit Belleco at booth #5216. For more information, go to www.bellecocooking.com or like the company on Facebook. about every aspect of their business. Orgo offers the professional rep agency a single centralized cloud-based system that can be accessed from any Web enabled device. Designed originally as a business management solution for a single rep firm, Orgo has quickly become the No. 1 tool used by more than 100 foodservice rep firms coast to coast. Orgo helps its customers manage nearly every aspect of their business, from the advanced quote management tools designed to help convert more quotes into orders, to being able to quickly produce detailed reports that give you instant feedback about your sales performance. Orgo gives its cus- tomers a level of visibility into their business they have not had before now. FEN: Where is your current product emphasis? DK: This year we are focusing our efforts on introducing the manufacturers to their version of Orgo. We have had a tremendous amount of interest in provid- ing a platform for the reps and factories to share information more freely. We are very excited to be showing off what we Orgo (Cont'd. from p. 1) have been working on during the show. FEN: To what do you attribute your company's success? DK: One of the key reasons for our suc- cess is that we created Orgo to address the unique needs of the foodservice industry. Being long time members of the foodservice industry has given us the ability to create the features that fit the needs of our customers. Our mission is to create great tools for our customers, which requires us to constantly look for ways to improve. We listen to the feedback we receive from our customers and are committed to cre- ating solutions to help them get the most from Orgo. FEN: How can our readers find out more about your company? DK: To learn more, please visit our website at www.orgosales.com, or give us a call at 866.976.6746. During the show we will be in the MAFSI booth #2540. We would be happy to answer your questions and demonstrate how Orgo can help your company get better Orgo-nized. For more information, visit booth #2540 or email dave@orgosales.com. Market indoor air quality (IAQ) was finally addressed. After some HVAC design consult- ants and contractors put their expertise to the test, a myriad of equipment and duct solutions were approved and the ventila- tion upgrades were set in motion. Selkirk's grease duct, ZeroClear ® , was a part of that solution. Selkirk ZeroClear is an industry leading, round, stainless, modular facto- ry-built kitchen grease duct system with 0" clearance to combustibles and an inte- gral 2 hour fire rated enclosure. It utilizes dense insulation and a round aesthetic, protective metal outer wall as the integral enclosure. Tested and listed by UL Inc. to UL 1978 and UL 2221 stringent grease duct standards, ZeroClear endures a 500°F continuous operating test and a severe 30 minute 2000°F internal grease fire test, without any breach or structural failure of the duct. The UL 2221 fire test, additionally, engulfs the ZeroClear sys- tem for an integral two hour rating (at 1850°F), again without failure structural- ly or thermally. General Temperature Control (GTC Selkirk (Cont'd. from p. 1) mechanical contractors) installed hundreds of feet of the factory-built, fire-rated, zero clearance, double wall grease duct with inner diameters ranging from 14 inches to 36 inches. With a UL listed minimal slope requirement (1/16" per foot), very low sur- face temperature and overall aesthetics, Selkirk's factory-built system was the obvious choice for this open ceiling market place. Compared to traditional field wrapped and welded carbon steel duct, Selkirk provided the perfect solution. The market's ventilation upgrade was complete in late 2013 and since then, patrons are back enjoying the diverse culinary lunch choices and thankfully, not wearing them the remainder of the day. For the full story, see www.cbp magazine.com, May 2014. Selkirk Corporation has been a lead- ing manufacturer of chimney, venting and air distribution products for the com- mercial and residential HVAC industries for more than 80 years. Selkirk manufac- tures products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Visit Selkirk at booth #6844. For more information, go to www.selkirk commercial.com or call 800.848.2149. AK: Direct Source parts are produced to meet the exact specifications dictated by equipment manufacturers and made by the same original component manufac- turers (OCMs) who make OEM parts. The only difference is where you buy them. One is sold by the OEM or their authorized distributor, and one is sold by a non-OEM authorized distributor, like AllPoints. Otherwise, these parts are exactly the same. FEN: What repair situations are best suited for Direct Source parts? AK: There are four scenarios when we recommend using Direct Source parts. One – when the equipment is out of war- ranty. Two – you would like a part equal in quality to OEM, but at a better value. Three – you need an exact replacement part and the OEM part is not readily available. Four – the equipment is older, and an OEM replacement part is cost pro- hibitive. AllPoints (Cont'd. from p. 1) FEN: What do you think is the biggest advantage of Direct Source parts? AK: Choice! When equipment needs to be repaired, foodservice professionals have an alternative option to OEM parts that will equally meet and perform to the equipment manufacturer's exact specifica- tions. Additionally, Direct Source parts come with a full warranty which is equal to the manufacturer's warranty, or in some cases, better. They are a great choice for many of your replacement part needs. FEN: What would you say is the biggest myth surrounding Direct Source parts in the market? AK: I would have to say the biggest myth is that Direct Source parts are not the same quality as OEM parts. This is just not true. Direct Source parts and OEM parts come off the exact same assembly line and are the exact same part. Visit AllPoints at booth #1633. For more information, call 800.332.2500. 1515 DESIGN BRINGS THE LATEST IN EUROPEAN EQUIPMENT WITH ITS UNIQUE ROTISSERIE AND SHOWCASE From its state of the art Doregrill rotis- series to its unique displays and showcas- es from Frigomeccanica, 1515 Design has created unique food concepts for the past 20 years. Since 1963, Doregrill has been the leader in rotisserie manufacturing with models combining traditional and latest technology. The extensive line of electric and gas models has it all: self-cleaning sys- tems, burner with flame and radiant heat. Porcelain enamel finishes, individ- ual spits and burners – these unique rotis- series provide fast and consistent cook- ing year after year. Doregrill rotisseries are used by restaurants, supermarkets, resort casinos, and military and university institutions. In supermarkets, the rotisseries are utilized to cook from morning to night and perfectly roast large batches of chickens. In restaurants, the rotisseries are used to roast chickens, turkey, sausage, fish, vegetables, etc. Versatility, incomparable taste and high volume are the norm. The inspiring philosophy of Frigomeccanica product lines is based on three fundamental elements: modular structure, technical efficiency and design. The product line is wide and versa- tile, perfect to furnish every kind of space and meet various needs, from bar con- cepts, deli, bakery and catering stations, the range of display cases is limitless and includes numerous professional and venti- lated refrigerated systems. Elettra, Visual and Prima display cases are suitable for ice cream, pastry and bakery shops. The collection also includes Alba, the professional ventilated ice cream dis- play case which fits in smaller spaces but with the quality of the larger display cases. 1515 Design is proud and privileged to exclusively carry two of the best European equipment manufacturers in the market today. For more information, visit www.1515design.com.

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