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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 5 6 RENAU SMART KITCHEN MANAGER Renau's innovative Smart Kitchen Manager (SKM) gives the foodservice industry unparalleled control over com- mercial kitchen equipment that maxi- mizes equipment and staff capabilities while significantly reducing the frustra- tion and loss of revenue that often results from improperly maintained or malfunc- tioning equipment thanks to fast, reliable ISM-band wireless communication and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology. Whether monitoring timers or active recipes, remotely starting recipes or changing dayparts, checking equipment status and functionality, logging and accessing HACCP data, automating operating processes, analyzing usage to identify wasteful processes or simplify- ing equipment troubleshooting, the SKM system is designed to save foodservice operators time and money by substantial- ly lowering training, compliance and service costs. Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology applications, the Renau SKM system connects to the inter- net through existing IT infrastructure via the mediation of a dedicated Bridge Module, allowing a fast and secure cen- tral database server to unlock the full capabilities and potential of Renau-pow- ered equipment. The Renau SKM system can provide equipment operators and management with alert information regarding when product is running low or is reaching the end of its hold time or even if a door panel has been left open accidentally. The Renau SKM system can even provide equipment operators and kitchen staff with equipment operation information, food preparation instructions and clean- ing directions. Most importantly, it can walk users through a series of simple, effective steps that can help restore CADDY ULTRAVIOLET (UVC) TECHNOLOGY: LIGHTING THE WAY TO A GREENER TOMORROW Caddy Corporation, Bridgeport, N.J., has been manufacturing UVC hoods and conveyors for many years now, but recently it has seen a dramatic surge in the demand for UVC to be included in many of its products. The company believes in ventilation, this is due to the demand of green building as well as the use of ecology systems for multi-purpose structures. On the conveyor side, there seems to be a swing back from POD sys- tems to traditional tray make-up convey- ors that Caddy has always been a leader in. Ultraviolet or UVC is a technology used by many companies in many types of industries where special light tubes are used to produce ozone or CO2. The ozone produced photo decomposes and oxidizes organic substances such as grease particulates and bacteria. It works best on molecules smaller than the diam- eter of a hair follicle, and that is exactly what the majority of the grease size is coming off the cooking equipment. Caddy's UVC system in its hoods is used strictly as a ventilation cleaner, not a grease filter system – meaning you still need grease filters, you just will be able to keep the filters, the ducts and the fans cleaner now. In fact, the UVC will clean everything you don't see all away to the roof and it will help that too from drip- ping grease. All of this greatly diminishes common grease fires. UVC also helps double the life and reduces maintenance hours of disposable filter systems such as Continued on Page 55 Continued on Page 55 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH NAFEM Lee M. Oser CEO and Editor-in-Chief Jules Denton Kim Forrester Paul Harris Associate Publishers Lorrie Baumann Editorial Director Jeanie Catron JoEllen Lowry Associate Editors Yasmine Brown Andre Gressieux Graphic Designers Sarah Glenn Caitlyn Roach Customer Service Managers Heather Canale Keri Gall Jamie Green Tara Neal Show Logistics & Distribution Jay Avery Randal Fisher James Genette Lynn Hilton Marcos Morhaim Cathy Neuman Account Managers Enrico Cecchi European Sales Food Equipment News is published by Oser Communications Group ©2015 All rights reserved. Executive and editorial offices at: 1877 N. Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85715 520.721.1300/Fax: 520.721.6300 www.oser.com European offices located at Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 11, 50125 Florence, Italy

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