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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s 3 7 F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 5 ROYAL RANGE OF CALIFORNIA: FOCUSED ON QUALITY, INNOVATION In recent years, the new Royal Range of California has become synonymous with cutting edge technology and unsurpassed quality. Royal is distinguishing itself as an innovation and quality leader. For more than 30 years, industry icon L. Vasan, President of Royal Range of California Inc., has been designing commercial and residential gas cooking appliances. Vasan brought his vast expe- rience in design and manufacturing to Royal in August of 2003. Since then, he has transformed Royal by significantly improving the quality of the products, introducing new features and developing new equipment for a complete line of products that includes heavy duty count- er equipment along with ranges, fryers and bakery convection ovens. Royal's reputation for quality customer service, excellent full product line and responsive after sales service support are renowned. Royal Range of California recently introduced several new high efficiency and high production cooking appli- ances. New products include a remark- able "adjustable" Steak House Broiler and a one of a kind thermostatically controlled infrared hooded radiant broil- er. In recent independent test- ing, Royal's convection ovens were proven to produce more food than any oven tested. The crowning item for this year's NAFEM is a revo- lutionary new high production fryer that uses less energy to produce more food. The new fryer comes with three different control options: an industry standard "electromechanical" control, a precise digital module or a computer control that allows programming of individual cook times and temperatures for each product. Royal is also introducing a new low profile countertop line, which puts the cooking surface at the best cooking height, particularly when placed on a refrigerated equip- ment stand. Royal is unveiling a new image at NAFEM 2015 with a bold new logo and classic metallic look. The entire product line will be sporting edgy nickel plated "ROYAL" name plates and matching 100 percent metal knobs. New handles also have a natural feel and an ergonomically contoured designed. Visit Royal Range at booth #805. DENNY'S FRANCHISEES BENEFIT FROM 9700 FOOD LABEL TERMINAL The DayMark ® 9700 Food Label Terminal, powered by TransAct, can be found in the kitchens of more than 420 Denny's Restaurant franchise locations. Rita Meana, Operations Support Manager for DenSuccess Inc., an Apex, N.C.-based franchisee, said managers and staff at all 44 of their Denny's loca- tions love DayMark's 9700 label termi- nal for efficient food inventory and shelf- life management. "We save a lot of time using the [DayMark 9700] to make our labels com- pared to the time it took us to hand write them," said Meana. "The information on the labels is more accurate and … the labels peel off of inserts and lids more completely, so we no longer have the residue left from old labels." She added, "The health department inspectors really like the labels and the lack of residue." DayMark Safety Systems, in part- nership with TransAct Technologies, launched the 9700 Food Label Terminal 18 months ago to restaurant chains and on-site commercial foodservice operators across the U.S. and the United Kingdom. This versatile label printer is designed to save labor costs, cut waste and reduce the risk of food spoilage in food prep kitchens. Key features of the DayMark's 9700 help differentiate it from other label ter- minals, including the ability to print bar- codes and ingredient data, along with DayMark's range of high quality, direct thermal labels. Denny's locations cur- rently use the DayMark 9700 in conjunc- tion with DayMark ToughMark™ Direct Thermal labels with repositionable adhesive. DayMark also offers MoveMark™ remov- able labels, and DissolveMark™ labels, which dissolve with water in 30 sec- onds or less. Tom Rossetti, Director of Operations for Topline Restaurants, a franchisee with 37 Denny's restaurants in Arizona and western New York, recognizes the benefits of the automated food labeling process versus Denny's old manual, day clock system. "I would say [the 9700] is the 'best thing since sliced bread,'" said Rosetti. "Bottom line is that it has made life a lot easier and more efficient for managers and employees." Additionally, restaurants appreciate the DayMark Menu Editor, which allows for corporate management and central- ized updates of food item and menu data. The Batch Print Feature also lets employees quickly group and print labels for multiple items that are prepped daily. Finally, the DayMark Tech Support Team, an Ohio-based world- class call center, is available around the clock for technical support. About DayMark Safety Systems Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Bowling Green, Ohio, DayMark Safety Systems is a market leader in providing efficient, economical and innovative foodservice safety solutions. When you Partner with DayMark, The Difference is Night and Day™. For more information, visit booth #239, call 800.847.0101, go to www.daymark labels.com or www.daymarksafety.com, or email bcurtis@daymarksafety.com. FLAMELESS CANDLES FROM STERNOCANDLELAMP With the introduction of SternoCandleLamp™ Flameless Candles, North America's leading manu- facturer of tabletop lighting is now posi- tioned to also be the most recognized name in flameless lighting. By partnering with Toronto-based Candle Impressions ® , SternoCandleLamp will provide the foodservice industry with the most comprehensive line of ambience products. Why would the leader in flame pro- ducing products want to get into the flameless category? "The answer is simple," said Craig Carnes, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "Because our customers have asked us to. We will continue to provide our full line of liquid and hard wax products, but our customers are looking for a flameless solution and we're partnering with Candle Impressions to make this technology available to them by intro- ducing a broad line of flameless prod- ucts." In any establishment, nothing sets the mood like flickering candlelight. However, some of the challenges involved with using open- flame products sometimes make using traditional can- dles a less attractive alterna- tive to using flameless prod- ucts. S t e r n o C a n d l e L a m p Flameless Candles will fea- ture products produced by Candle Impressions, the original inventor of the flameless candle and the best-sell- ing flameless candle manufacturer in the world. SternoCandleLamp Flameless Lighting will include candles that can operate in the rain and extreme heat, can- dles that can be recharged without chang- ing the battery, and even candles that can be easily programmed to turn on and off automatically. Here's what cus- tomers can look forward to: realistic flicker and glow – an authentic can- dlelight experience' effective and targeted assortments – designs tai- lored for décor trends; product quality and con- sistency year after year – leading in- house engineering teams; superior tech- nology and features – multiple timer and remote control options; industry-leading battery run times – saves money and increases convenience. Visit SternoCandleLamp at booth #6238. For more information, go to www.ster- nocandlelamp.com or call 877.526.7748. CAN A HOT HOLDING CABINET ENHANCE SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS? According to the latest National Restaurant Association's What's Hot 2015 Culinary Forecast based on a sur- vey of 1,300 chefs, one of the top three trends is environmental sustainability. Ranking third place directly behind locally sourced meats and seafood (No. 1) and locally grown produce (No. 2), environmental sustainability clearly is an important top-of-mind issue for foodser- vice operators when making operational decisions. While environmental sustainability tactics can sometimes mean increased costs, there are definite solutions for operators that help with sustainability efforts while reducing costs. Cambro's Combo Cart Plus ® electric transporter is not only Energy Star rated but is the industry's first hot holding cabinet to receive coveted endorsement from the Green Restaurant Association. Both the full-sized and half-sized Combo Cart Plus models are designed to dramatically save energy. The tall cart (CMBPH) is on aver- age more than 50 percent more energy efficient than leading competitive metal cabinets, while the low cart (CMBPLH) is more than 180 percent! How is that possible? Thick insulation is the key to retaining heat and reducing the workload of the cart's heater, making it consider- ably more energy efficient. Gentle, non- radiant heat circulates consistently from front to back of the cabinet, optimizing food quality. When the unit is unplugged, the insulation continues working hard to keep food safe and hot for hours without electricity or the expense and waste stream produced by canned fuel. Check out more amazing features of the Combo Cart Plus at www.cambro.com/seethe- cart. It is definitely a step in the right direction if you want to be in front of the hottest trend, now and for years to come. Visit Cambro at booth #1008. For more information, go to www.cambro.com or call 800.833.3003.

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