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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s 2 9 F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 5 US INC. INTRODUCING NEW PRODUCTS By Mark A. Winters, CFO, US Inc. What's new at US? Stainless steel prod- ucts! That's right – we now have a com- plete product line of stainless steel prod- ucts. These products include compart- ment, bar, and hand sinks, dish tables, worktable, ice bins, shelving, equipment stands, pot racks, dunnage racks and much more. We have added a complete line of stainless steel products at the request of our distributors. We will be showing some of these products at the NAFEM 2015 show at booth #6825. Please stop by and take a look. Bun Pan Racks We have added bun pan, meat and pastry racks to our product line. These are avail- able in aluminum or stainless steel – stronger and more durable than the others. These are "Z" style nesting racks in 12, 15, 20 and 30 sheet pan models. The 12 pan model is for meats and is only avail- able from US Stainless in a "Z" style. Cooking Equipment We have just completed our design and development of the commercial cooking equipment products. This will include several models of ranges with or without ovens, fryers, griddles, grills and char broilers. These products will be available spring of 2015. Proofers, Warming and Holding Cabinets I realize that this seems like a huge num- ber of products to roll out in one year, but we have been perfecting the equipment and developing the design for the past several years. We do not release a new product without a thorough testing with trial period to assure our equipment will compete against any man- ufacturer in the industry. Come see one of our new products in booth #6825. We are seeking a few new distributors to represent this new line of equipment. Please contact our national sales office at 888.556.2112 for more details. If you are interested in purchas- ing our products, please visit our website at www.us-refrig.com or give us a call and we will provide you with one of our local distributors. The Value Series We have dedicated more than 35 years to commercial kitchen equipment service, maintenance and design. Our Value Series refrigerators and freezers were developed uti- lizing all of our resources to meet our customers' needs and demands for a high quality prod- uct at competitive prices. This product line boasts rave reviews and is now available in many models. The reach-in refrigera- tors and freezers are available in top mount and bottom mount models, and we have a complete line of under counter models, preparation tables, a worktop series and now chef bases. A must-see is our glass door upright models: bright white LED lighting to make your products shine. For more information, visit booth #6825, go to www.us-refrig.com, call 888.556.2112 or email mark.winters @us-refrig.com. ENGLISH MFG. OFFERS VIPER SNEEZE GUARD English Mfg. is an industry leader in food shield fabrication. For years, English has introduced innovative designs at highly competitive prices. In 2011, English Mfg. introduced the Viper series, which is a fully adjustable sneeze guard created specifically for curved and angled coun- ters. Why curved counters? Why adjustable sneeze guards? Adjustable sneeze guards are being specified more and more because of the flexibility that they offer, and nowadays a lot of those adjustability features are required on beautiful curved counters. To attain full adjustability on a curved counter, a lot of creativity and engineering is involved. English Mfg. has perfected it, and patent- ed it. The main idea behind the unique design of the Viper is full adjustability with fewer adjacent posts while mount- ing seamlessly around a counter. When you eliminate unnecessary posts, you make the guard less invasive and less noticeable, while adding usable counter space and putting more focus on the food underneath. In addition to its sleek appearance, the Viper is made for the operator to move and manipulate the glass effortlessly. Without using any tools, the guard can be altered to accommodate a full-service or self-service position with ease. Durable 304 grade stainless steel brack- ets allow for effortless angular adjust- ment, while subtle vertical tracks hidden behind the post allows each panel of glass to adjust independently. This adjustability feature sepa- rates English Mfg. as the only sneeze guard manu- facturer to offer a fully adjustable sneeze guard with independent glass height capability. English Mfg. offers many other style sneeze guards that accomplish this same slim look by using narrow 1-inch diame- ter stainless steel posts and easy to clean tapered flanges. For your next sneeze guard, don't hesitate to call the experts at English Mfg. For more information, visit English Mfg. at booth #3250. BERNER ADDS LONGER ONE-PIECE MODELS TO FOODSERVICE Berner, based in New Castle, Pa., the leading U.S. manufacturer and innovator of air curtains, has added single length 7-, 8-, 9- and 10-foot long models to its ANSI/NSF-37 certified low profile air curtains designed for chemical free fly- ing insect control and energy savings. Each new length model uses the same renowned, low profile aesthetic of the Berner K-Zone air curtain, 8-1/2-inch (w) by 8-inch (d) cabinet design, the industry's smallest profile. The air curtains are suitable for kitchen/service doors, walk-in coolers, pass-thru windows, concession windows, and other doorways that need chemical free insect control in the foodservice, dock and door and HVAC markets. ANSI/NSF-37 certification ensures this air curtain has been tested to surpass state health code requirements for protecting all restaurant and foodservice establish- ment doorways. Berner's structurally-strong, sin- gle-length units need only end supports, thus speeding instal- lation time and low- ering installation costs. Other benefits of these Sanitation Certified air curtains are: single speed operation ensures compliance to the NSF Standard, ANSI/NSF-37 certified airflow velocities for resisting flying insect and outdoor air infiltration; cus- tom colors in durable powder coat fin- ishes; multiple air directional vanes constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum assures proper deflection and airflow to the outdoor threshold; a universal mounting system offers simple installa- tion with flexible choices using a wall mounting plate for horizontal or vertical mounting or integrated threaded inserts for vertical threaded rod suspension; five-year parts warranty from the oldest, most estab- lished air curtain manufacturer in the world; optional corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction for food processing, seaside or other corrosive environments available. Visit Berner at booth #2302. For more information, visit www.berner.com, email info@berner.com or sales@berner.com, or call 724.658.3551 or 800.245.4455. HAVE YOU CHECKED YOUR ROOF LATELY? Most foodservice operators are diligent about having their hood systems cleaned on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many restaurant operators don't think about the serious damage that grease from their kitchen hood exhaust fan can do to their roof. NFPA-96 requires that all restau- rants have a functioning grease trap for their exhaust fans, but poorly designed grease traps can overflow. The resulting grease on the roof can cause catastrophic damage and presents a potential fire haz- ard. Clean up and repair of the roof can be very expensive, and if a fire occurs, insurance may not cover it. Component Hardware's Flame Gard ® Grease Interceptor captures grease from even the most heavily used fans. The innovative design allows the grease to be separated from rain water and held until the next routine hood cleaning. This unique design also allows hood cleaners to keep the caustic chemicals required to clean restaurant exhaust systems out of the ground water system, preventing damage to the environment. The Interceptor's unique design works on a simple vacuum principle to effectively recover the waste water from cleaning the fan. The hood cleaner pressur- izes the Interceptor with the steam cleaning wand, which creates a vacuum. As the fan is being cleaned, waste water and grease collect in the Interceptor and are siphoned through a regular garden hose attached to the drain connection, into collection containers for removal. All of the waste water and grease is captured, even when the fan is tilted. The Grease Interceptor works with most types of exhaust fans. It requires no power, no expensive filter medium and has no moving parts so it is virtually maintenance free. One technician can install it in less than 15 minutes with only a screwdriver. It attaches to the fan, so there are no pen- etrations through the roof. The high quality corrosion- proof stainless steel construc- tion withstands the harshest weather and is covered by a three-year parts warranty. The Grease Interceptor is a cost-effective solution to a messy problem. From the time it is installed, the Interceptor works continuously to keep grease off the roof. Visit Component Hardware at booth #1029 to see a video of the Grease Interceptor installation and operation.

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