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F o o d E q u i p m e n t N e w s F r i d a y, F e b r u a r y 2 0 , 2 0 1 5 1 2 I.PATH DELIVERS "TOUCH POINT" RESTAURANT OPERATION EXECUTION FOR PRODUCTIVITY, EFFICIENCY, PRECISION Figure 8s, Spot Checks, Travel Paths – whatever you call the critical daily, time driven inspection points required to ensure your site is clean and in good working order – they are vital to the suc- cessful performance of every foodservice operation. Are bathrooms cleaned? Maintenance tasks documented and reported? Simple inspections, or more importantly, diner interaction performed regularly and documented? Up until now, operators have had to rely on manual documentation and measurement of each task. With the use of Integrated Control's i.Path, these tasks can be scheduled, time stamped and reported, enabling the opportunity for performance measure- ment and continuous improvement across the enterprise. i.Path is the next generation in spot check confirmation technology. It will replace hand written or manually input manager's check guides, lists or "books." The combination of RFID, wireless tech- nology and cloud reporting enables the first fully documented device for spot check confirmation technology. A pro- gram is simply documented into an elec- tronic schedule with time, frequency and acceptable performance criteria. The device will then alert the manager when these tasks are to be performed. When the user arrives at the inspection or touch point, they scan the tag prompting the device to scroll through a series of inquiries. The location and time and date are stamped. Through the use of this tool and the data col- lected, a manager can see trends and identify opportunities for coach- ing and improvement. There are just so many hours in the day to accomplish the numerous details that add up to successful restaurant performance. All managers know that if you can't measure performance criteria, you can't manage it. i.Path's web application reports on the ground level what percent- age of compliance is being met. Continual use guarantees specificity in completing point inspections; appropri- ate actions are assigned and recorded. Successful brand performance demands consistent execution, and i.Path is one more ICC product that supports that goal. You can achieve conformity anywhere in the world with immediate reporting capa- bility. Multiple point check points and quality questions are supported. Actions may be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Users may schedule the device to inspect basic main- tenance tasks like seasonal changes or fluid checks. Reports will generate com- pliance reports and display the percentage of completed checks over a period of time. Log in hier- archy will determine the number of sites each user can view. All information is available on the Web for ease of access. Improve personnel and equipment performance, reduce training and mainte- nance costs and achieve performance consistency with one easy to use cost effective tool. Just one more of Integrated Control's Fresh Take on tech- nology solutions. See i.Path today at NAFEM 2015 What's Hot, What's New" Pavilion or at the ICC booth. Visit ICC at booth #6027. For more information, contact Candace Gulley at 877.ICC.8788 or cgulley@goicc.com, or go to www.goicc.com. COMARK'S HT100 TOUCHSCREEN HACCP RECORDER: PAPERLESS DATA MANAGEMENT Tired of writing down temperatures on checklists and daily log sheets? Can you even find the records a day or two later? Comark introduces an easy-to-use and cost effective way to collect, record and store daily temperatures for all your critical items in receiving, storage, prep, cooking and holding. The new HT100 Touchscreen HACCP Recorder is a logging ther- mometer which also offers you the abili- ty to enter data for other non-temperature basic checklists. The four color resistive touch screen is easy to view and very quick responding. Corrective actions are required and logged whenever there is a problem and demonstrates either internally or to a local health department that you took immediate action whenever there was a failure in a critical area. The software and operating instruc- tions can be downloaded free from the Comark website. The programming is easy and intuitive. You can make the pro- gram as simple or as detailed as you wish – record and set corrective actions for whatever is most important to you. One of the many positives of our greater awareness and attention to food safety and HACCP is that it has spurred innovation in temperature measuring and at the same time has driven down costs. Comark thermometers and temperature monitors are geared to the need for speed and accuracy of measurements, but always at affordable prices. The HT100 is just the latest model from Comark to bring the operator a convenient, fast responding thermometer that is accurate and reliable and can be used every- where in the kitchen to ensure that an operation is serving safe food and is adhering to their HACCP plan. The HT100 is paired with either the PK19M pen- etration probe with a 1.5mm thin tip or the PK15M probe with an even faster responding 1.1mm tip. A thin tip probe with the sensor at the end offers speed of response and precise readings with only a tiny pinprick into the product. The FDA feels a thin tip is so impor- tant that they have written the require- ment into the latest version of the Food Code in paragraph 4-302.12: "…temper- ature measurements in thin foods can be accurately determined using a small- diameter probe 1.5mm (0.059 inch) or less…." Another increasingly popular solution to innovative and econom- ical temperature measuring and monitoring in HACCP programs is the use of RF wireless monitoring systems in the cold chain, from dis- tribution centers to kitchens. A sys- tem using the Comark RF300 Diligence WIFi wireless loggers offers 24/7 security and peace of mind that night or day critical tem- peratures are being monitored and recorded and alarms sounded whenever something goes awry. RF systems are certainly more expensive than simple thermometers or even data loggers, but measured against the costs of throwing away a freezer full of food when you don't know how much the temperature has fluctuated after a power outage, the savings and payback can be substantial. Visit Comark at booth #6033. For more information, call 800.555.6658 or go to www.comarkusa.com. ENDURA XL GREASE INTERCEPTOR: ENGINEERED FOR EASY, ENGINEERED FOR YOU Following advance previews at numer- ous trade shows across North America in 2014 and a year of valuable feedback and input across multiple industry users, the Endura XL grease interceptors are set to enter the market in spring 2015. These new additions to the Canplas Grease Management line provide high performance hydromechanical solutions with both 75GPM and 100GPM units. Significant in the function of the Endura XL will be the unique, patent pending Dynamic Inlet Baffle, allowing opera- tional access to the internally located flow control device for easy access and removal of blockages that always occur at the most inconvenient times. This fea- ture alone represents a significant benefit to the restaurant operator, allowing easy resolution of a common issue that can take an emergency plumber hours to resolve. Throughout the Endura XL product, numerous features have been incorporat- ed to offer benefit and value to the respective users or those that interact with the interceptor during its life. Many of the features may be overlooked or con- sidered incidental by the restaurant oper- ator, and let's face it, you want to be run- ning your restaurant, not babysitting a 'problem child' grease interceptor. From the design engineer or specifi- er at the beginning of the chain, to the pumper who has the responsibility of maintaining the interceptor on your behalf, Endura XL has been designed to offer features that make it easy for those people to do their jobs more effectively, which in turn translates to a better opera- tional solution, offering you the reliability, longevity and per- formance that every grease interceptor really should, but rarely does. Making the ultimate buying decision is often the responsibil- ity of the contractor or installer, with guidance or specification by an engineer. The contractor is looking for value features like: easy handling; installation flexi- bility; means of preventing floatation without incurring significant additional cost; compact footprint to reduce ground works. Endura XL delivers in all respects. The specifier in turn needs familiarity with local code requirements and enough product knowledge and tools to have con- fidence in their recommendation to the client. Canplas offers both face-to-face technical training and online tools to best support the engineer. Important both to the engineer and the local jurisdiction (code officials) is product performance to nationally recognized standards, provid- ing confidence and third party evidence that the product is fit for its purpose. Endura XL will have broadest approvals to national performance available, hold PDI G101, ASME A112.14.3 and CSA B481.1 approvals simultaneously. Timely access to products and spare parts throughout the country is also important, and with a broadly established dis- tribution network via Plumbing Wholesale and Foodservice Distributors, Canplas is ideally posi- tioned to meet this need. Most important for the restaurant owner, you need a grease interceptor that you know is a financially sound proposi- tion, capable of meeting your operational needs for many years of service, and that in operation is not causing any concern for the local jurisdiction or the pumper during maintenance or inspection. Endura XL gives you all of the above and more. Check out the Endura XL at booth #5202.

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