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CEDN Evening Extra Jan. 7, 2015

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An interview with Dr. Kevin Le, Ph.D, Chief Technology Officer, LURACO Technologies Inc. CEDN: Tell our readers about your company. What's your main line of business? KL: LURACO Technologies is a high- tech corporation dedicated to providing research, advanced technologies and innovative products to the military, industrial and commercial sectors. LURACO RELEASES MEDICAL MASSAGE CHAIR IROBOTICS 7 An interview with Cliff Rucker, Vice President, Sales, United States Postal Service ® . CEDN: Tell our readers about the Postal Service. CR: In more than two centuries, the Postal Service has grown and changed with America, embracing new technologies to better serve a growing population. No other organization can reach as many doorsteps, businesses or PO boxes – and with more than 31,000 retail locations, it delivers B e l l a Technologia LLC announces its Trademark platform "The Social Media of Things™" and "All Things Social™" with the unveiling of a new app that will change the landscape of social media. The new platform promises features such as a new app for Hollywood, retail buyers, travelers, dating and dynamic new social media interaction between users. Also, a new Smart Home product will be unveiled as a revolutionary solu- tion that has never been seen before. Bella Technologia LLC will also be SenseDriver Technologies is developing the next generation of mobile software and hardware for the car. Founded on the principles of being safer, cool and affordable, SenseDriver Technologies are hands-free, voice-acti- vated and designed to fit any vehicle, old or new, and enable it with safe, better connected devices. SenseDriver strives to be the leading developer of hands-free voice-activated technology to keep you safer and connected inside the car. The company's first product, SenseHud, is a revolutionary Heads-Up Display (HUD) As big box stores and standalone specialty stores can attest, Z. Reiss fills and fulfills small orders to large, and kicks in services and assistance unheard of in the whole- sale world. The three-decade Brooklyn- based stalwart makes your retail day that much smoother by handling the mer- chandising assortment, supply chain management and reverse logistics details for you. The company covers every cate- gory of consumer electronics, including audio, video, security, home office, Continued on Page 29 By Joe Prusz, Head of Mobile for The Rubicon Project. There are three key shifts coming to mobile adver- tising in 2015. First, automation will elevate mobile advertising inventory. With the acceleration of mobile adoption over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of new apps introduced to the marketplace. While some have achieved significant success and global growth, small teams continue to operate and Continued on Page 23 Continued on Page 23 REACH CUSTOMERS WITH DIGITALLY ENABLED DIRECT MAIL BELLA TECHNOLOGIA UNVEILING NEW PRODUCTS Z. REISS: A ONE-STOP PROVIDER OF NAME BRAND ELECTRONICS MEET YOUR PERSONAL DRIVING ASSISTANT 2015 BRINGING CHANGES TO MOBILE ADVERTISING Continued on Page 29 Continued on Page 23 Continued on Page 10 O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G ro u p La s V e g a s W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 7 , 2 0 1 5 Another anniversary is upon us and it's a cause for celebration! IDEAL SALES looks back with satisfaction upon yet another 365 days offering cus- tomers quality products and outstanding service at amazingly low prices. IDEAL SALES chooses to view this anniversary not only as the conclusion of 13 years in business, but also as the com- mencement of greater growth and advancement towards the top of the cor- porate ladder. As a New York-based wholesaler A few years ago, Scott Rodwin, a noted Boulder, Colo. archi- tect, walked into his gym. Just before he stepped out of the locker room, he pulled out his earbuds to listen to music during his workout. They came out in a knotted mess. He spent the next two minutes frustratedly untangling them. Just as he finished, another guy walked in and had the exact same thing happen. The guy started swearing up a storm and shouted, "Why can't somebody come up with a way to fix this?" Continued on Page 29 IDEAL SALES MARKS 12 YEARS IN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY THE LOOP SOLVES THE PROBLEM OF KNOTTED EARBUDS Continued on Page 29 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH INTERNATIONAL CES ®

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