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Cleaning News Nov 7, 2014

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C l e a n i n g N e ws Fri d a y, N o ve m b e r 7 , 2 0 1 4 6 save time during their cleaning routes, while eliminating the need for potentially expensive equipment and service. Organizations should look for portable and easy-to-use systems that can work with spray bottles and buckets and offer multiple dilution-rates and applications. Safety Exposure to chemicals can result in injuries, time away from work, workers' compensation claims or fines from indus- try organizations. Chemical dosing and dispensing systems reduce risks to work- ers because they limit skin exposure to concentrated chemicals. Organizations should look for solutions that offer lead- Chemical Concentrates ( Cont'd. from p. 1) ing closed-loop packaging technology to make dispensing safe and easy. Especially for small sites, saving space is critical, but cleaning shouldn't suffer because storage and budgets are limited. Using effective chemicals in smaller packaging, such as Diversey Care's Pro Series Chemical Concentrates, can offer multiple benefits through innovative dos- ing and dispensing capabilities. Not only will sites be kept in pristine condition, they can also improve sustainability, con- venience and safety. For more information, go to www.diversey.com, visit booth #1501 or call 800-558-2332. OIL MANAGEMENT: THE KEY TO CONSISTENCY, PROFITS AND SAFETY By Rodney Medina, Eco Reviews As unique as every restaurant is with its food, so is the management of its fryer oil. Proper management can make the difference in food quality, profit margins and even employee safety. For the first time ever, there's an oil management sys- tem that effectively addresses all three of those aforementioned areas of your busi- ness. A product that, when you see it, will leave you saying, "Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" The southern California-based com- pany, known worldwide for its Envirotub indoor grease storage product, has devel- oped the first affordable all-in-one mobile restaurant oil management solu- tion that filters oil, stores oil and can even re-fill deep fryers with fresh oil at the push of a button. Rarely does a new and innovative restaurant product come along that makes an immediate impact on the qual- ity of food, increase the ROI of a com- modity and improve employee safety. Any new product that offers such a dra- matic impact across so many aspects of operation is truly a game-changer. That's exactly what Envirotub envisions for its new oil management product. The units, available in two ver- sions, the OMS-58 and the OMS-78 (which stands for Oil Management Solution and the respective gallon capacity of the units), are portable, which allow them to be shuttled right to the fryer for employee ease of use and safety. The unit eas- ily interfaces with the fryer drainpipe for a clean, no-mess transfer of oil into the onboard reservoir. At a push of a button, the oil is then processed through a four-stage filtration system. Debris is removed at a rate of just under six gallons per minute. Once the filtration process has been completed, the operator has three options: filter the oil again, return the filtered oil back into the fryer using the onboard wand or re- direct the oil into the onboard storage tank for disposal. All selections are made by a push of a button. The addition of a 'new oil' reservoir will be available for both the OMS-58 and OMS-78 models, enabling employ- ees to fill the fryer with oil right out of the box. The stainless steel con- struction makes for a robust and easy to keep clean unit. Filters are easy to change, and various components of the unit can be removed and washed in a commercial dishwasher for added convenience. The entire acquisition, filtration and refilling process is a closed loop system allowing employees to easily and safely handle used fryer oil for re- use or disposal. By eliminating one of the most frustrating and dangerous tasks in the restaurant industry, employ- ees are no longer at risk from oil-relat- ed slips, falls and burns. For more information, visit www.enviro tub.com, call 888-777-4322 or email info@envirotub.com. OZARK RIVER INTRODUCES NEW ELITE SERIES AT 2014 NRA By Martin Watts, CEO, Ozark River Portable Sinks Ozark River Portable Sinks ® is known for innovative and practical product designs, and we are pleased to introduce two of our latest portable hand sink designs. Each model includes our self- contained Instant Hot Water System that conveniently plugs into a 110V 20A cir- cuit, making hand washing right where you need it simple and easy. The new Elite Series is available in two styles. The Elite LS and the Elite Pro Series include multiple laminate door color options for matching available décor. White laminate doors with black edging are the standard finish for both models. Add a splash of customization with a choice of other door finishes made of durable and easy-to-clean laminate with tough 3mm edge-banding. Our eco- nomical Elite LS features a stainless steel cabinet and countertop. The Elite Pro offers the same cabinet choice of the Elite LS, but it places everything you need for hand-washing right at your fingertips. The Elite Pro fea- tures a durable stainless steel splashguard that includes factory installed liquid soap and M-Fold paper towel dispensers (soap and towel are not included). Each Ozark River ® portable sink includes: instant hot water system; multi- ple basin options; five and six gallon water reservoirs; GFCI protection; quick connect tanks; stainless steel cabinet bottoms (lam- inate cabinets too); and 110V 20A circuit conven- ience. What Makes Ozark River the Best Choice? Instant Hot Water System Technology: Ozark River's Instant Hot Water System uses a minimal amount of energy to heat the water. No preheating of water is required like other portable hand sinks. Economical Stream of Water: Ozark River sinks feature a faucet that dispens- es a sensible 1/2 gallon of water per minute (GPM). Ozark River sinks pro- vide a perfect economical stream of water for hand-washing while conserving precious water resources. No Cross-Contamination: Separate fresh and waste water reservoirs assure no cross-con- tamination between the water reservoirs occur. 100 Percent Recyclable: Packaging is made from 100 per- cent recyclable material, adding nothing to landfills. NSF ® Certification: NSF Certification is a key factor separating Ozark River Portable Sinks from its com- petitors. NSF is the most recognized san- itation standard and every sink we manu- facture is NSF Certified. This certifica- tion is critical for Ozark River Portable Sinks to be compliant with state and local hand-washing codes, where applicable. For more information, visit www.ozark river.com or call 866-663-1982. AMERICAN DRYER INTRODUCES ADVANTAGE SERIES HAND AND HAIR DRYERS A response to customer preferences, cou- pled with progressive thinking, produced industry-leading technology recently as American Dryer rolled out its mid-line Advantage™ series hand and hair dryers. The company has created a 21st-cen- tury hand and hair dryer series to offer customers an attractive, very affordable alternative to the company's fastest and most powerful dryers. The Advantage series provides 25-second dry times and quieter operation that is ideal for applica- tions including many schools and health- care facilities, as well as a range of other restrooms. Cost-effectiveness, economi- cal design, universal voltage and energy efficiency are among the Advantage series' other chief benefits. "Advantage is the only truly mod- ern-design mid-line dryer on the market, and it directly responds to some cus- tomers' preferences for quieter, more compact and effective hand dryers," American Dryer Vice President of Sales and Technology Michael Robert said. "Older technology is no longer accept- able for discerning customers, no matter what their price point. This is a well- rounded, high-performing dryer series that is the best choice for a considerable number of applications." With this new series, American Dryer provides facilities with the option to reduce sound while still offering an attractive 25-second dry time. In many settings, reduced sound and less air velocity on the hands can be especially important features. Unlike competitors' dryers, and in sync with all new American Dryer mod- els, the Advantage series features the compact design that architects and con- tractors prefer. The Advantage dryer is also available as a hair dryer, a popular option for gyms, fitness centers and other settings where patrons may wash their hair. Advantage is made in the United States and includes universal voltage, from 100-240 volts, 50/60Hz. The dryer configures itself to your voltage, making installation easier. The updated dryer also offers many of the benefits as American Dryer's eXtremeAir series, including the same efficient microprocessor-controlled sensor. Each Advantage dryer is compat- ible with all of eXtremeAir's ADA-com- pliant accessories (Wall Guard, Recess Kit and Adapter Plate). It offers a fixed nozzle and a five-year warranty. Notably, the Advantage series serves as the 21st-century replacement for American Dryer's traditional DR series. First manufactured in 1988, the DR series was updated in the 1990s. American Dryer, committed to offering a full line of dryers for all customer preferences, developed Advantage to incorporate new technologies rather than simply tweaking DR's traditional design. In recent years, updating con- ventional models or simply continuing to offer older technology has been typi- cal industry practice for mid-market dryers as attention has shifted to high- end options. According to Robert, "Consequently, Advantage now boasts the industry's best overall mid-line dryer with low cost and the best fea- tures of any dryer in its class. For exam- ple, Advantage uses only 1400 watts, compared to the DR series' 2300."

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