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Cleaning News Nov 6, 2014

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For years, Mr. Weiner attended events and watched, baffled, as workers struggled to carry heavy metal stanchions to vari- ous sites for crowd control. He found it awkward and unnatu- ral to see them try to move the heavy barriers around on dol- lies or in shopping carts. Mr. Weiner thought there had to be a more efficient and safer way to transport these types of tem- porary barriers. He came up with an idea for a customized cart on wheels designed for the sole purpose of carrying a lightweight plastic barrier system. Mobile and easy-to- store, the cart can easily be pushed by one person to any desired location and provides great storage when the barrier system is not in use. The Banner Stakes Cart Package became the only one of its kind. The cart holds up to five Stakes, five Bases and five retractable tape Banner Heads, providing 60 feet of coverage in any configuration desired. Since temporary barriers are used for an endless number of safety functions, the Banner Stakes product line quickly grew to include a wide variety of messages to provide safety solutions for almost any potential hazard. BANNER STAKES MAKES BARRIER TRANSPORT EASY Facilities such as schools and offices can be home to a variety of disease-causing pathogens that put the well-being of occupants and visitors at risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 22 million school days are lost each year in the United States due to colds, and 38 million are lost each year due to the influenza virus. However, in a clean facility, occupants reduce their chances of catching a cold and the flu by as much as 80 percent and absenteeism drops by as much as 46 percent. Five measures organizations can take to ensure best practices for cleaning and dis- infecting, and a safer environment include: 1. Schedule the Cleaning Process, Roles and Accountability Daily cleaning and disinfection plays a key role in reducing the risk of pathogen transmission in any facility. Establishing clear protocol that outlines what to disin- fect, how to disinfect and why to disinfect motivates cleaning staff to do a better An interview with Bob Stahurski, President and CEO, Nyco Products Company. CN: Nyco has been an innovator in the cleaning industry for decades. Are you exhibiting anything new at this year's ISSA show? BS: Nyco is debuting a newly introduced brand of extremely user- safe, high-performing products we call OM 1 Series cleaners. They're powered by an exceptional solvent from Eastman Chemical Company, called Omnia™, which is already on DFE's Safer Chemical Ingredients list and the CleanGredient's database. We're the first I&I chemical cleaning company in North America to formulate with Omnia. We are really excited because OM 1 Series cleaners have been entered as an ISSA Innovation Award product. CN: What cleaners are in the OM 1 Series brand line right now? An interview with Frank Rowe, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, R&B Wire Products Inc. CN: Tell the readers about R&B Wire Products. What's your line of business? FR: R&B Wire Products was established in 1946, manufacturing wire laundry carts for the coin laundry industry. Today we support diverse sectors serving healthcare, hospi- tality, coin laundry, commercial laundry, material handling and custom fabrication sec- tors globally. Our products help in the transportation and storage of linen and laundry products, as well as refuse and other products. We have evolved into a diversified com- pany with an extensive product offering – more than 500 products and an internation- al footprint. CN: What makes R&B a unique company? Continued on Page 12 Continued on Page 12 FIGHTING BACK: PREVENTING INFECTIONS WITH FIVE EASY METHODS NYCO INTRODUCES NEW CLEANING SERIES MORE THAN 500 PRODUCTS FROM R&B WIRE PRODUCTS Continued on Page 6 Continued on Page 12 O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G ro u p O rl a n d o Th u r s d a y, N o ve m b e r 6 , 2 0 1 4 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH ISSA

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