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Convenience Retailer Daily October 10, 2014

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C o n ve n i e n c e Re ta i l e r S h o w D a i l y 3 9 Fri d a y, O c to b e r 1 0 , 2 0 1 4 products. While our business is signifi- cantly bigger in industrial safety, we remain active in consumer markets. Our target is contractors, do-it-yourself con- sumers, professional landscapers and gardeners. CRSD: What would you say makes your company unique? AD: That's a great question. Today it becomes more and more of a challenge to remain unique. However, I feel we pos- sess class-defining strengths that allow us to excel. First of all, we are not importers. With three product managers dedicated to developing innovative prod- ucts, we are doing much more than just sourcing. We seek to understand the mar- ket and what today's consumer is looking for. Today, over 40 percent of home proj- ects are done by the homeowners them- selves. This market, along with the inde- pendent contractors, represents a huge market for C-stores. Convenience stores often rely on us to help in the education and product selection. That's where our experience and product selection works for you. CRSD: Describe your company's current marketing strategy AD: No secret here. PIP owns three great brands: Brahma Gloves, West County Gardener and Mud Gloves. Each of these brands is well defined to specific channels and markets. Our Brahma Glove brand has proven suc- cess in the C-store market. In addition to traditional jersey, canvas and leather gloves, the Brahma collection includes a great selection of innovated seamless knit, coated palm gloves. Our orange Protective Industrial ( Cont'd. from p. 1) thermo knit glove and latex coated micro-surface gloves are among top sellers (and ROI generators) for key C- store chains. CRSD: Are you introducing new prod- ucts this year? AD: Since the Brahma Glove brand is part of our larger safety products compa- ny, we've put together a comprehensive new Brahma line of products that extends well beyond glove to include critical safety products such as safety eyewear, vests and even hard hats. Once again, C- stores have the unique opportunity to par- ticipate in selling some of these line extensions. But that's not all. We're also introducing great turnkey product combi- nations complete with hi-impact card- board displays that are guaranteed to maximize impulse buys with very little space footprint. CRSD: What do you anticipate you greatest challenge ahead? AD: Moving our customer up to next generation products to so that they see the benefits is always a challenge. Fabric chore gloves do the job for the most part; however, they do little to increase com- fort and help you work better and faster. Some of our new "task-specific" gloves feature impact protectors and composite materials that improve grip. They last longer and provide exceptional comfort. In the end even your do-it-yourselfer wants to work faster, safer and more comfortably. If they understand this, they do not hesitate to pay the premium. Our job, collaboratively, is to work together in helping consumers understand this. For more information, call 518-595- 1234, email adigiovanni@pipusa.com or stop by booth #1174. PRIVATE SPRING WATER – HERE TO BOTTLE YOUR BUSINESS Private Spring Water is here to Bottle Your Business! Its mission is to increase the exposure of your brand by communi- cating and sending a message to your cus- tomers in accordance with your compa- ny's logo, tag-line or mission statement. Private Spring Water is an environ- mentally conscious local company with a big cause. It uses sustainable practices to minimize its carbon footprint, and when- ever possible source everything within a 150 mile radius of the spring, the plant and the local area, which effectively low- ers the amount of emissions and fuel con- sumption. Private Spring Water is proud to be 65 percent solar sufficient. In addi- tion, it has offset 100 percent of its elec- tricity with Renewable Energy Credits and has offset 100 percent of its fleet's emissions with Verified Emissions Reductions (VERS). Federal regulations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) coupled with state and industry standards assure the consumer that the bottled water they purchase is stringently regulated, tested and of the highest quality. Private Spring Water exceeds all of these high standards and regulations. Bottled water is regulat- ed as a food by the FDA. Private Spring Water adheres to all of the FDA's Good Manufacturing Products and Quality Standards. Good manufacturing practices are requirements that affect all aspects of its plant operations, including factory con- struction and design, sanitation, opera- tions, equipment and procedures, manu- facturing equipment and administra- tive/personnel procedures such as record keeping and employee training. Private Spring Water adheres to and exceeds all of the good manufacturing practices as well as those specific to bottled water. Private Spring Water's products must and do comply with the FDA's Quality Standards in Section 103.35(d)(2) of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). These stan- dards, along with the FDA's good manu- facturing practices ensure the safety of all bottled water products from production to packaging to consumption. Private Spring Water exceeds all of these stan- dards. For more information, visit www.private springwater.com. POSTAL SERVICE SIMPLIFIES SHIPPING AND RETURNS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS As online shopping continues to grow in importance for consumers as well as businesses, the U.S. Postal Service becomes recognized for having the largest delivery platform in the United States. The Postal Service has launched major changes to its Priority Mail offer- ing to better meet the needs of small busi- ness owners. With improved features like day-specific delivery, and enhanced USPS Tracking, small businesses can get more for their money when shipping packages with the Postal Service. The service offers fast delivery in one, two or three business days based on where the package originates and where it's being sent. At no additional charge, customers can order free boxes and schedule a free Package Pickup at their business. Small businesses can use online tools to: order free Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and other free supplies; calculate a shipment price with an easy and quick calculator; print a label with postage from a computer using a standard printer; and schedule a pickup online and have their carrier pick up the package. For many businesses, returns are inevitable. When business owners elimi- nate the stress of returns, they are able to create customer loyalty, increase sales and control their costs. Priority Mail can offer customers with a quick, easy and hassle-free way to ship items back to a business. Whether a start-up gourmet food shop or an expansive franchise, U.S. Postal Service Returns can help facilitate the process with flexible return label options, multiple delivery speed and unmatched accessibility for shipping. Customers can choose to ship online, at a retail Post Office, at a self-service kiosk, at one of the thousands of partner loca- tions or schedule a pickup at no cost. From helping promote a business with mail to providing cost-effective shipping services, the Postal Service has the information, tools and services to help businesses reach their goals. To learn more, visit www.usps.com/ business/business-solutions.htm. CDN CELEBRATES 30 YEARS Component Design Northwest (CDN) celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2014 with new thermometers and timers that exemplify its commitment to innovation, quality and value. After three decades of growth and expansion, CDN has maintained its clear focus as a global category leader with the personal service and commitment of a family-owned business. This "best of both worlds" positioning defines the CDN formula for success. "This is a time to thank our loyal customers and sales representatives, and the support team that has made CDN what it is today. I also want to thank my daughter, Shawn DiGruccio, who's a catalyst for growth as our Vice President. Working together, we've built a growing business, with even more opportunities opening up for us as the company enters its fourth decade," said Jan Murtagh, President of CDN. Known as "The Time & Temperature Company," CDN markets over 85 SKUs of thermometers and timers, from the basic to the unique. CDN was named Best Overall Company in its category by the presti- gious Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the company is recognized as a Housewares Design Awards All-Star for its "Best in Category" win for new product innovation. For more information, visit www .cdn-timeandtemp.com. MYME PRESTIGE MICRO DISPLAY "Absolutely gorgeous" is what MyMe hears from everyone looking at the new Prestige Micro Display by MyMe. "We have to get them in our stores" is another common thing it hears all the time from buyers. The Prestige Micro is elegant, compact, fits up to 64 pieces of car and home chargers, USB cables, hands-free, auxiliary cables, all in only 8.5" W x 10.5" H x 12" D of counter space. The Prestige Micro Display is designed and made in the U.S.A. This unique and very attractive display is specifically designed with not only the customer in mind but also the merchant. MyMe has very passionate designers, engi- neers and marketing experts that can design and manufacture all kinds of different types of dis- plays straight out of south Florida that will meet all customers' needs. To inquire about the MyMe Prestige Micro Display Brand, call the sales department at 844-322- 0655. You can also reach them by email at info@mymeworld.com or go to www.mymeworld.com. Stop by booth #620 at the show.

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