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C o n ve n i e n c e Re ta i l e r S h o w D a i l y Fri d a y, O c to b e r 1 0 , 2 0 1 4 3 0 COLD STAR INC.'S WHITENING SYSTEM IS A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR COFFEE/TEA WHITENING Cold Star Inc.'s whitening programs include dispensers that refrigerate and dispense products packed in five-liter disposable bags. The Cold Star whitening program features wholesome ESL and shelf stable products that require no refrigeration until installed in a dispenser. Shelf stable products have a 180-day shelf life from date of production, Extended Shelf Life products 90 days, and both provide a minimum of 14 days once inserted into the refrigerated dis- penser for use. To ensure sanitation, each bag is fitted with a disposable valve that allows the product to be dispensed direct- ly into the customer's cup, never touch- ing any part of the dispenser itself. Product bags are easy to handle, install in seconds and feature Cold Star's unique bag/spout combination, which is discard- ed when empty – you always start fresh and clean! Cold Star's coffee whitening appli- cations include various options to lighten coffee or tea, such as: half-and-half, light cream, whole milk, two-percent milk, skim milk and non-dairy French vanilla. Cold Star's whitening programs and unique dispensers are commonly seen in restaurants, convenience stores, hospi- tals, colleges and business cafeterias – they are ideal for any beverage bar. While most locations support model ND2R that holds two five- liter bags of product, ND3R holds three bags of product and may be more feasible for high-volume locations. Dispensers may either be pur- chased outright or may be assigned to customers who are using Cold Star products. For more information on the Cold Star Liquid Dispenser and/or Whitening System, please visit the Cold Star website at www.coldstarinc.com, call 800-269- 4052 or visit booth #5559. RUIZ FOODS LOOKS BACK ON 50 YEARS Fred Ruiz and his father, Louis, co- founded Ruiz Foods in 1964. The dream of this father and son team was to establish a company that would generate $3.5 million in sales dur- ing their lifetime. Today, the current annual sales figure for both their El Monterey and Tornados brands is now beyond their wildest dreams. Ruiz cur- rently manufactures nearly 200 SKUs and ranks second among the top 10 Hispanic-owned manufacturing firms in the United States and first among the top 10 U.S. Hispanic-owned companies in the state of California. Celebrating its 50th birthday, the company's El Monterey brand of frozen Mexican food is in nearly every major grocery store across the nation and is the No. 1 frozen Mexican food. Approximately 11 years ago, Ruiz Foods introduced a second brand – Tornados – a product developed specifi- cally for convenience store roller grills – a rolled battered tortilla filled with a vari- ety of meats, cheeses, veggies and spices in combinations perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. In a very short time, Tornados has become the leading choice on convenience store roller grills throughout the United States. In 1983, Fred and Louis Ruiz received the United States Small Business Persons of the Year Award. President Ronald Reagan, in the Rose Garden of the White House, presented the prestigious award to the father and son team. Then, in 1992, Ruiz Foods received the National Entrepreneurial Success Award. As a result, Ruiz Foods was inducted into the United States Small Business Administration's Hall of Fame in Washington, D. C. In the fall of 2003, the SBA celebrated its 50th anniversary by inducting 23 U. S. companies into a special Anniversary Hall of Fame. Ruiz Foods is one of the selected companies. October 2003 saw the visit of President George W. Bush to the Ruiz facility. Approximately 1,800 people attended the event when the president introduced his Administration's Minority Home Ownership Initiative. In August, 2014, Ruiz Foods was named "Minority Supplier of the Year" by the United States Department of Commerce. The company has been featured on the covers of Hispanic Business Magazine, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine, Costco Connection, Hispanic Trends Magazine, National Provisioner and most recently, Meatingplace while products from their signature El Monterey line have been featured on episodes of the Food Network's hit show Unwrapped (2005 and 2003), Food Factory (2014), as well as NBC's California Country (2004). Currently, Kim Ruiz Beck, the elder daughter, is Chairman. Rachel Cullen is President and CEO. The company has grown to more than 2,400 employees in California, Texas and South Carolina. Celebrate with Ruiz Foods at booth #5579 or visit www.ruizfoodservice.com for more information. RENAU INTRODUCES RENAU.NET POWERED WIRELESS TOUCHSCREENS Renau's new T-1200 Series of next-gener- ation capacitive touchscreens designed specifically with the foodservice industry in mind give foodservice equipment oper- ators complete control over their commer- cial foodservice equipment. Unlike older capacitive touch solutions, these state-of- the-art capacitive touchscreens can easily be used by users wearing gloves. Now available in a standard 4.3 inch (T-1243) or jumbo-sized 7 inch (T-1270) display, the T-1200 Series offers equip- ment operators a sophisticated control that can be configured and installed either horizontally or vertically on the front of a controlled appliance, or mount- ed separately to act as a process control or freshness timer. Measuring less than 1.91 inches deep, the T-1200 Series is compact and versatile enough to allow equipment manufacturers to mount it on virtually any available panel space. Using Renau's Single Wire Communication and wireless Renau.Net Networks, the T-1200 Series connects to any of Renau's compact, powerful hybrid micro process controllers to monitor and control even the most intensive and demanding applications. Equipment operators and customers see a sleek, vibrant color display that can easily be mounted anywhere in the kitchen, reduc- ing the need for expensive and compli- cated harnesses. With the ability to quickly and easily access and select programs and recipes, as well as full support for safety and compli- ance processes like HACCP and ingredi- ent level and freshness monitoring, train- ing equipment operators to use the T-1200 Series is fast and simple. Equipment oper- ators can quickly and easily read the T- 1200 Series' high-resolution color display from across the kitchen, and because the screen is the interface, use is incredibly intuitive and easy and designed to help reduce operator error and food waste. The T-1200 Series can even help guide a serv- ice technician through troubleshooting and repair. Easily upgradeable and fully repro- grammable, the T-1200 Series allows recipe menus and system configurations to be quickly updated through the media- tion of Renau's Universal Host Adaptor (UHA) and custom Windows-based soft- ware, which allows for the creation of custom recipe menus, warning alarms, sound files and system configurations that can be stored on an authorized user's hard drive for future use and reference, or for larger organizations, shared with a remote collegue on Renau's powerful Smart Kitchen Manager Software Servers. When it comes time to update the system, the desired update file can be downloaded via either the integrated ISM-band wireless adapter or Renau UHA Series USB adapter. In order to perform in the most demanding foodservice industry environ- ments, all Renau products are fully encapsulated for outstanding protection from extreme temperatures, humidity and shock. Designed and manufactured in the United States, all Renau products are rigorously tested and come with an industry-leading three year warranty. For more information about Renau Electronic Laboratories, visit www.renau.com. FONTANINI ITALIAN MEATS: INNOVATING IN THE INDUSTRY Fontanini Italian Meats is a family owned and operated meat manufacturing com- pany located in McCook, Ill. With over 50 years in business, Fontanini has a built a reputation within the industry for high quality, authentic and flavorful products. Choose from a variety of items, including precooked and raw pizza toppings, Italian beef, ethnic sausages, breakfast sausages, gyros and our award-winning Italian meatballs, Italian sausage, pot roast and chicken sausages. With a constant focus on innovation and creation, Fontanini is at it again with its extended Smack-Yum ® appetizer product line. Fontanini started its new appetizer product line with colossal garlic Italian sausage chunks tossed in a special- ly formulated sweet and spicy buffalo sauce. The product was an instant success and got the Fontanini team thinking about other tasty appetizer bites. After months of testing, Fontanini's extended the Smack-Yum ® Appetizer Line to include breaded colossal garlic Italian sausage bites, breaded popcorn garlic Italian sausage bites, and breaded Mamma Ranne ® Italian Meatballs. Try them with the sweet and spicy buffalo sauce or any of your dipping sauce favorites, including marinara sauce or ranch dressing. With incredible flavors and high profit mar- gins, these appetizers are the perfect kick start to your new appetizer menu! Fontanini has also introduced sever- al new slider menu options to help end users take advantage of the 'small bites' and 'shared plate' trends that continue to remain strong within the food industry. The mini sliders Fontanini's Bratwurst, Polish and Cajun Sausages. Served best on a pretzel roll, these mini sandwiches are a great flavor boost to your menu. Although the Fontanini Family is constantly motivated to develop new recipes and menu ideas, they also stay true to the same attention to detail and quality that have made them so success- ful over the years. For more information, recipe idea inspi- ration, or to learn more about the family history, call 800-331-MEAT or visit www.Fontanini.com.

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