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Convenience Retailer Daily October 10, 2014

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C o n ve n i e n c e Re ta i l e r S h o w D a i l y 2 7 Fri d a y, O c to b e r 1 0 , 2 0 1 4 CRUNCHIES FOOD COMPANY INTRODUCING ORGANIC CRUNCHIES LINE Crunchies Food Company, America's leading producer of all-natural freeze- dried fruit and vegetable snacks, announces the debut of its USDA certi- fied-organic line, Organic Crunchies ® , in four favorite fruit flavors and one deli- cious veggie: Bananas, Mixed Fruit, Mango, Strawberries and Peas. Crunchies is introducing the line in response to consumer demand, at Crunchies' natural foods retailers, for organic snacks that deliver the same deli- cious and nutritious all-natural crunch that's the hallmark of the entire product portfolio, which now numbers 27 varieties. A healthy, all-natural and delicious replacement for high-calorie sweets or chips, Organic Crunchies contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium. In addition to being certified USDA organic, Organic Crunchies are all-natural and free of additives, chemicals, preservatives or unhealthy ingredients. They're wheat- free, gluten-free, Certified Kosher, Raw Foods Compatible and naturally low-fat. Organic Crunchies Bananas, Mixed Fruit, Mango, Strawberries and Peas each provide up to six servings of fruit and vegetables per serving, and will be available in natural food and mainstream grocery stores this summer. Packed in the handy re-sealable Grab-n-Go bag with a distinctive purple band, Organic Crunchies have an MSRP of $6.19-6.89. Crunchies are made in the U.S.A. through a unique freeze- drying process in which individu- ally frozen fruits and vegetables are placed in a refrigerated vacu- um chamber that removes up to 97 percent of the moisture. This spe- cial process gives Crunchies their crunchy texture and allows them to retain on average, 90-94 percent of their origi- nal nutrients and virtually all nutritious enzymes. (Air drying retains an average of only 45 percent maximum of nutri- ents.) Plus, Organic Crunchies are typi- cally more nutritious than even fresh pro- duce, unless the fruits and veggies are eaten shortly after picking! About Crunchies Food Company, LLC Founded in 2006, Crunchies Food Company's leading line of all-natural, delicious, nutri- tious and convenient freeze- dried fruits and vegetables is redefining healthy snacking for the 21st century. With an unmistakably satisfying crunch of delicious concen- trated all-natural flavor, Crunchies are free of unhealthy additives, chemi- cals, preservatives or unhealthy ingredi- ents, plus they're gluten-free, Certified Kosher, wheat-free and naturally low-fat. Branded as "Nature's Ultimate Snack Food," Crunchies are available nationwide at leading retailers including Sprouts, Wegmans, Walmart, Rite Aid and Ralphs. For more information or to order online, visit www.crunchiesfood.com or call 888-997-1866. SLOANLED COMPLETES 500+ LOCATION LED CONVERSIONS The fall of 2013 saw the largest single project for conversion of refrigerated dis- play lighting from fluorescent to LED technology. More than 100,000 lamps were replaced in the grocery section (reach-in cooler doors and multi-deck merchandisers) of a large national retail chain at more than 500 retail locations in less than four months! And not a single piece of merchandise needed to be han- dled in the process, thanks to the innova- tive Cold Series products from SloanLED, the sole source for the retrofit project. The scope of work required three independent installation companies working in parallel to accommodate the large retail footprint in such an accelerat- ed timeline. But the real story is how SloanLED managed the project from start to finish. Technology – On the Forefront! The first challenge was to internally process individual orders for every store. A bridge was built between two ERP sys- tems to automate the order entry process. The second challenge was to make deliv- ery information available to the install crews. A shared web-based data set was created to make part numbers, quantities, ship dates, carrier tracking numbers and estimated arrival times available to all parties involved. Logistics – Like Clockwork! To ensure product was on site five days prior to installation, an algorithm was used to account for nationwide transit times across multiple carriers netting out non-working days including week- ends and holidays. The result was a 99.5 percent on-time rate. In addi- tion, colored packaging and placards were used to improve han- dling by the store and product identifica- tion by the install crew. "With the chal- lenges we faced with logistics for the cold deck installation, technology and efficiency came together to make the SloanLED system the smart choice," explained Jonathan Tan, Project Manager at SloanLED. Installation – A Snap! The lights are snapped into place with mounting clips and connected to the existing wiring of the frame. The SloanLED Cold Door 2 system is designed to operate five doors (5' nominal FL length) on a single power supply, reducing material and labor cost of the proj- ect. The engineered lens over each LED conceals the light source and reduces glare while direct- ing the light across product packaging for narrow shelf depths. A power controller allows the lights to be set at three differ- ent power settings (Standard, MerchandiserMax, and Energy Saver) to balance light output with energy savings. Optional controls based on customer occupancy are available to further increase energy savings. An installation video can be viewed on the SloanLED website. For more information, stop by booth #4605 and see SloanLED's refrigeration solutions for yourself. SAVE YOUR RESTROOM HARDWARE WITH THE HARDER LOCK FLUSH VALVE LOCK It seems people will do just about any- thing for money – even if it means steal- ing toilet parts from restaurants. Thefts of restroom parts from restaurants are on the rise across the country. With the price of copper and brass at an all-time high, more and more restaurants are reporting robberies of their plumbing hardware. The thefts typically involve flush valves and handles, toilet parts and motion con- trol sensors that trigger toilets and urinals to flush. While some of these parts are relatively inexpensive, automatic flush- ers can be quite pricey, costing several hundred dollars. Many of the thefts take place during business hours in only about three to five minutes, even when other people are in the restroom. Thieves have become so efficient that they can strip a toilet or urinal of its pipe and flush valves with only a concealed wrench. Skillful thieves can be in and out without leaving a drop of water on the floor. The Harder Lock flush valve lock helps prevent this crime. Its unique hinged collar closes securely around a toilet or urinal's compression nut, creating a barrier to tools. Its inconspicuous design allows the lock to blend with your fixtures. The built-in key feature makes The Harder Lock easy to install and remove. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum, fits on the coupling nuts of most brands of toilet and urinal flush valves and includes two keys and a hex wrench. FMP stocks a full line of plumbing and restroom hardware along with 15,000 other parts and accessories, featured in their user-friendly catalog and website. For more information, visit www.fmp online.com or call 800-257-7737. EXPERIENCE THE TRUE TASTE OF THE YUCATAN, LOVED WORLDWIDE In 1968, when Don Priamo J. Gamboa founded El Yucateco, his vision was to share his family's personal recipes and homemade-style Habanero salsas, shar- ing the authentic flavor of the Yucatan with the rest of the world. Today, along with a full line of sal- sas, marinades, beverages and other products, El Yucateco ® is the maker of the No. 1 selling Habanero sauce in the United States. Unlike many others, El Yucateco uses the whole fruit of the Habanero, providing a rich thick and fresh, flavor-forward sauce that is loved by not only the chili heads of the world, but sauce lovers of every heat scale and experience level. Over the past few years, hot sauce in general has taken the condiment category by storm. Flavor and heat preferences have shifted and Habanero is the fastest growing flavor in the hot sauce arena, sec- ond only to wing sauce. There is no end to the cre- ative recipe exploration and consumer demand. El Yucateco salsas are not made to set fire to one's palate but instead are made to comple- ment favored dishes as a condiment and inspire new creative recipes as an ingre- dient. Padilla ISM™ has had the privilege of being the exclusive import and mar- keting company for El Yucateco in the United States and Canada for well over 20 years. Together the company has built this brand to be widely recognized across many different consumer segments. The flexibility and robust flavor El Yucateco's products bring will wow your senses with every bite. For more information, visit www .padillaism.com.

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