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Convenience Retailer Daily October 10, 2014

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C o n ve n i e n c e Re ta i l e r S h o w D a i l y Fri d a y, O c to b e r 1 0 , 2 0 1 4 2 2 IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BENEFITS An interview with Earle Davis, National Account Manager, Revolution Tea. CRSD: How do you handle sales? ED: I handle sales in a semi-traditional manner, networking via calls, emails and sending samples to prospects. I also uti- lize the benefits of advertising, social media, trade shows and industry events for expanding my network. For me it is important to persistently follow-up dur- ing the early selling stage, and I try to acknowledge the fine-line between being persistent and being an overbearing salesperson. Once contact is established and I determine a prospect has interest, I've found that prompt follow-through is critical to creating a trusting relation- ship. Once establishing a new customer, I prioritize staying involved with them and managing their business as originally presented. CRSD: What is the nature of your distri- bution? ED: Revolution Tea distributes tea prod- ucts through a combination of national, regional and local convenience channel distributors and to several self-distribut- ing chains. For many customers outside the channel, we offer direct distribution and online resources for sales orders. CRSD: What was your program last year? ED: Our recent programs have involved introducing customers to our operating systems. Retailing teas by the cup may not have been previously considered, or made a priority. We accomplish this by offering "Tea Destinations," compelling, full-service programs integrated with stores' hot or cold dispensed beverage centers. "Tea Destinations" have helped bring tea to the foreground. We offer a combination of off-the-shelf and custom designed graphic packages for our mer- chandisers. The point is to highlight teas' "coolness factor" with attention-grabbing displays and dispensing systems that make it easy for consumers to find and create their ideal tea beverage. I remind category managers it is similar to the, "If you build it, they will come" strat- egy offered by coffee roasters over the past couple decades. CRSD: How does your support with your customers create a dif- ference? ED: When defining customer support, I reinforce how our company provides practical features and benefits which may not be typically offered by other tea companies. Examples of this include custom designs for POS and merchandising tools in addition to sampling programs and new product trial offers. Tea for us is "the steak, not the sauce," so we treat it that way, and we want people to try it and enjoy it. The result is that instead of tea becoming an afterthought that mixes in with all the other beverages, our full- leaf teas give a memorable experience without sacrificing quality and value. Consumers respond to our featured items, which in turn helps boost their perception of the store. CRSD: What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge in the year ahead? ED: I would say continuing to expand our customer base in an increasingly competitive environ- ment. The more successful you become with a unique proposition, the more imitators you attract, so it's important to continually offer fresh products and new ideas. Luckily, Revolution Tea products truly stand out from a quality and con- sumer-satisfaction perspective, and that will always be our primary asset. CRSD: How can our readers find out more about your company? ED: I would suggest visiting us at booth #4771, say hello and relax with a refresh- ing full-leaf tea beverage. Or check us out on social media sites Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and of course our website, www.revolutiontea.com, which provides plenty of information on our various product-lines and the different varieties and benefits we offer for hot and iced tea retailing. For more information, visit www. revolutiontea.com, call 888-321-4738, email sales@revolutiontea.com or stop by booth #4771. COLD COW OFFERS GRAB N GO TREATS FOR THE C-STORE INDUSTRY An interview with Matthew McGuirk, Co- Owner, Cold Cow Ice Cream. CRSD: Tell our readers about your com- pany. MM: Cold Cow Ice Cream is based out of western Pennsylvania. We were estab- lished based on the simple ideology that quality and consumer satisfaction be our number one goal. We love ice cream; we love the fun of it and the enjoyment that it brings. We wanted to package our pas- sion into products that are unmatched in the industry. CRSD: What's new this year from Cold Cow? MM: We have an amazing new Real Milk Shake and Flurry Shake line we are launching. The Flurry Shakes are blend- ed delights that are swirling with deli- cious candy pieces. The Milk Shakes are classic flavors that are smooth, creamy and absolutely delicious. CRSD: What makes this product unique? MM: It is a 12-ounce product that requires no prep; just grab and eat. It retails for just $1.99 and is sure to be the perfect grab 'n go treat for the C-store industry. CRSD: How is this line mer- chandised? MM: There are four merchan- dising options for the freezer unit that accompanies this pro- gram. There is a floor unit with an LCD screen, two lifted units with a small base to ele- vate the freezer (one with an LCD screen, one without) and a countertop unit that sits on existing counter space in the stores. All units come with vibrant eye- catching graphics and the models with the LCD demand consumer attention with an entertaining animated video. CRSD: What sets your program apart? MM: The most significant difference is cost. Our program is thou- sands less than anything else in the industry that I know of. Secondly, our products require no prep. In the con- venience industry, speed is essential. This is the perfect grab and eat treat! Lastly, our products are made with real milk. As I said before, we care about what is in our products. Quality is our passion. CRSD: How can our readers find out more about your company? MM: Come "get the scoop" at our booth #5069 or check us out online at www.coldcowicecream.com. For more information, visit www.coldcow icecream.com or stop by booth #5069.

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