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O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p S a n F r a n c i s c o F e b r u a r y 5 - 7 , 2 0 1 3 Photonix is published by the Oser Communications Group, an independent publishing company not affiliated with any other organization P h o t o n i x r e c e n t l y caught up w i t h M a t t h e w Webb, CEO of LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc. and asked a few questions about the company. PX: What does LEONI Fiber Optics, Inc. do? MW: It might be easier to try to tell you what we don't do. And the truth is that there isn't much that we don't do, haven't done, or can't address, and that is why we continue to be a pri- mary source for all things fiber optic. But let me also add that Continued on Page 21 Continued on Page 21 Continued on Page 21 Continued on Page 21 Continued on Page 20 Continued on Page 21 Continued on Page 20 Continued on Page 14 LEONI: A SOURCE FOR ALL THINGS FIBER OPTIC The need for s i m p l e , i n s t a n t a - n e o u s , s i m u l t a n e - ous, snap- shot polarization recording imagers that are high performing, and produce real-time 3D imag- ing is evident in video produc- tion, handheld camera devices, medical, and military applica- tions. Moxtek has developed 3D enabling technology using a sim- ple, powerful, 3D polarization method. Polarization helps to image more information enabling clear- er discernment of things that are "hiding" in the real world. 3D imaging is the best way to do SEE MOXTEK'S PROFLUX NANOWIRE PIXELATED POLARIZER TECH An interview with Ziva T u c h m a n , P r e s i d e n t and CEO, E l e c t r o - Optical Products Corp. PX: Tell our readers about the company. What are the main lines of business? ZT: I founded Electro-Optical Products Corp. in 1992 to serve the photonics market with practi- cal, energy-saving products that are of the very best quality. The first products we manufactured were tuning fork choppers and resonant optical scanners. The reputation that our company has ELECTRO-OPTICAL PRODUCTS CORP.: INNOVATION IN PHOTONICS IRD Glass is a w o r l d - c l a s s supplier of pre- cision glass, optical and ceramic com- ponents. For more than 30 years, IRD Glass has been your glass expert, serving the laser, sensor, aerospace, defense, machine vision, process control and medical industries. IRD is sole source to a number of glob- al brand leaders: Honeywell, L3, Rockwell Collins, CyberOptics, TSI, Trumpf, Boston Scientific, Alcon, TDK and more. IRD Glass specializes in man- ufacturing custom precision components from glass, ceramic, IRD GLASS ENSURES SUBERB CUSTOMER SERVICE An interview with Paul Searcy, Vice President of T e c h n i c a l Operations, Meadowlark Optics. PX: Tell us about your company. What does Meadowlark Optics do? PS: Meadowlark makes polariza- tion components and systems. Everything from punched (or laser cut) AR-coated polymer sheets to very large aperture cus- tom liquid crystal devices. As an example of the latter, over the last couple of years we built a multi-aperture very-narrow MEADOWLARK OPTICS SHOWS NEW FAMILY OF TUNABLE OPTICAL FILTERS An inter- view with F r e d P e r r y , President of Boston Electronics Corporation. PX: Tell our readers about Boston Electronics. What is your company all about? FP: Boston Electronics specializes in photodetectors, related light sources like lasers, and associated signal processing electronics. We deal in both photon counting and linear mode photodetectors. The products we sell in North America are mostly made in Europe so that makes us not only technical sales agents but also importers and distributors. BOSTON ELECTRONICS OFFERS UNIQUE PHOTON COUNTING PRODUCTS R e y n a r d Corporation has intro- d u c e d ColorLock™ filter stacks to its portfo- lio of inno- vated optical products. These fil- ters utilize the transmission and blocking characteristics of two or more specialty designed filter glass types to produce a precision optical component with extreme wide-angle performance charac- teristics. Configurations include Band Pass, Long Wave Pass, Short Wave Pass, and custom arbitrary specifications in the ultra-violet (UV), visible and near-infrared (NIR) spectral ranges. COLORLOCK FILTERS FROM REYNARD PROVIDE STABLE COLOR In the last couple of y e a r s , Laser Materials Corporation has expanded its product line from Nd:YAG to include CTH:YAG, Yb:YAG, and Ruby in its lineup. Building on 20 years of experience in Czochralski oxide crystal growth Laser Materials produces some of the highest quality Nd:YAG in the industry, and has now extended that expertise to CTH:YAG, Yb:YAG, and Ruby. In particular, CTH:YAG (chromi- um, thulium, and holmium doped YAG) has seen increasing use in medical devices for laser lithotripsy (stone crushing) in the kidneys, gallbladder and urinary tract. The short penetration depth of the 2.1µ wavelength in human tissue results By Todd R u m b a u g h , P r e s i d e n t , H a d l a n d Imaging LLC H a d l a n d Imaging is an industry-leading provider of ultra-high-speed (UHS) cameras, systems and accessories with more than 25 years of experi- ence. Located in beautiful Santa Cruz, Calif., we now have branch offices and representatives cover- ing all of North America, providing complete Imaging solutions to top researchers and academia – univer- sities, DOE, DOD and private companies. We pride ourselves in providing excellent support to the industrial and research community with cut- HADLAND IMAGING PRODUCTS: HIGH SPEED, HIGH DEFINITION An inter- view with D a v i d C h e n g , CEO of Neptec Optical Solutions. PX: Let's jump right in. Where is your current product empha- sis? DC: We offer a line-up of hard- to-find, highly customized opti- cal devices for fiber laser and amplification systems. Unlike telecom, fiber laser uses what seems like a full gamut of spe- cialty fibers of vastly varying fiber cores and numeric aper- tures. Our focus is on fused fiber components that allow our customers to transition from FIND THE PERFECT CUSTOM OPTICAL DEVICES WITH NEPTEC Continued on Page 14 Continued on Page 21 LASER MATERIALS CORPORATION EXPANDS LASER ROD LINE

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