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American Dryer recently unveiled a product that incorporates cold plasma, a naturally occurring phenomenon, into its market-leading hand dryers. The company worked to perfect its new, patent-pending Cold Plasma Clean™(CPC) technology for several years, and with its release, cold plasma-enabled, warm-air dryers will advance cleanli- ness in restrooms and in markets such as healthcare, schools and food processing. "Cold Plasma Clean technology was developed by our engi- neering team to create the most hygienic hand drying method possi- ble," said Michael Robert, American Dryer Vice President of Sales and Technology. "CPC kills germs on and around your hands natu- rally, without chemicals. HEPA filters, the solution used by some manufacturers, may trap microbes, but can't eliminate them, nor do the filters clean the air surrounding the hands the way CPC does." AMERICAN DRYER UNVEILS INDUSTRY-CHANGING HAND DRYER TECHNOLOGY An interview with John Calarese Sr., Executive Director, Green Wave International. CN: Green Wave International manufactures environmentally friendly tableware and take-out containers. What distinguishes your products from the competition? JC: Green Wave is the leader in the development and manufacturing of compostable tableware and take-out containers, responsibly serving every aspect of food service. While some suppliers use vague terminology such as biodegradable, Green Wave's nationally recognized compostable certifications such as ASTM and BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) ensure that the products being used adhere to strict safety and testing standards. CN: What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge in the year ahead? Sean Hornyak, North America Portfolio Manager - Floorcare, Diversey, discusses the Crystal Shield Program for stone floors. CN: What is Diversey's role in the cleaning industry? SH: Diversey is a leader in sustainable cleaning, sanita- tion and hygiene solutions. We offer a comprehensive approach to cleaning, with a diverse portfolio of machines, tools and chemicals for hos- pitality, healthcare, retail, foodservice and building service contractor (BSC) cus- tomers. CN: What is the Crystal Shield Program for Stone Floors? SH: Crystal Shield is the new, patent-pending alternative floor care program for A recent advancement in battery technology allows cleaning compa- nies with a fleet of floor cleaning/maintenance machines to lower their annual operating costs. U.S. Battery Manufacturing, based in Corona, Calif., recently introduced a new formulation called XC2™ into its line of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries for the cleaning market. "The XC2 formulation, used in conjunction with our Diamond Plate Technology ® is our proprietary battery-plate combination that dramatically extends the cycle-life and total amp-hour operation in deep-cycle batter- ies," says Fred Wehmeyer, Senior VP Engineering for U.S. Battery Manufacturing. The company's reformulation of the lead sulfate crystal structures used in the bat- tery's advanced cell plates, allow the battery to reach peak capacity in fewer cycles, providing higher total energy delivery, and extended battery life. "These new deep-cycle batteries can reach peak capacity in as few as 25 cycles," says Wehmeyer. "In addition, the battery's initial and peak capacity are dramatically increased, and its higher total energy delivery will allow fleets to save time and money." Continued on Page 29 Continued on Page 29 Continued on Page 29 BANS ON FOAM AND PETROLEUM LEAD TO CHANGES IN FOODSERVICE NEW DEEP-CYCLE BATTERY FORMULATION LOWERS OPERATING COSTS CRYSTAL SHIELD PROGRAM FROM DIVERSEY SAVES ON CARE FOR STONE FLOORS Continued on Page 23 O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p L a s V e g a s W e d n e s d a y , N o v e m b e r 2 0 , 2 0 1 3 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH ISSA

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