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S o l a r P o w e r D a i l y N e w s W e d n e s d a y, O c t o b e r 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 4 More power. Less work. The next gener- ation of solar. SolarDock's patented, lightweight solar module mounting system combines a high-tilt angle of up to 35 degrees with the only truly non-penetrating design. With a TÜV Rheinland Certification, UL-listing and California DSA pre-check approval, SolarDock solves the greatest number of climate and engineering chal- lenges, and maximizes annual kWh power production – 10-20 percent more kWh per year than low-angle flat mount- ing. SolarDock also dramatically increas- es installation productivity; up to 40 per- cent more in one year than a typical mounting system. Installers and end-users get imme- diate and long-term cost savings through intelligent product design. Standardized parts, few components and simple assembly result in lower labor and equipment costs. Roof-friendly features protect the panel, roof surface and warranty. Maintenance costs are lowered with patented designs that encapsulate wiring and shed snow and water. As a real estate veteran, SolarDock is able to anticipate and solve construc- tion issues, and customers enjoy com- prehensive support from engineering design to installation. With more than 400 successful projects and 35 megawatts installed in 31 states and worldwide, SolarDock is recognized among leading integrators and distribu- tors as the proven choice in flat-roof solar mounting systems. To learn more about SolarDock and down- load a free system comparison worksheet, visit www.solardock.tumblr.com/spdn2. SOLARDOCK'S PATENTED SYSTEM SOLVES CLIMATE AND ENGINEERING CHALLENGES QUANTA POWER GENERATION FULFILLS YOUR EPC NEEDS An interview with Michael DonMoyer, President, Quanta Power Generation, Inc. SPDN: Tell our readers about your com- pany. What's your main line of business? MDM: Quanta Power Generation (QPG) is a turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) provider. We offer a more flexible approach to traditional EPC models to serve the new era of the power generation industry. Our primary focus includes a balanced portfolio of clean energy sources, including solar, geothermal, natural gas and biofuels. SPDN: What would you say makes your company unique? MDM: QPG is a wholly owned sub- sidiary of Quanta Services, Inc., a pub- licly traded S&P 500 company. An average of 50 years of power industry experience resides within Quanta's diverse operating units that have worked on more than 200 power projects with a total output of 50,000 MW. QPG combines that experience with our industry-wide perspective, innovative technologies and propri- etary methodologies. Along with the financial strength to provide typical EPC performance and schedule guar- antees when needed, QPG offers expe- rienced EPC management and compet- itive pricing. SPDN: What was the most significant event or series of events affecting your company in the past year? MDM: In the past year, QPG completed the combined 70 MW Alpaugh 50 and Alpaugh North projects. We provided engineering, design, procurement and construction of these projects which were completed in record time. Additionally, QPG also continued to grow and develop its O&M capabilities by assuming O&M responsibilities at four facilities. The company continued to diversify into gas, bio-mass and bio- diesel projects and has been awarded, or are currently short-listed and negotiat- ing, one project in each of these tech- nologies, while continuing to expand our solar capacity. SPDN: What distinguishes your prod- uct(s) from the competition? MDM: QPG provides a single source for comprehensive end-to-end solu- tions through a combination of local, regional and international expertise and financial strength: Quanta has $5.9 billion in annual revenues and more than $700 million in bonding capability. QPG provides the indus- try's top specialty constructors without EPC markup. This unique approach blends the cost benefits of a multi-contract approach with the ease of a single EPC contract. The company offers a complete array of project management, planning, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance capabilities for a wide range of clean energy projects as well as substations and transmission interconnects. SPDN: What is your outlook in general for this product line? MDM: As solar projects require more complex solutions, they will require not only a world-class EPC contractor, but also the need to package with financial and O&M support. Quanta Power Generation is proud to have the ability to provide a complete set of solutions to our clients – EPC, financing and long-term O&M support. For more information, stop by booth 2022, visit www.quantapower.net or con- tact Adam Paschal at 303-459-8300 or sales@quantapower.net. FRANKLIN OFFERS POWERFUL NEW SOLAR-POWERED PUMPING SYSTEM Franklin Electrics recently debuted a new solar-powered pumping system that is as powerful as conventionally- powered pumps, and just as easy to install. For years, solar-powered pumps have been used as an option in remote locations, in applications with unreliable power, and in special situa- tions such as applications requiring extreme portability. However, their use has often been limited by low flow pumping options that cannot generate enough water before they run out of daylight. The new SubDrive SolarPAK from Franklin Electric stands to change all that. Two things make Franklin's solar pumping system different from others already on the market: its simplicity and its output volume. Designed to use a standard submersible pump and motor combination, no special equip- ment or training is required. Installers of the SolarPAK can continue to do what they do best: function as pump experts rather than having to become experts at installing solar power sources. The system's solar-powered con- trol unit comes ready-to-go and wires just like a standard control box: solar power in, pump power out. Built-in functionality includes the ability to control tank water levels, pressure sys- tems, timers, relays, or irrigation zones. Fault protection and remote communication are also standard in every controller. The customer needs only to choose the features he wants to use. For its simplicity, the SubDrive SolarPAK can move a lot of water. Where other manufacturers' systems often utilize progressive cavity pumps that typically pump at much lower flow rates, Franklin Electric's system uses a proven submersible centrifugal pump design that can move higher volumes of water quickly. With flow ratings up to 90gpm, this means that the system requires fewer hours of sunlight per gallon pumped. Because the system can deliver enough water to fully meet the application's demand in a shorter period of time, the customer can allow the solar array to provide electricity for other purposes. When the water system again calls for the pump to run, the SolarPAK will automatically switch back to normal pump operation with no manual input. Customers taking advantage of SolarPAK's power and ease of use include a coal mine in Texas which has installed the product on a movable skid to irrigate trees which are planted on land being reclaimed after the coal mining opera- tion has been com- pleted. Another user employs the SolarPAK to irri- gate roads in order to minimize dust, offering a clean, environmentally friendly alternative to water trucks that can be installed any- where there is a viable source of groundwater. Solar energy gives SolarPAK the mobility and versatility to be used vir- tually anywhere that pumping is need- ed. From installations currently on the grid to generator-powered sites to completely new concepts, SolarPAK offers opportunities anywhere four- inch submersible pumps are used. For more information, visit www.franklin-electric.com/solar. Lee M. Oser CEO and Editor-in-Chief Lyle Sapp Senior Associate Publisher Director of Sales Kim Forrester Jeff Rosano Associate Publishers Lorrie Baumann Editorial Director Hayden Neeley Senior Associate Editor Jeanie Catron Associate Editor Yasmine Brown Keaton Kohl Graphic Designers Ruth Haltiwanger Margarite Marquez Customer Service Managers Ryan Harter Chuck Kenney David Lopez Account Managers Enrico Cecchi European Sales Solar Power Daily News is published by Oser Communications Group ©2013. All rights reserved. Executive and editorial offices at: 1877 N. Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85715 520.721.1300/Fax: 520.721.6300 www.oser.com European offices located at Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 11, 50125 Florence, Italy. 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