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S o l a r P o w e r D a i l y N e w s W e d n e s d a y, O c t o b e r 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 1 8 large civil, infrastructure, and electrical projects. Every day, Stronghold's mis- sion statement – Building construction excellence – is applied to all of its proj- ects, regardless of size or value. Since 2005, Stronghold has been providing award winning Solar EPC services for more than 35 commercial and federal utility scale ground mounted, rooftop, brownfield and carport photo- voltaic projects. The company recently announced the development of Moapa Energy, an exclusive joint venture part- nership with The Moapa Band of Paiutes and Terrible Herbst. Moapa Energy will focus on the development and deploy- ment of up to 1.5 GW of tribal generated renewable energy projects. This land- mark joint venture will provide the Moapa Band of Paiutes with a develop- ment partnership position within all Moapa Energy Renewable Energy proj- ects to be developed on 70,000 acres of Moapa Band of Paiutes Southern Nevada reservation lands. The theme of giving back is built into Stronghold's corporate social responsibility. Stronghold's mission statement is built upon a core philosophy of generosity and outreach: supporting Stronghold Engineering Cont'd. from p. 1) programs for people, organizations and foundations in need. Stronghold Engineering is proud to sponsor and partner with The Boot Campaign, a non-profit grassroots ini- tiative started by five women from Texas known as the Boot Girls. The campaign encourages everyone to "get their boots on," providing an easy and tangible way for Americans to show appreciation for troops, cultivate aware- ness of the challenges they face upon return, and raise funds for military pro- grams meeting the physical and emo- tional needs of our heroes. Nearly 50,000 U.S. troops have been injured since 2001. Over 16,000 of those injuries are catastrophic, leaving these military heroes with enormous hurdles to overcome when they return home. The average age of an injured soldier is 23. Almost 8,000 troops have been killed in action since 2001. If the average military family size is four people, then current- day military casualties and loss affect over 230,000 direct family members. When they come back, we give back. For more information, visit booth 136 and go online to both www.bootcampaign.com and www.strongholdengineering.com. BH: We are a nationwide company, operating with 43 years of experience building light gauge, high-tensile steel structures. In 1981, we were building carports, and then expanded our busi- ness to include the RV and boat storage, and self-storage markets. As the solar business grew, we also emerged as the leader in solar support systems up to 17- foot clear height. SPDN: What are the most significant wins for your company in the last year? BH: I would have to say that every job we do is significant, and we treat all jobs with the same intensity. That being said, Baja was awarded the solar structure business for LIPA's 19MW solar carport project, and the solar structure business for General Motor's electric vehicle solar carport/EV charging solution. SPDN: Any new and improved prod- ucts? BH: Not only are we improving our orig- inal designs to incorporate grounding, wire management, direct attachment (racking elimination) and accessory options (e.g. security cameras, facia, etc.), we are also focusing on DSA struc- tures. We have completed several solar carport school installations in California, Nevada and New Jersey. We also have DSA-approved three Baja designs and six options. SPDN: What distinguishes Baja from its competition? BH: Our in-house engineering depart- ment is able to customize a site-specif- ic structure. Our material is light Baja Construction (Cont'd. from p. 1) gauge, high-tensile steel – half the weight of structural steel, with same amount of strength, and we are experi- enced both technically and geographi- cally. There is no other company out there with the depth of experience in terms of labor and geography. Most of our employees have been in the busi- ness of steel design, engineering and installation for a minimum of 15 years in more than 23 states. Another impor- tant fact: we are contracted in the three western states with International Ironworker's Union. SPDN: What is your outlook for your solar support structures? BH: We see a great demand for solar car- ports, as there is not much difference in price between a solar roof-mounted solu- tion and a solar carport solution. The sec- ondary benefit of shaded parking in con- junction with the generation of solar power is a winning combination. Shaded parking is not just a convenience for car owners. We are continuing to build PV shaded solutions for the essential opera- tions of cattle and dairy farms, RV and boat storage, transportation centers and water districts. SPDN: To what do you attribute your company's success? BH: I am amazed to find that the solar industry is filled with "construction-lite" companies trying to execute on a con- struction site. Baja brings more than 40 years of construction experience and reli- ability to each job. For more information, call Bob at 925- 766-2612, bob@bajacarports.com, visit www.bajacarports.com or stop by booth 3843. greater flexibility for user selection of both flow ranges and gas types, main- taining high accuracy and turndown range for measurement and control. Users of these instruments can rescale their instruments on site, saving time (and money) for mounting and dis- mounting. For the convenience of the user, Bronkhorst developed an easy-to- use software tool called FlowTune for changing the configuration of Select instruments. Besides gas flow instruments, Bronkhorst offers liquid flow meters/controllers for small flow ranges, from 75 mg/h up to 20 kg/h based on thermal mass flow sensors and up to 600 kg/h using Coriolis mass flow sensors. Bronkhorst's mini CORI- FLOW™ Coriolis mass flow meters/controllers measure mass directly, not requiring any conversion factors, and can be rescaled via a free software tool. Moreover, the digital Bronkhorst (Cont'd. from p. 10) instruments offer density and tempera- ture as secondary output. In the photovoltaic industry, these liquid flow meters are perfectly suited for spray coating processes and for controlling liquid precursors to vaporizing systems for CVD chambers. For the latter, Bronkhorst has developed a unique patented evaporation system to realize mass flow control of vapors, based on the combination of gas and liquid flow meters: the CEM-Liquid Delivery System (LDS). It can be applied for atmospheric, pressurized and vacuum processes, vaporizing liquid flows from 0.25 to approx. 1200 g/h (depending on the fluid and process conditions). These vaporizers have been successful- ly applied in roll-to-roll coating appli- cations for flexible solar cells. Currently, Bronkhorst develops a series of standard vapor delivery modules, an all-in-one precursor delivery solution. For more information, visit online at www.bronkhorstusa.com.

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