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An interview with Noel Wiggins of AREAWARE. OSD: What exactly is AREAWARE? NW: AREAWARE is a Brooklyn-based producer of design-driven home acces- sories that are functional and unique. Our portfolio of products is curated to include items that appeal to the imagination and intellect. We work with internationally-respected designers to create memorable objects that leave a lasting impression. We also welcome the ideas of young, undiscovered talent. The result is an inspiring body of work comprised of items that are not only utilized, but often collected. OSD: To what do you attribute the success of AREAWARE to date? NW: People want to own something special, something unique. AREAWARE offers functional art for the home. Many of our pieces are thought-provoking and inspire conversation. AREAWARE WANTS TO STRIKE A PERSONAL CHORD WITH ITS FUNCTIONAL, UNUSUAL PRODUCTS Ask any new parent what they want most in the world (besides a healthy baby) and they'll likely tell you sleep. It's likely that dream of better bedtimes and blissful slumber will last for years, since childhood is rife with sleep challenges like night-time waking, fear of the dark, nightmares, and more. Luckily for parents, there is one company on a mission to help children sleep safely and soundly through all stages of their development. Since its inception in 2002, Cloud b has been "where good sleep begins" and its multi-sensory product collec- tions are based on pediatric research demonstrating that specific aspects of sight, sound, and touch are all vital to achieving peaceful, deeper sleep. Cloud b's classic, award-winning products include: LullaWrap™, a simple solution for easy swaddling; Sleep Sheep™, a cuddly companion that soothes baby to sleep with calming "white noise;" Twilight Turtle & Friends™, a full collection of lov- able plush products that ease fear of the dark with calming lights; and Tranquil Turtle, the 2013 Toy of Corkcicle's creators continue to emphasize design in its growing suite of unique solu- tions for enjoying spirited beverages while maximizing their benefits. Chillsner retains the signature icicle shape that has so defined the Corkcicle brand, but stands on its own with its aluminum structure, more fitting for the aesthetic of the beer crowd. Stored in the freezer, Chillsner is as easy to use as the Corkcicle. Simply open a bottle of beer, drop Chillsner into the bottle to keep it chilled, and drink. Chillsner features an opening for easy drinking and is designed to fit over the opening of an average beer bottle. Beer stays icy cold from the first sip until the last! Chillsner comes in a package of two units. In addition to Chillsner, Corkcicle catapulted its way onto the scene of the high-end wine gift market by adding the Corkcicle.ONE to its lineup. Made of stain- less steel, Corkcicle.ONE goes beyond just chilling your wine perfectly, but also aerates the wine and allows you to pour from the bottle directly. With the ability to chill, aerate, and pour, along with the beautiful design of the Corkcicle.ONE, it is sure to be a favorite with wine lovers for years to come. An interview with Peter de Voogd, CEO of Madisons Inc. OSD: Peter, tell our readers about your company. What's your line of business? PV: We just launched Madisons Inc. in January of this year. It's a business with a line of luxurious, unique and high-quality hair-on-hide rugs, pillows and sari silk rugs. Our first shipments arrived in April. We decided to enter this niche segment of the rug market to concentrate on offering some really unique products and great values. OSD: When launching a new product line, is there a company philosophy you adhere to? PV: Very much so. As a matter of fact, my partner, who also happens to be my mom, and I believe that in launch- ing a new product line, it must meet several criteria. First, the product must have a point of differentiation from what is already on the market. Second, it must be high quality and embody a unique design, something that we would want to have in our own homes, and, Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 25 DESIGN REMAINS PARAMOUNT WITH CORKCICLE'S NEW PRODUCTS CLOUD B: BETTER BEDTIMES FOR CHILDREN AND PARENTS MADISONS INC.: THE FINEST QUALITY HAIR-ON-HIDE & SARI SILK RUGS O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p N e w Yo r k S u n d a y, A u g u s t 1 8 , 2 0 1 3 By James Mellis, CEO, Approach the Bench Conceived as a gift for the owner's father, a retired attorney, Approach the Bench is a unique take on the ancient game of chess. Elegant and austere, Approach the Bench combines the strategy and intellectual prowess of chess with icon- ic courtroom figures (king/judge, queen/blind justice, bishops/attorneys, knights/bailiffs, rooks/stack of law books with a gavel, pawns/jurors) and a "stepped" board crafted to resemble a courtroom! Appreciated even by non-chess players, these beautiful sets can serve as an objet d'art or conversation piece as they adorn a recep- tion area, home or office! Hand-made in the USA, Approach the Bench is the official chess set of the Supreme Court Historical Society and can be personalized with up to two engraved brass plates to congratulate or thank a law student, attorney, or judge upon graduating, passing the bar, getting promoted, retiring, or serve to proud- ly display the name of an individual or firm when "APPROACH THE BENCH" CUSTOM COURTROOM CHESS SETS By Chanielle Blankenship Ogallala: we're more than down comforters and pillows. We are building a new agriculture based on milkweed. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "What is a weed? A plant whose virtues are yet to be discovered." Ogallala Comfort Company by Monarch Flyway is the world's largest supplier of wild- crafted, sustainably harvested milkweed products and raw materials. We are proud to have revolutionized the bedding industry with our luxurious, innovative, hypo- allergenic down. We make products from milkweed! Milkweed is the sole food source of the monarch caterpillar; our company, Monarch Flyway, seeks to pro- tect and establish monarch habitats by constantly devel- oping unique opportunities to "grow" the potential of the milkweed plant. Our mission is to preserve the monarch migration for future generations. By using products from Monarch Flyway, you are helping create a bigger demand for milkweed. Growing more milkweed will help monarchs survive the destruction of their natural habitats throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. You can help our cause by purchasing milkweed Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 24 GOT MILKWEED? SLEEP IN LUXURY WITH HYPODOWN ® FROM OGALLALA AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH NY NOW

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