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O C G S h o w D a i l y 3 9 M o n d a y, J u n e 3 , 2 0 1 3 Bäckerhaus Veit (Cont'd from p. 1) breads, deli ryes, fruit breads/buns and a soft pretzel assortment that includes hand-twisted, gourmet buns, sticks, sand- wich carriers and breads. Sabine Veit is a passionate voice for artisan bakers. Her approach to baking is to combine Old World baking methods with modern technologies to meet the needs and lifestyle of today's consumer. This selective methodology of produc- tion by no means deters Bäckerhaus Veit's ability to service large chain retail- ers and multi-unit foodservice operators with their volume requirements for both branded and private label products. But Veit will not let increased production force her to compromise the high quality of Bäckerhaus Veit's products. Combining artisan baking with high vol- ume production, the company is focusing on technology and equipment that streamlines the production process, with- out affecting the high quality which has been the cornerstone of the company's success. Bäckerhaus Veit produces prod- uct for supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and foodservice operators and ships about 60 percent of its products to cus- tomers in the U.S. As the third generation of bakers, Backerhaus Veit still bakes in the tradi- tional old-world European method. The hand-crafted, artisan-style, small batch process sets this baker apart from others. The curated process allows for controlled fermentation which is critical in optimiz- ing taste and shelf-life without compro- mising on productivity and flexibility. Sabine Veit believes people are looking for food with integrity and maintains that delivering a wholesome great-tasting product is paramount. Bäckerhaus Veit delivers natural- leavened breads, adds no artificial colours or flavors, and all grains are pre- soaked to achieve optimal nutritional benefits as well as to enhance the distinc- tive taste and textures. As a commitment to food safety, all dried fruit and seeds, already pre-inspected by suppliers, are then given a 100 percent hand-inspection by the in-house staff. The Bäckerhaus Veit facility is locat- ed in Woodbridge, Canada, is certified BRC Grade "A" rated, (third consecutive year), they are also Kosher Pareve, HACCP and CFIA compliant, registered with the FDA. As a woman-owned com- pany, Bäckerhaus Veit is also certified with WEConnect International (WEConnect upholds the universal certi- fication standard developed in collabora- tion with the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) in the United States). For more information, visit booth 5856, go online to www.backerhausveit.com, call 905-850-9229 or email sales@ backerhausveit.com. Barry's Gourmet Brownies (Cont'd from p. 1) DB: I'd be glad to. What we've got here is a 5-ounce double chocolate chunk brownie that's the fudgiest brownie ever. It's moist as it can be, and all you have to do is bite into it to see why it just sells itself once people have had a taste. OCGSD: If this is so good, then why haven't I heard about it before? DB: That's because we're new on the market. The recipe for Barry's Gourmet Brownies was created 40 years ago by the real Barry, who kept his recipe a secret. He made the brownies for charity events, but other than that, they weren't really available to the public. Well, then in 2009, Barry decided to expand and introduce his creation to the world. We've debuted the brownies at a couple of Florida trade shows, and based on the tremendous response there, we decided that the Dairy-Deli-Bake Show would be the ideal forum to take it national. OCGSD: And is this show your major marketing effort for the year? DB: Well, we've done so well at the trade shows so far that we have another few lined up, including the IBIE October 6-9 show in Las Vegas, where folks can come and see us in booth # 2963 and in the National Chocolate and Dessert Show in Chicago October 18-22, where we'll be in booth # 908. We're also exploring options for television marketing of the product, which will take place in July. We expect that television is going to be very suc- cessful for us, which is why we were a sponsor for the 34th annual Emmy Awards this year – we were a sponsor for the Sports Emmys. OCGSD: If Barry's Gourmet Brownies takes off nationally the way you say it has in Florida, are you going to be able to supply the market? DB: Absolutely! We're getting ready to move into a new plant at our St. Petersburg, Fla. headquarters in June. We'll have a 20,000 square-foot-bakery that will be completely automated, and that will give us the capability of produc- ing whatever's necessary to meet the needs. And we expect those needs to be tremendous – we're negotiating now with a number of hotels that are showing strong interest in our product, and we're getting tremendous response from a number of retail chains that would like to carry them. It's going viral on us. OCGSD: Are you going to be sticking with the one product that's been such a suc- cess, or are we going to see you branching out into other product lines as well? DB: As a matter of fact, we're going to be on the drawing board soon with our ideas for new product lines, so you can expect to see us introducing additional flavors and some brownie bites for folks who want a smaller snack. OCGSD: And how can people find you here at Dairy-Deli-Bake? DB: Stop by and see us in booth # 1575 Visit at www.barrysgourmetbrownies.com or call 800.989.9098. JTM Foods (Cont'd from p. 1) snack pies in North America. We produce the JJ's Bakery brand as well as manufac- ture private label versions of the pies for number foe lading retailers. We also make Marshmallow Rice Crispy Treats in a vari- ety of pack types and flavors. OCGSD: What would you say makes your company unique? BE: JTM Foods pioneered the "pie in a box" concept. We pack all our pies in a chipboard box that not only keeps the prod- uct fresh and ready to eat, but also reduces damage from handling by up to 25 percent compared with pouched pies. We also get great graphics on the boxes and they are much easier to merchandise in store. OCGSD: Describe your company's cur- rent marketing strategy BE: Everyone at JTM Foods is committed to making the absolute best pie possible. Our goal is to make the best tasting pie at a great price and be able to support our customers nationally. The first step we took was a major capital investment in capacity to make sure we can support a steady supply of pies to both our fresh and frozen customers. We have partnered with Dot Foods on the distribution side and are able to deliver pies across the country with very reasonable minimum shipments. In addition, we took the time to speak to our consumers about what they wanted in a pie and have re-branded and redesigned our packaging and trade name to meet these needs. Our new JJ's Bakery brand has a fun unique look that speaks to the quality of our ingredients and makes you want to have a pie! OCGSD: Did your marketing strategy in the past year provide you the overall posi- tion you had projected? BE: JTM Foods is under new manage- ment for the past three years and we have made a commitment to move toward being the best at what we do. Most pie companies are regional and we have a goal to be the choice nationally for snack pies. We have expanded our sales and marketing efforts and staff. We have added an R&D department and become SQF Level II certified. Our packaging and branding update has been well received and we have a great customer base that has gotten the product to retail and the customers love it. We were very excited to see the IRI numbers for 12 weeks ending March 24 and our Apple and Cherry pies were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the snack pie category. In fact, five of our six flavors were in the top 25 SKU's. We have a great team in place and it is great to see this kind of success. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve for next year... it will be excit- ing too! For more information, visit booth 5226, call 814-899-0886, email bebling@jtm- foods.net or visit www.jjsbakery.net. Point Five Packaging (Cont'd from p. 1) Dairy-Deli-Bake. GL: We will be talking about how they can use unique packaging concepts to differentiate their products from the rest of the pack. We supply packaging and machinery systems for modified atmos- phere packaging. We have a very unique technology for that. We also supply all the consumables for those products. We specialize in CPET materials, a crystalline polyester, which is dual-oven- able and bakeable, very handy for fresh meals or grab-and-go. This type of pack- aging is good for a lot of take home and bake applications, like pizzas and cakes, and for processing applications in which you're packaging into the container. Consumers will generally find prod- ucts packaged in our materials in the deli section, bakery, and in the dairy section of their favorite stores. In addition, we produce cup-seal systems and tray-seal- ing systems that are really suited for commissary environments for all kinds of applications, from fresh fruits to fresh meats and everything in between. OCGSD: You also produce the packag- ing machinery as well as the consum- ables, and we see one of those models in your booth at Dairy-Deli-Bake. Tell us more about that. GL: We're showing the Athena model, a small entry-level with unique shelf-life booster modified atmosphere technology. This technology allows you to take the oxygen out of a package without using a vacuum pump. By pumping in inert gas to displace the air from inside the pack- age, you get a sealed package with shelf life increases of 25 to 100 percent, depending on the application. OCGSD: You are exhibiting this year under the name Point Five Packaging, a big change from the ARPAC name that we're familiar with. Where does this new name come from? GL: The name is derived from the MAP technology that takes the oxygen content in the package down from the 20 percent level that's normal for our Earth atmos- phere to 0.5 percent. We wanted to high- light the magnitude of the difference we can make. However, even though the new name says something important to us, it doesn't really reflect any change in who we are. Customers can continue to expect the same level of expertise, serv- ice and support that they've always enjoyed from us. The name change is the result of a restructuring from the parent company. Point Five Packaging spun out as an independent company at the end of last year. We were operating as a separate entity before that, so there's really no dif- ference – this is just a formalization of the situation that already existed. Point Five Packaging, under its previous name, has been in this business since 2009 and is headquartered in Schiller Park, Ill. For more information, visit booth 5445 at Dairy-Deli-Bake.

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