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O C G S h o w D a i l y M o n d a y, J u n e 3 , 2 0 1 3 3 4 FORMAGGIO PRODUCES A NEW ARTISAN CREATION: ARTISAN WRAPS, TRAYS By James G. Riley The Formaggio Brand has always been a specialty fresh mozzarella company. The company's mission is to give consumers "what they want and what they deserve" according to Formaggio Owner, CEO and President, Anthony Mongiello, The Big Cheese, a fellow we've seen a great deal of lately on television, the web and the radio. In describing the product offerings from his company this season, The Big Cheese TM slides into it like this: "For Formaggio, it's always been about spe- cialty. Old-fashioned, old-world, hand- stretched, hand-wrapped, hand- tossed—it's always been about the authenticity, and the way fresh moz- zarella was meant to be. Quality that only Formaggio can deliver. It's striv- ing to be the best of the best – that's what Formaggio does." "We have a new line designation that reflects our hands-on quality approach to creating our products," Mongiello continued. "The new desig- nation is 'Artisan Creations™'. One of the items in this line that I'm very excit- ed about is something I called 'Artisan Wraps'. It's a unique finger-size combi- nation of savory Italian-style meats hand-wrapped around the creamy center of our award-winning fresh mozzarella in very handsome packaging. It's certi- fied Italian Antipasto!" The Formaggio brand is also introduc- ing a two-compart- ment tray line that fea- tures pre-sliced cheese in one compartment and an amazing top- ping in the other. The "Mozzarella Caprese" flavor was featured prominently on the tel- evision series "All Mixed Up" as one of the ingredients for the contestants to use. Formaggio also just shot a soon-to-air television commercial for Fine Wine & Cheese featuring Mongiello in his new role as: Anthony Mongiello, The Big Cheese, Pitchman for the Food Industry. A big title for a big guy. Others in this line have names that bring up images from the old-world: "Mediterranean Feta" which includes a topping of imported olives, sweet pep- pers, onions and more. Another in this line is called " M o z z a r e l l a Rustica" which features the a w a r d - w i n n i n g pre-sliced fresh mozzarella in one compartment and a roasted pepper, basil, herb and spice topping in the other. Mongiello, whether you call him The Big Cheese, Pitchman for the Food Industry, the inventor of Stuffed Crust Pizza or the guy who is always changing the face of the case you know, you can count on his anility to create undeniable trends in the food industry. This seasons offerings are no exception. So, as Anthony says at the end of his television and radio commercials, "Mangia!" For more information stop by booth 1348 at the 2013 Dairy-Deli-Bake Show. BREADY BAKING SYSTEMS TAPS GROWING DEMAND FOR GLUTEN-FREE An estimated one in 15 people cannot tol- erate or are sensitive to gluten, a statistic that translates into a gluten-free industry that has increased 30 percent annually for the past five years and is expected to top $5 billion in sales by 2015. According to a recent NPD study, nearly one third of U.S. adults say they want to reduce or eliminate gluten in their diets. Bready North America has designed an innovative product specifically for this growing population―and those who prepare foods for them. For people with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, Bready is reason to cheer. It is the first bread machine to address the challenges of making great tasting, soft, evenly textured, contamina- tion-free breads or cakes―without guesswork, mess or a scavenger hunt for hard-to-find ingredients. Bready is a fully automatic sys- tem combining a countertop "robot"and a "mix bag." Each mix bag has an RFID "smart tag." The perfect kneading, rising and baking parame- ters are entered instantly when the bag is presented to the control panel. Then the bag is attached inside the oven, liquid and yeast added, and a button pressed. The result is a fresh, bakery- quality loaf free of gluten. Plus there's nothing to clean up: the empty mix bag wraps around a roller and can be thrown away. For burger buns, pizza and muffins, Bready features a unique, squeezable dough feature programmed into the smart tag. After 20 minutes of kneading the mix transforms into a pastry bag by simply snipping the corner. The dough can be squeezed directly into a pan for bak- ing in a conven- tional oven. Bready's new pan- cake and waffle mix is ready in just five minutes and can be poured directly from bag to griddle. The food sci- ence behind Bready is its patented vertical kneading action, achieved through a marriage of software and mechanics. This motion emulates the kneading of a professional baker--with moisture from the liquids deeply pene- trating the flour, resulting in evenly-tex- tured baked goods that won't crumble under a knife like typical gluten-free breads and pastries. "Bready's patented scan technology and advanced kneading provide a quan- tum leap ahead of existing methods. Fresh, gluten-free baked goods can be prepared from pantry ready, pre-sealed mixes in a contam- ination-controlled zone, making it easy for food serv- ice providers to offer their guests a wide variety of items that look and taste like some- thing they'd find at a great bakery," says Holly Smith- Berry, Founder and VP Marketing for Bready North America. The company currently offers 13 varieties of gluten- free mixes. Bready is used by 150 college and universities across the country, in addi- tion a growing number of hospitals, cor- porate campuses and restaurant settings. Bready North America, Inc. is a pri- vately held company based in Columbia, Missouri. For more information, go to www.mybready.com, call 888-661-2971 or email foodservice@mybready.com. DAYMARK LABELING TECHNOLOGY PAIRS WITH THE 9700 TERMINAL When your kitchen is safe, it helps your restaurant's reputation stay safe. With the 9700 Food Rotation Terminal in your kitchen, safe food prep and storage couldn't be easier. This versatile label terminal saves you time, cuts food waste, slashes labor costs—and keeps your restaurant safer by reducing risk of food spoilage. The 9700's touch screen and heads- up item display will change the way you look at food rotation labeling. Every bit as advanced as it looks, the 9700 offers a range and combination of features that no other unit on the market can boast, including a massive 8.4-inch Hot Touch Full Color display and a premier label- ing provider bringing the most innova- tive labeling options to the prep table. The patent-pending DissolveMark™ Direct Thermal label technology allows flexibility in the kitchen and the per- formance you've come to expect from DayMark Dissolve-a-way™ Labeling. DayMark offers a complete range of labeling formatted for the 9700, includ- ing ToughMark™ Repositionable Labels. From 1-by-2.2 inch rotation labeling up to 2.2-by-4 inch ingredient and nutritional labeling and beyond, DayMark's labeling experts are ready to customize a labeling solution to your unique needs. A side-by-side dual printer system allows flexibility to the range and appli- cation of your labeling, and reduces downtime by eliminating label rolls being constantly switched out for differ- ent versions. The large rolls—up to 2,000 labels on a single roll—also con- tribute to fewer pauses in the food prepa- ration process. The drop-in loading and simple snap-down mechanisms allow far fewer steps than c o m p a r a b l e machines and Easy s n a p - i n / s n a p - o u t printer mechanisms provide quick serv- ice turns and allow you to continue operating should one print head require attention or replace- ment. Simply pull out and ship a small print head unit, rather than the accepted norm of sending back the entire terminal. You can even use the remaining print head until your replacement comes in, allow- ing normal functionality to continue. Remote menu updates are available through network cables or USB port, allowing an update to flow to one unit or one thousand units. A PC-based menu- editing utility means that you can easily alter and layout your terminal's inter- face. Take the next big step in protecting your kitchen and your customers. Test a 9700 Food Rotation Terminal in your operation and experience the difference in the speed, accuracy and functionality of your labeling procedure. For more information on the 9700 or to learn more about how DayMark can help your operation, call us at 800-847-0101, visit www.daymark.com, email imcclel- lan@daymarksafety.com.

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