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O C G S h o w D a i l y M o n d a y, J u n e 3 , 2 0 1 3 1 8 IMPROVE THE SAFETY AND APPEARANCE OF ROTISSERIE CHICKENS Consumers, confronted with less free time to prepare traditional in-home meals, continue to turn to retail grocers to provide convenient and flavorful meal solutions. As a result, sales of rotisserie chick- ens in supermarkets and membership stores continue to soar. Industry esti- mates suggest that consumers purchase 750 million rotisserie birds each year, thus accounting for over six percent of deli department sales. Unfortunately, the same warm, flavorful juices that con- sumers desire in rotisserie chicken can also create real problems for retailers and consumers alike. Excess juice in store-packed rotis- serie products can leak onto retail dis- plays, floors, grocery carts, checkout aisles, car seats, refrigerators and kitchen counters, thus creating unneces- sary safety, health and consumer satis- faction issues. Paper Pak Industries, an innovator of absorbent mediums for the food packaging industry, now offers retail- ers a simple way to improve the safety and appearance of rotisserie chicken packages. UltraZapRoasterPak is an absorbent food safety pad that traps the free-flow- ing juices found in packages of rotis- serie chickens. The pad features a high- ly absorbent cellulose core plus poly- mer-based top and bottom layers that lock in excess fluids. UltraZapRoasterPak food safety pads offer retailers and consumers sev- eral important features and benefits: they reduce the danger and inconven- ience of leaking rotisserie chicken packages and improve the shelf appeal of rotisserie chickens. The black absorbent pads are subtle and work seamlessly with standard rotisserie chicken containers, and UltraZapRoasterPak food pads are microwavable. The pads features sealed sides that eliminate any tearing or separating, even under pressure. To learn more about UltraZapRoasterPak, visit Paper Pak Industries at booth 1738 or at www.paperpakindustries.com. INLINE PLASTICS CORP INTRODUCES CRYSTAL FRESH Inline Plastics Corp. introduced its new line of upscale bakery and deli packaging at the 2012 Dairy-Deli- Bake show. The Crystal Fresh™ line, available in seven of the most com- monly used sizes, has minimal ribbing, which provides a clean upscale design that improves product appeal and helps drive impulse sales of bakery, deli and salad products. Customers will realize numerous benefits from these contain- ers in three important areas. Improved Merchandising Crystal Fresh offers more enticing visu- al presentation with a clear, no-rib design and a stackable design for multi- level merchandising enables more prod- uct on shelves. The plastic is crystal clear in appearance and emphasizes the quality of food contents. Its leak-resist- ant seal closure helps prevent spills, and independent testing confirms that this container design increases shelf- life up to 33 percent, depending on contents. Improved Packing & Production Crystal Fresh has increased throughput in combination with its packaging automation systems, and has enhanced Stock Keeping Unit rationaliza- tion with multi-use containers in the most popular sizes. Audible closing assures proof of closure, and sure-grip tops and bottom corner tabs for easy opening. Sustainability All Inline Plastics containers are man- ufactured from 100 percent recyclable PET material. The PET material in these containers is manufactured using a unique proprietary process that has been shown to have a carbon footprint as low as containers containing 50 per- cent post-consumer recycled plastic. For more information, please call 800-826-5567, e-mail sales@ inlineplastcs.com or visit www.inline plastics.com. in 2012, with several of the growers still harvesting top quality grapes from 100 year old vines. The California Raisin Marketing Board is proud of the industry's history and tradition, and invites all Dairy-Deli- Bake visitors to come see examples of why California Raisins are quite possibly the very best source for a clean label product in the U.S. California Raisin Marketing Board, located at 2445 Capitol Street, Suite 200, Fresno, CA, 93721 can be contacted via phone at 559-248-0287, email info@raisins.org―or stop by Dairy- Deli-Bake 2013 booth 2750. California Raisin (Cont'd. from p.4) purchases and customer loyalty, without eroding sales of current offerings. This full-size, upscale, pizza line distinguishes the deli program with a stone-fired thin crust and bold sauces. Thin crust is the fastest growing seg- ment of the restaurant and retail market. "With our pizza, we have created an on- trend, thinner version than is typical in todays deli," said Lynn Waldman, Director of R&D. "Our thin and crispy design is created by our unique dough formula and manufacturing line." A crunchy panko bread crumb application on the bottom maintains crispiness in the deli case for approximately seven days. The crust is paired with popular top- pings such as 4 Cheese and Double Pepperoni and more unique offerings like Buffalo Chicken and Philly Cheesesteak. Little Lady Foods is committed to creat- ing thoroughly researched products based on category knowledge and over 28 years of experience. Delis can sell Thin & Crispy, Take and Bake Pizza in slices or as a full pie. Great for Limited-Time Offerings (LTO). With no long-term commitments, Thin & Crispy Pizza is ready to ship quickly from the time of order, nationally. It arrives pre-packaged and ready to slack and sell. Hand-helds will never be the same. Little Lady Foods is also showcasing its artisan frozen dough Stromboli. Flavored, pillowy dough, hand layered with an array of delicious fillings inside means you do not have to compromise on quality and flavor to eat on-the-go! These hand-held items are fully cus- tomizable with limitless combinations of dough and filling to fit your flavor profile. The Little Lady Foods team will create Stromboli in multiple shapes and sizes that are perfect for any part of the day. Little Lady Foods optimizes market opportunities for manufacturers/ processors, private label retailers and foodservice operators. Its leading edge custom frozen food manufacturing operations, SQF level 3 certified facili- ties, and a proven consultative food manufacturing approach deliver success for partner clients. For more information, stop by booth 3133 to talk with Don Czerwonka or go online to www.littleladyfoods.com. Little Lady Foods (Cont'd. from p.1)

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