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1 5 M o n d a y, J u n e 3 , 2 0 1 3 O C G S h o w D a i l y The quality of the bread you offer cus- tomers says a lot about the quality of your restaurant, sandwich shop, super- market or food service operation. That's why Amoroso's Hearth-Baked Bread and Rolls will help attract new customers and enhance the reputation of your business. For more than 100 years, beginning in 1904 in Philadelphia, Amoroso's Baking Company and their authentic Italian Hearth-Baked Bread and Rolls have been the stuff legendary Philly cheese steaks, hoagies, roast beef and roast pork sandwiches are made of. And in the past 40 years, that reputation has spread across the country and around the world. Amoroso's is "Why Philly sand- wiches are world-famous." TM The addition of frozen operations, a par-baked program and a food service division has enabled customers in 50 states, as well as Bermuda, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Guam, The Philippines and Puerto Rico, to enjoy Amoroso's products. Through all of the growth, the com- pany still relies on its closely-guarded family recipe. Using only the finest ingredients, Amoroso's Hearth-Baked Bread and Rolls are baked from scratch 24 hours a day, seven days a week and delivered fresh every day in the greater Philadelphia area, or flash-frozen for immediate shipping. The result is a supe- rior product with a light, crisp crunch on the outside and a soft, yet firm bite on the inside. Amoroso's state-of-the-art frozen facilities, "Thaw & Serve" and "Par- Baked" programs now bring the classic Philly sandwich roll to venues anywhere in the United States or around the world. The quality of Amoroso's frozen prod- ucts is so high that Philadelphia expatri- ates always recognize that unique Amoroso's taste. With the resources and capacity to service both small and large businesses, supply fresh or frozen bread and rolls―even design custom products tai- lored to specific company needs―Amoroso's is the local Philly bakery that's an international resource. Now the roll that made Philly sand- wiches world-famous is available world- wide. Visit Amoroso's in booth 5222. For fur- ther information contact Bob Rector at 267-295-0530 or brector@amorosobak- ing.com, or visit AmorosoBaking.com. WHY AMOROSO'S WILL BE YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER BEANO'S DEBUTS NEW FLAVORS, SANDWICH SHAKERS TO RETAILERS, CONSUMERS Conroy Foods understands you can have the best product in the world and if it's not packaged correctly, marketed efficiently, and priced right, the consumer probably will not buy your product. That is why, since the very start of Conroy Foods, the compa- ny has been very proud of both the products and the unique packaging created for Beano's Brand Deli Condiments. And, those products have not stopped improving! The 2013 Dairy-Deli-Bake Show will be the launching point for the new Beano's Cranberry Honey Mustard , Beano's Peach Habanera, Beano's Jalapeno Mustard, Beano's Pineapple Honey Mustard and Beano's Sandwich Shakers. The Conroy Foods invites retailers and show attendees to stop by booth number 2856 and see what goes on behind the scenes. Along with a wide variety of samples for you to enjoy, the company will also debut its new television ads and sandwich mak- ing videos. Every year the team at Conroy Foods works hard to come up with the trendiest of flavors. Hence the reason why Beano's Sandwich Shakers TM with Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Cheese will be debuted. Beano's has not been this excited about launching a new product to America's delis since the introduction of Beano's Original Submarine Dressing TM back in 1989. Beano's Sandwich Shakers intro- duces a totally new concept that will enhance the flavor of food without adding fat, cholesterol, or carbohy- drates. "Just Shake the Taste" TM onto your favorite creations. In addition to sandwiches, Beano's Sandwich Shakers can be added to oil to make a dipping oil or as a rub for chicken or fish. The possibil- ities are endless! Beano's comes in a variety of sauces and flavors. These products are the perfect sauces to really enhance your sandwich making options or to offer a very upscale sauce to use as a dip. Beano's also has some great mer- chandising tools that will increase retailer partners' Beano's sales. The Conroy Foods team provides perma- nent floor racks and counter top racks and offers customizable shippers with a variety of seasonal headers. All of these products, racks, and shippers can be seen online at conroy- foods.com. There you can also see the company's television ad and listen to our radio ad. You can search for great ways to use Conroy Foods' products in the recipe center as well. The site's upgrade also features links for Twitter and Facebook so that it will be easy for fans to keep in touch with. As the Conroy Foods team always likes to say, "No matter how you slice it, stack it, or spread it, Beano's makes it better!" Live, Love, Get Sauced! For more information on Conroy Foods, Inc., located 100 Chapel Harbor Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, call 412-781-1446 or just stop by Beano's Deli Condiments, booth 2956. PRODUCTS THAT JUMP INTO THE COOLIO, JUMP OFF THE SHELVES Coolio is a unique promotional refrig- eration display unit that promotes cold products in a hot new way. Chilled products featured in a cus- tomizable and portable Coolio units are more likely to grab and keep the consumers' attention, even in a clut- tered retail environment. POPAI Studies conclude that consumers are making more trips to the grocery store, but spending less time each visit. Furthermore, POPAI research shows that shoppers do not notice up to 90 percent of new, refrigerated products launched in regular cooler sections of these stores. The Coolio promotional refrigera- tion unit is an excellent way to launch new products, as it gets products out of cluttered and remote cooler sections and places them into high-traffic areas of the store. Companies who use Coolio to launch a product, advertise a promotion or to boost awareness of an existing product experience a signifi- cant sales lift of anywhere from two to eight times. The Coolio's completely customizable Freshboard can feature the company's/product's logo and any graphics or text. Consumer awareness for brands goes up significantly when Coolio is used. Coolio achieves these results because it delivers brand messages in a new exciting way. Location, location, location elevates a product's value proposition, and fulfills on marketing options never thought possible. Coolio's flexibility allows you to showcase products in any location, including the spot where 50 percent of purchase decisions are made – at the checkout. A full-color, fully-designed Coolio unit can make this valuable real estate exceed your sales expectations. Coolio is a one-of-a-kind game- changer in the North American retail environment. For more information, contact Coolio North America at 905-331-9497/1- 866-864-5273, www.coolio-interna- tional.com or visit booth 3343.

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