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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s Tu e s d a y, M a r c h 6 , 2 0 1 2 1 2 means o more having to install complete new systems because business picked up. The intelligent water shortcut fea- ture enables the upstream machine to be operated even if the cartridge has been removed. No more shutting down your business to change a filter. Safe & Simple Handling PURITY C has been designed to be quick and simple to exchange; it can be done in one fast, effective process. As soon as the release on the filter is rotated, it is safe to remove and replace with a new filter. As with all MAVEA products, the PURITY C is tested and certified by independent institutions. Constant By-pass PURITY C filters all of the water; the user decides what percentages will bypass the iron exchange resin and only Mavea (Con't. from p. 1) be filtered over carbon. Due to Intellibypass technology, the flow rate of the water will not affect the quality of the water to the machine. This technology functions completely independent of the volumetric flow and ensures the set bypass water proportion remains con- stant at all times. Filter Head MAVEA developed the special filter head to overcome the issues of differing water quality across the country and the specif- ic needs of clients. A flexible filter head concept for the PURITY C range, the two filter heads are available with either a fixed 30 percent bypass or a variable 0 to 70 percent bypass. All filter heads are equipped with an integrated flush and bleed valve. They are burst pressure test- ed and designed for a service life of ten years. Find out more online at www.mavea.com. reliable than hot surface igniters. Endorsed as an eco-conscious product by the Green Restaurant Association, the Bradford White eF Series is the first self-contained, tank- type water heater equipped with elec- tronic direct spark ignition for sale in the US. Its fuel-saving design enables thermal efficiency ratings of up to 99.1 percent―the highest efficiency avail- able in the water heater industry. Better efficiency translates to less fuel con- sumption and lower NOx emissions, making the eF Series a viable, cost- National Hot Water (Con't. from p. 1) effective way to "go green." For more details, go to www.nation- alhotwater.com or call National Hot Water toll-free at 888-444-4435. National Hot Water provides nation- wide sales and service for the eF Series as well as the full line of Bradford White water heating products. CARLISLE FOODSERVICE PRODUCTS GOES GREEN WITH ECOMADE MELAMINE Carlisle FoodService Products (CFSP), a leading global manufacturer of commercial foodservice solutions recently added EcoMade Dayton Dinnerware to its line of products. The Dayton Dinnerware line of products is made from one of the most environ- mentally-friendly commercial grade melamine used in the industry, con- sisting of 50 percent sustainable natu- ral resources. Melamine is extremely durable and easily molded into a vari- ety of different shapes, which makes it ideal for dinnerware. For more than 55 years, CFSP has led the commercial foodservice prod- ucts industry in the creation of func- tional and efficient smallwares. EcoMade melamine allows CFSP to take one step further into the production of durable, sustainable and economical dinnerware. Dayton Dinnerware is made of a material that begins to biode- grade in 90 days once placed in a com- postable environment. It is also able to withstand the rigors of commercial foodservice dishwashers and can be used safely with temperatures up to 212° F. Stain-, scratch-, and break- resistant EcoMade Dayton Dinnerware is ideal for a multitude of foodservice operators. The dinnerware is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and is available in 12 shapes and 10 colors, including Bavarian cream, black, turquoise and toffee. Visit Carlisle FoodService Products online at www.carlislefsp.com. BEFORE YOU BUY A SOUS VIDE CIRCULATOR … When buying a sous vide circulator, like any other piece of equipment, it is crucial to take into account many aspects of the circulator to make the best decision. Most of the restaurants in the U.S. are working with PolyScience immersion circulators, which are available starting at $799. The first important piece to consider is the setting. In what environment will the sous vide circulator be used? If it will be exposed to grease or oil, steam, or high air temperatures, it's important to purchase a circulator with industrial grade design and components and high quality manufactur- ing processes. Often times, circulators may operate with little or no rest (much like the chefs who use them), so check with the manufacturer to see if there are endorsements from chefs who are already running their circulators 24/7. Another important point to explore is the strength of the circulating pump. As uniformity in temperature throughout the tank cannot be achieved by occasion- ally stirring or without a circulation pump, it is important to find a sous vide FIVE STAR RESORT WINS BATTLE AGAINST FLIES WITH POISON-FREE FLIES BE GONE "We began using the Flies Be Gone traps last year and were immediately impressed with the excellent results. By placing the traps 10 to 15 yards from the dining areas, the flies are drawn away and the traps are catching an ENORMOUS quantity mak- ing them our invisible allies in this ongo- ing battle against flies. Flies Be Gone traps are helping to make our guest expe- rience the best." Director Food & Beverage, five star resort, Aruba. Where there's food, there are flies! Even a single pesky fly can potentially ruin an occasion or dining experience. Losing customers over fly problems can be costly and damaging in the long term. For obvious reasons, pesticide and insecticide solutions to fly issues in the food industry are a danger to all. Health authorities monitor food establishments, imposing significant fines for repeated violations involving flies in and around restaurant or factory. Making a decision on which method of fly control to employ is a tremendous responsibility with con- sequences impacting the environment. Now, there is an earth friendly, pesti- cide-free solution to fly control: Flies Be Gone. The trap catches up to 20,000 flies and protects a large outdoor area for 30 days. Easy to use and economical, Flies Be Gone is a perimeter defense, drawing flies away from restaurant entrances, loading dock, outdoor dining, barbeque and dumpster areas. To learn more about Monster Fly Trap, visit www.monsterflytrap.com. circulator with a pump that can run for hours, or even days, without stopping. In addition to the presence of durable components, there are other key features to look for when purchasing a sous vide circulator. Can the circulator be easily stored and transported? Look for a circu- lator that can be easily stored in a kitchen drawer or housed in a travel case. Your cir- culator may even become like your own CDN INTRODUCES ADVANCED DISHWASHER THERMOMETER To help foodservice professionals meet the highest standards of sanitation and food safety, Component Design Northwest (CDN) presents a new advanced dishwash- er thermometer (DW428). This multipur- pose thermometer measures dishwasher temperature to ensure proper sanitation of dishes, silverware, barware and more. The new Dishwasher Thermometer is durable, efficient and precise, stream- lining the needs of foodservice establish- ments. Offering temperature readings in a range of 14 to 200 degrees F in dish- washers, it utilizes a Min/Max feature that reads the minimum and maximum temperature of the water during a cycle. The Dishwasher Thermometer's 304 stainless steel four-inch stem provides fast, accurate temperature readings contains a high IPX4 waterproof rating safe for run- ning foodservice dishwasher cycles up to 30 minutes. The Dishwasher Thermometer can also be used as a fully functional waterproof cooking thermometer. It can read the minimum and maximum temper- ature of food with a wide cooking temper- ature range of 14 to 428 degrees F. An ABS plastic safety sheath slides easily over the stainless steel stem for protection while not in use, and its bright yellow color makes it easier to find and harder to lose in a professional kitchen. Find out more at www.cdn-time- andtemp.com. Continued on Page 13

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