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Small Size, Optimal Performance MAVEA offers professional solutions in a limited space. These high performance filters are the result of years of planning and design. They are compact, but offer high capacity through the use of PURITY four stage technology. PURITY technol- ogy delivers consistently high quality water through its four stage filtration process. PURITY C will operate in the horizontal, vertical or even upside down positions, offering optimal water quality, simple handling and the highest level of product safety at an attractive price. Flexible Technology One head fits all cartridges: the PURI- TY C head futures either a fixed 30 per- cent bypass or a variable option allow- ing a bypass of 0 to 70 percent. All fil- ters―the C50, C150 and C300―will fit the same head, allowing the user to grow filtration requirements. This PURITY technology is available for the first time in a filter cartridge format: the PURITY C range of filters suitable for coffee brewers, vending machines, Combi ovens and steamers. MAVEA, LLC, suppliers of water filtration solutions for the professional, are launching their new range of PURITY C cartridges. Available in three sizes―C50, C150 and C300―this new range of filters are compact and were developed for a wide range of use. All use a patented four stage filtration process and one filter head to accommo- date all filter sizes. PURITY technology delivers consis- tently high quality water through its four stage filtration process. The PURITY C removes not only course and fine par- tials, but also carbonate hardness, heavy metals and unpleasant odors and off tastes This helps protect the machine from limescale whilst saving money and guarantees optimal taste and appearance for products. Continued on Page 12 Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 12 Continued on Page 13 O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p N e w Yo r k C i t y Tu e s d a y, M a r c h 6 , 2 0 1 2 PURITY TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A CARTRIDGE consumers are also shifting away from sodas and other beverages containing high fructose corn syrup, and industry leaders like Starbucks Coffee, Jamba Juice and Taco Bell have all introduced products that meet this growing demand. Zero- or reduced-calorie soft drinks are becoming popular as an alternative to diet soda (think skinny peach iced tea, reduced-calorie strawberry lemonade, and sugar-free raspberry cocoa). Skinny cocktails are in high demand as well and are quickly becoming a fashionable choice, as evidenced by recent articles in magazines like Marie Claire and Glamour. Bethenny Frankel, star of the popular reality TV show "Real Wives of New York City," is reinforcing this trend by promoting her own line of "Skinny Girl" cocktails. In response to industry trends and Today's diners are looking for alterna- tives and lower calorie choices on restau- rant menus. Providing zero- and reduced-calorie "better-for-you" bever- ages is an easy―and profitable―way to add these options to a drink menu for calorie-conscious consumers. According to Mintel Menu Insights: • 41 percent of consumers say they usual- ly order healthy items from restaurant menus. • 58 percent of consumers say they would like to see more healthy choices on menus. • 70 percent of the top 10 nutritional claims for beverage ingredients are "skinny" claims. • Skinny beverage menu offerings dou- bled in 2010. • No- or low-calorie alcoholic beverage offerings increased by nearly 300 percent in 2010. Along with requesting lighter menu fare, THE "SKINNY" ON SKINNY BEVERAGES—REDUCING CALORIES AND INCREASING PROFITS keeping his/her organization fed and moving forward. Leaders from various government and private companies operating in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina felt the same way. Within weeks of the catastrophe, Kitchen Corps had planned and established sever- al large temporary kitchen facilities so that companies could feed their employ- ees while rebuilding southern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast's infrastructure. Kitchen Corps President Glenn Therrien said, "We understand the pres- sure these leaders are under and we recog- nize their urgency in wanting to keep major disruptions to a minimum. When we receive that phone call from anywhere in the nation, we keep it simple; we set up quickly; and we deliver an innovative, flexible temporary kitchen facility." When a fire recently destroyed a college dining facility in the Northeast, the Director of College Housing and Food Services picked up the phone and ordered a temporary kitchen from Kitchen Corps as easily as if he were ordering a pizza. "I never knew you could call up and say, 'Can I get a kitchen,' and someone would say, 'Yep. We'll bring it right over,'" he said. "We signed the contract on Friday … and trucks with tandem drivers were rolling from Arizona with our kitchen the next day." Kitchen Corps, a nationwide leader in temporary kitchen facilities, receives many phone calls from stressed execu- tives wondering how they're going to keep their organization fed and function- ing without a dining facility. Within a few minutes of talking with Kitchen Corps professionals, the executive realizes he/she just crossed (almost effortlessly) the huge hurdle of CONSTRUCTION, RENOVATION, DISASTER: TEMPORARY KITCHENS KEEP BUSINESS MOVING "It is estimated that 90 percent of water heater service calls within restau- rants are ignition-related," said Randy Meyer, Vice President of national accounts for National Hot Water, the nationwide distributor of the eF Series water heater. "The increased reliability offered by electronic direct spark ignition technology will have a dramatic impact on maintenance and service expenditures for restaurants," said Meyer. A new twist on the old-fashioned spark-to-pilot-to-burner ignition, elec- tronic direct spark ignition shoots a line of sparks across the burner to achieve ignition. Advancements in the technolo- gy of gas valves and combustion cham- bers work in tandem with electronic direct spark ignition to provide a direct gas-to-burner ignition that is resistant to air contaminants and more durable and The Bradford White eF Series ultra-high efficiency water heater delivers 99.1 per- cent thermal efficiency―the highest thermal efficiency available for water heaters. Now available with electronic direct spark ignition technology, the eF Series combines the ultimate in fuel sav- ings with the best in reliability. An important breakthrough for restaurant applications, electronic direct spark igni- tion technology provides more reliable water heater operation in situations with less than perfect air quality, such as a restaurant kitchen. Available exclusively in the eF Series, new electronic direct spark igni- tion replaces the commonly used hot surface igniter. Within restaurant instal- lations, hot surface igniters may develop ignition problems because grease, oil, and chemicals can build up on the ignit- er and/or affect the viability of the com- bustion air. NATIONAL HOT WATER EF SERIES: ULTRA-HIGH EFFICIENCY MEETS ULTIMATE RELIABILITY AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE INTERNATIONAL RESTAURANT & FOODSERVICE SHOW OF NEW YORK

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