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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s S u n d a y, A u g u s t 1 8 , 2 0 1 3 8 CASIO OFFERS NEW TECHNOLOGY IN POS WITH THE V-R100 Casio's new state-of-the-art POS ter- minal, the V-R100, combines propri- etary technology and open platform technology. The V-R100 is the first POS terminal with the Android plat- form. The terminal is a 10.4-inch touch terminal with a built-in thermal printer that can use 58MM or 80MM sized paper, a built-in pop up 2"-by-20" cus- tomer display, Ethernet communica- tions and several serial ports for peripheral connectivity. This new technology offers resellers a choice of either the Casio embedded application software or an open platform software application designed to work on the V-R100. Casio's embedded software is designed for retail, quick service and concession operations. As an open platform termi- nal, third-party party-designed soft- ware designed to operate on the V- R100 Android platform offers cus- tomers flexibility in choosing a POS software to run their business. Current third-party software applications avail- able on the V-R100 include pizza, quick service and table service with tablet interfaces, retail and grocery/convenience store. The V-R100 Advantages include: small footprint, sleek design, reliability (no hard drive, no cooling fan and run- ning off flash ROM technology), flexibil- ity (embedded and open platform tech- nology) and security (Android provides a secure software platform). The V-R100 out of the box has the Casio software application, which pro- vides features that include: multiple menu and price levels, items triggering modifier screens, operator detail track- ing, automatic mix-and-match discount- ing, eat-in/take-out subtotal keys, simple inventory control, integrated electronic payment, scanning, and the ability to automatically e-mail the financial report at the end of day operations. Casio's booth at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo will have V-R100s on display with the Casio application and third-party software packages. In addition to the V-R100, Casio's popular flash ROM touch screen terminals QT-6600, designed for both table and quick service operations, and the QT-6100, designed for quick service, will be in the booth for demonstration. Stop by booth 1522 at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo to see the complete line of POS and cash register equipment from Casio. For more informa- tion, visit www.casio4business.com. DAILYDONOR: SOCIAL IMPACT IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND With the emergence of the mobile tech revolution, many apps have promised to make our daily lives easier—and a hand- ful have succeeded. Now there's a new app on the way to make helping others as easy as helping ourselves. An epicenter for Social Impact, DailyDonor is an education and chari- ty fundraising platform built to harness the power of the public on a daily basis. The app allows you to raise funds for the school or charity of your choice simply by doing the things you already dolike going out to see a movie, grabbing a meal with friends and family, or test driving a car. Turn simple activities like these into oppor- tunities to aggressively support the cause of your choice, making a mean- ingful impact on your community at a very real and local level. You, the schools and charities of your choice, and the participating socially responsi- ble businesses all benefit. But how? Say it's lunchtime and you're feeling hungry. You launch your DailyDonor app to see which restau- rant chains are participating in your area. You notice that one of your favorite restaurants is a participant, and they're currently offering a 20 per- cent donation to charities and local schools. You simply have to have that lunch you were craving anyway, and 20 percent of your purchase goes to your child's classroom. Sounds great, right? You just pay for your purchase with DailyDonor and the donation is allotted to the school or charity of your choice—and you get to feel like a hero. Why eat anywhere else? The DailyDonor app revolutionizes the way we make a difference in the world. Even better, unlike discount-based apps where a restaurant takes a loss simply to get customers in the door, a transaction through DailyDonor gener- ates a fully tax-deductible donation instead, without customers needing to wait around for a special "deal" that matches their interests. And DailyDonor consumers arrive motivat- ed to spend. That means everyone real- ly does win. Users get to lend a helping hand where they feel it's needed most, while businesses make a sale and tax- deductible donation to your cause. For more information, visit www.DailyDonor.com. ESTANCIA BEEF: ARE YOU BEEF-SAVVY? By Bill Reed, CEO, Estancia Beef Remember when coffee meant that burnt and bitter brown juice served at greasy spoons—a beverage that was more laxa- tive than stimulant? Now you practically need a Master of Fine Arts to be a barista, and even your Aunt Sally from Omaha has her favorite all-female Guatemalan coffee collective. Consumers were pre- sented better options, liked what they tast- ed, and started voting with their wallets. The same thing happened with chocolate. Sure, some people still enjoy packing their faces with a teeth-grinding- ly sweet Hershey bar. But the more wealthy, educated, and discerning seg- ments of the population have come to enjoy the multi-varied flavor profiles of small-batch, organic chocolates with per- centages of cacoa that sometimes reach 98 percent. It happened with American-pro- duced wine and with heirloom vegeta- bles. And now it's happening with beef. High-end consumers are getting smart about the beef they eat and they're not settling for the same old meat. At Estancia, we call it beef-savvy, and we encourage it. Heck, our entire business model depends on it. I started Estancia with two friends after we all spent time together in Argentina and Uruguay, where cattle graze the vast grasslands that make up a large part of the geography down there. The land is green and flat as a billiard table and the beef that comes from it tastes nothing like the bland, buttery stuff produced in feedlots. It tasted the way I remembered beef tasting on the Virginia farm where I grew up—delicious and fla- vorful, with a clean finish that leaves you feeling light on your feet. The Internet has played a huge role in the trend of consumers becoming beef- savvy. Understanding the health benefits of Estancia's grass-fed, pasture-raised beef takes just a quick Google search. Most people don't need much more than to see photos of feedlots where most U.S. beef is still produced. For those who dig a little deeper, Estancia's beef just gets more appeal- ing—half the fat of feedlot beef and loads more health-giving nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated Linoleic Acid. It's why you feel so good after eat- ing Estancia beef and so heavy and bloat- ed after chowing down on grain-fed beef raised in feedlots. But taste is what really matters. Aunt Sally doesn't buy her favorite biodynam- ic coffee beans just because it's good for those nice Guatemalan women. Same goes for small-batch dark chocolate bars, heirloom tomatoes at the farmer's market, micro-brews, and fine wine. Beef-savvy diners don't choose Estancia because grass-fed, pasture-raised beef is better for the environment and more humane (though it is both those things). They do it because our steaks and burgers have the delicious flavors and textures of real beef, the way it tasted when I was a kid. If you're not beef-savvy yet, come talk to us over at Estancia. We'll help you get on the same page as your clients. For more information, visit booth 834, go online to www.estanciabeef or email bill@estanciabeef.com.

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