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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 2 1 S u n d a y, A u g u s t 1 8 , 2 0 1 3 BAKER COMMODITIES: MAKING LIFE EASIER FOR CUSTOMERS Since 1937, Baker Commodities has offered their clients the best in customer service and satisfaction. Three genera- tions of the Andreoli family have been focused on finding new and better ways to meet customer needs, developing sys- tems that help the company to exceed expectations and design ways to improve the industry today and tomorrow. Recently, Baker introduced its National Account Center (NAC) to sup- port companies with multiple locations in a number of states. The NAC makes restaurants' grease management process easier by streamlining billing, saving time and energy and providing consis- tent, high-quality service anywhere in the country. The Baker National Accounts Center provides one point of contact, one monthly bill—and ensures that customers have one less thing to worry about. But for local companies, with loca- tions in Los Angeles and nearby, Baker's corporate headquarters in Vernon, Calif. provides one-stop shop- ping for all grease collection, plumbing and animal by-product recycling needs. Simply call 800-427-0696 to schedule an appointment and Baker Commodities can handle it all. Baker Commodities provides top quality grease management, plumbing and rendering solutions and is backed by 24/7/365 customer service and local technicians. The company provides a broad spectrum of services including grease collection, trap pumping, hydro jetting, power washing, plumbing and rendering. Additionally, Baker offers a com- plete line of unique, proprietary indoor and outdoor tanks for grease collection that are easy to use, provide added employee safety in each store and help to prevent outside grease theft. Baker Commodities' R&D department is con- stantly working to develop new and inno- vative equipment that will provide greater efficiency and cost savings to customers. With its commitment to sustainabili- ty, Baker Commodities will continue to search for ways to save customers time, money and resources in the years to come. For more information, visit www.bakercommodities.com or "like" the companyon Facebook at Baker Commodities Inc. For more information, visit booth 1311 at the show, go online to www.baker commodities.com or call 800-427-0696. TRIPHEN TECHNOLOGIES PROVIDES COMPLETE IT SOLUTIONS By Zohrab Gyunashyan, CEO, Triphen Technologies Inc. Triphen Technologies has been in busi- ness for 10 years. Originally called POS Solutions Inc., it was founded to provide point of sale solutions to restaurant and hospitality operators. It was started by a group of business and technology mind- ed partners and, as it grew, the need for additional technology solutions to help grow customers' businesses became apparent. The company then made the decision to change its name to "Triphen Technolgies" to better represents its full offerings. Now, Triphen focuses on pro- viding full IT solutions for the hospitali- ty industry, with its core being a point of sale system which gathers the informa- tion, along with integrated solutions and services to help interpret the information. Many think that having a point of sale system at their establishment is enough to help grow and manage their businesses. Through experience and extensive knowledge of technology and the hospitality business, the Triphen group knows that a point of sale system is only a tool needed in order to gather information. What is done with this information is what really makes or breaks a restaurant business in an increasingly competitive market where more fail than succeed. This is why Triphen Technologies does not stop at providing the systems, it goes beyond the point of sale system to incorporate addi- tional reporting tools, business communi- cation and collaboration tools, and an expert knowledge in what data to analyze and how to interpret that data. Triphen Technolgies takes a "consul- tative approach to service" that is unmatched in the point of sale industry. By understanding the fast paced technol- ogy industry, Triphen knows what's on the horizon and what technologies help a business or hinder it. Triphen prides itself on never attempting to sell more than a customer needs. The belief here is to be customer-centric and provide what cus- tomers need to succeed; nothing more and nothing less. For more information, visit booth 405 at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo, visit www.triphen.com, call 877- 767-7586 or email info@triphen.com. FRYLOW EXTENDS FRYING OIL LIFE TO CUT COSTS WHILE ENHANCING FOOD QUALITY Cut your frying oil costs while improving food quality, taste, appear- ance and flavor with Frylow, the per- fect solution to the rising costs of deep-frying oil. Not a filter or a chem- ical additive, Frylow's patented photo- catalytic ceramic technology uses no electricity and is easy to install. It's suitable for use in all deep fryers and extends the fry oil's lifespan by up to 150 percent. Too good to be true? No, indeed! Frylow has been tested and certified as food-safe. Highly reputable laborato- ries including, NSF International, Japan Food Research Laboratories, and CERAM Research have independ- ently confirmed that Frylow is safe for use in your fryer. The unit contains absolutely no toxic substances and will not leach anything into the hot cooking oil. Oil quality and oil life can be affected by many different actions or in-actions such as filtering, cooking temperature and how you take care of your oil and what kind you use, among other factors. In addition, your oil is subjected to thermal and oxidative stresses as your fryer use fluctuates through the course of a day as your customers' orders come into the kitchen. These stresses to the oil will affect the range of absorption into the food. Did you know that oil absorption into your food can vary up to 25 per- cent, or even more, when cooked in stressed oil? You want to be offering your cus- tomers food that's healthy for them to eat, and you want to do that without breaking the bank. While there are many ways to extend oil life, such as filtering, proper care of your fryer, etc., until now there hasn't been a trust- ed method to increase the oil's life and thereby help cut oil costs, especially while improving the food quality, THE EZ GRIP FRY BASKET: GRAB IT, GRIP IT, LOVE IT Unlike many kitchen hazards that are easily visible, ergonomic hazards impact workers over time and are not immediately recognized as harmful. If you've ever slung fried food as a part of your job, then you know how much of a toll a food-laden basket can take on the wrist or forearm. A load of fries in a basket might only weigh five pounds; however, the force on the hand can be 15 to 18 pounds, due to handle length and the distance the hand is from the center of gravity of the basket. The cur- rent flat handle design of most fry bas- kets makes them awkward to hold, especially when filled. Turning the bas- ket to dump its contents is not as easy as it should be, and over time the user feels unnecessary fatigue. FMP's new EZ Grip Fry basket han- dle is an innovation in kitchen ergonom- ics. The vinyl-coated handle is designed to better fit the natural shape of the hand when gripping. This physiological differ- ence means less squeezing, which trans- lates to reduced stress on the hand, wrist and forearm. The improved grip also pro- vides better leverage when turning the basket to dump its contents. The FMP line of fry baskets includes the EZ Grip basket, which is a regular fry basket with a vinyl-coated EZ Grip han- dle, and the EZ Grip Plus, which, along with the innovative handle, comes with a patented corner reinforcement and a dou- ble front hook. These features add signif- icant durability to the EZ Grip Plus and allow the manufacturer to offer a two- year guarantee on the life of the basket. For more information on EZ Grip fry baskets and a full line of fryer acces- sories, visit www.fmponline.com or call 800-257-7737. Continued on Page 22

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