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O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G r o u p L o s A n g e l e s S u n d a y, A u g u s t 1 8 , 2 0 1 3 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH WESTERN FOODSERVICE & HOSPITALITY EXPO By Harry Meijer, Regional Sales Manager, Dewey Commercial Pest Services. Dewey Commercial Pest Services has experienced continued growth in what is described as a down market. Dewey has brought extreme value to its client base. We are offer- ing bundled service packages that have reduced month- ly fees up to twenty-five percent. The added expense of Bio-Remediation, Fly Programs and bed bugs have driven service rates out of range for restaurateurs and hotel operators. These additional costs constitute the greatest area of savings through Dewey's Pro-Plus service package. Dewey has grown into the third largest provider of pest services on the West Coast, all without massive ad campaigns, television, radio, or print ads. It's through cus- tomer retention and direct consultation that Dewey has continual annual growth. Dewey has an overall commit- ment to reduce client expenditures. We not only focus on your pest prevention needs, but all other services too. Dewey offers a network partnership with Synergy to reduce all aspects of operational cost. All areas will be DEWEY PEST SERVICE HOLDS A HISTORY OF QUALITY Fontanini Italian Meats is a fam- ily-owned and operated compa- ny that produces the highest quality Italian meats and sausages for the food industry. "Our extensive product line includes our award-winning Mamma Ranne ® Meatballs, Italian sausage, Italian beef, pot roast and chicken sausage," said Joanne Fontanini, President of Fontanini Italian Meats. The company also manufac- tures breakfast sausages, ethnic sausages, gyros, hot dogs and a large selection of pizza toppings, including its signature raw bulk and pre-cooked chunks. Fontanini's customers have come to expect only the highest quality products with exceptional, authentic fla- vors. This is a challenge Fontanini is glad to meet and exceed every day as it continues to maintain its annual Level III SQF Certification. With its direct national sales force and a large network of distribution, Fontanini con- tinues to expand both locally and abroad in the global market-- now serving Canada, Mexico, and various Asian nations. Fontanini is also a supplier for the United States Armed Forces. "We are honored to supply our products to the men and women serving this country," said Gene Fontanini, Chief Executive Officer. Continued on Page 22 Continued on Page 22 FAMILY-OWNED FONTANINI CREATES ITALIAN MEATS FOR FOOD INDUSTRY In today's beverage industry, one of the fastest growing segments is the premium natural refrigerated ready-to-drink market sector. It Tastes RAAW ® Juices has been positioned precisely in that high-margin grow- ing market segment that keeps attracting more con- sumers on a daily basis. No other brand focuses exclu- sively on fruit and vegetable blends, making It Tastes RAAW juices unique within this sector, and a separate category of its own. Since 2009, Florida-based Raw Foods International, LLC has looked for a means to attract consumers who are looking for healthier alternatives when seeking a beverage from their local store shelf. With that in mind, 100 percent deliciously natural, pure fruit and vegetable blends were created using unique flavor profiles unlike anything else on the shelf. With national distribution, growth has explod- ed, and today It Tastes RAAW Juices can be found in more than 45 states, the Caribbean and Canada, and expansion continues across all market segments. Aseptically produced for safety and cold-filled for quality and freshness, each juice is deliciously natural and tastes like fresh-pressed juice. It Tastes Continued on Page 22 IT TASTES RAAW JUICES GROWTH EXPLODES WITH UNIQUE PRODUCTS By James Gill, Vice President of Sales, Mars Air Systems Restaurants and kitchen floor plans are created to allow for fluidity into and out of kitchen and dining areas. Open doorways enable ease of movement for people and food products; at the same time, open doors are one of the greatest sources of energy loss and food contamination. An air curtain produces a vertical shield of air that separates climate-controlled indoor air from non-conditioned outdoor air, and also keeps out flying insects and other windborne pollutants. The use of air curtains is what allows restaurants to keep their doors wide open to the public in the hot summer months, while maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor temperature for guests and staff. The Mena House Oberoi Resort & Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, utilizes air curtains not only over the main cus- tomer entrances, but also their food preparation and "back of the house" storage areas. The resort has eight 20-foot-by-20-foot freezers that need to hold their temperature during the loading and unloading of their restaurant provisions. The required operating tempera- ture for food safety is minus 21 degrees Celsius AIR CURTAINS: HELPING RESTAURANTS WIN THE ENERGY BATTLE Continued on Page 22 By Rodney Medina In today's new economy, it's challeng- ing enough being a restaurant owner, but now you have to safeguard your used fryer oil too. It first happened back in 2008 when gas prices were at an all time high of over $4 per gallon. The demand for bio-fuel was increasing and grease theft incidents were rampant across the country. Used fryer oil had gone from a waste removal problem to a valuable commodity. It was then that California-based Envirotub Inc. introduced the first indoor grease storage container to the restaurant industry. For the first time ever, restau- rants could safely and securely store used fryer oil inside the store and sell it to the highest paying grease recycler, some paying up to $0.18 per pound. Today, where profits are measured by cents, the Envirotub continues to add to the plus side of the bottom line for all of its users. "It's hard to believe that there are still restaurants storing their grease outside, in the open for anyone to take," said Brandon Medina, Operations Manager at Root, a San Francisco Thai fusion restaurant which sells RESTAURANTS CASHING IN ON DEMAND FOR USED COOKING OIL Continued on Page 22 The San Angel Mole company knew it had a good tasting product, but did not know if consumers would be willing to embrace the concept of a prepared mole sauce. Eight years later, the company has estab- lished a loyal fan base, growing distribu- tion and recognition from consumers and retailers alike. The Gourmet Food Blog, by Dean & DeLuca, calls San Angel Mole "...a luxurious, rich sauce that will help you create an authentic Mexican meal in minutes." Typically reserved for special occasions due to its exten- sive list of ingredients and time-consuming method of preparation, mole is experiencing a resurgence in popu- larity. Spurred by a growing interest in regional Mexican food, consumers are drawn to the complex flavors of mole and to the ease of preparation provided by these shelf-stable sauces. San Angel Mole produces a line of authentic Mexican sauces made with all-natural ingredients which are now available in gallons for restaurant foodservice. A Red Mole in the style of Mole Poblano captures the classic flavors of central Mexico, includ- ing dried chiles, herbs, spices and vegetables. Traditionally served with turkey or chicken, Continued on Page 22 SAN ANGEL MOLE INTRODUCES RESTAURANT FOODSERVICE LINE

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