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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s S u n d a y, M a y 1 9 , 2 0 1 3 5 0 COGNITIVETPG PROVIDES RELIABLE PRINTING SOLUTIONS When it comes to printing technology, CognitiveTPG understands there is no such thing as "one size fits all." The com- pany also recognizes the importance of building robust and reliable products that can stand up in a variety of extreme and challenging environments. Do you need POS or barcode label printers that can withstand even the most extreme conditions? Does your work- place require unique printing solutions and you're struggling to find an effective product? CognitiveTPG can help! CognitiveTPG engineers have been designing and developing innovative technology solutions for the retail and hospitality markets for more than 20 years. The company's team invites you to visit booth 9452 at NRA 2013 for live demonstrations of the extremes we're willing to go to provide you with solu- tions that inspire, challenge, solve, and adapt. Learn more about our product solutions by visiting us at www.CognitiveTPG.com/nra2013. At the NRA show, you'll view an exciting live demonstration of one of CognitiveTPG's POS printers in opera- tion with the new Spill Guard accessory in place―printing receipts while being subjected to a constant stream of flowing liquid! The Spill Guard accessory pro- vides added protection and ensures con- tinuous printing, even in the most chal- lenging POS environment. You'll also view a demonstration of the remarkable cutting capabilities of CognitiveTPG printers. Did you know that ceramic is the hardest material next to diamond? It's true! Ceramic knives keep their razor sharp edge and do not wear as easily as other materials, which is why CognitiveTPG's printers can cut through non-traditional materi- als other printers can't handle, such as foil and plastic. CognitiveTPG offers the only self-sharpening ceramic knife in the receipt printer market, rated at 2.3 million knife cuts. That's a lot of slices! All the printers that leave the facility are put through extreme tests to ensure that the company's customers are getting printers that can handle the unique hazards of food industry environments. CognitiveTPG printers serve it up every time: hot or cold! The CognitiveTPG team challenges you to put these printers to the test. The desktop label printers compete with industrial grade label printers, only with a much smaller footprint and price point. The company's booth highlights include: A799 Maxstick printer reposi- tionable receipts, which is perfect for carry out and delivery receipts; DLXi label printer for product freshness labels, delivery labels, shelf labels, inventory labels, and shipping labels; high perform- ance, large roll barcode label printers with LCD screen and USB-A Host port for a standalone solution; A798 and A799 receipt printers with Receiptware mar- keting software included for formatting and uploading logos, messages, coupons, and survey information; and hybrid printers for printing receipts and validating coupons or checks. These products are only a small sam- pling of what CognitiveTPG wants to show you! Stop by Booth 9452 at NRA 2013 and tell the company's team what your extreme need is. They look forward to rising to the challenge! For more information visit www.CognitiveTPG.com, call 800-732- 8950 or 607-274-2500, or email market- ing@cognitivetpg.com –or just stop by booth 9452 at the 2013 NRA Show. COMARK'S PDQ400 POCKET DIGITAL MEETS NEW FOOD CODE REQUIRE- MENT FOR THIN TIP THERMOMETERS Food Safety, Risk Management, HACCP―terms with many things in common, but one in particular―are the common bacteria found in the food chain such as E. coli and salmonella being properly destroyed in your kitchen and how do you know for sure? One of the many positives of our greater awareness and attention to food safety and HACCP is that it has spurred innovation in temperature measuring and at the same time has driven down costs. Comark's thermometers and temper- ature monitors are geared to the need for speed and accuracy of measurements, but always at affordable prices. The company's new PDQ400 pocket digital thermometer is just the latest model to bring the operator a convenient, fast responding thermometer that is accu- rate and reliable and can be used every- where in the kitchen. In addition the PDQ400 is waterproof, field calibratable and with a Max hold reading, can be used to test the rinse cycle in commercial dish- washers. The slim design fits easily in a pocket or sleeve. But perhaps the most important fea- ture of the PDQ400 as well as the full line of Comark pocket digitals is the thin 1.5mm tip. A thin tip with the sensor at the end offers speed and precision only found in thermocouple probes, but at a significantly lower price! The FDA feels a thin tip is so impor- tant that they have written the require- ment into the latest version of the Food Code in paragraph 4-302.12: "…temper- ature measurements in thin foods can be accu- rately determined using a small-diameter probe 1.5mm (0.059 inch) or less…." As an additional safety measure, all of Comark's pocket digitals as well as our thermocouples contain an anti-micro- bial called BioCote® built into the instrument cases to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria on the case itself. BioCote active ingredients are registered with the EPA, but though this inhibits the growth of bacteria on the cases, it does not remove the need to practice the highest standards of per- sonal and professional hygiene and cleanliness. Another increasingly popular solu- tion to innovative and economical tem- perature measuring and monitoring in HACCP programs is the use of RF wire- less monitoring systems in the cold chain, from distribution centers to k i t c h e n s . A system such as C o m a r k 's R F 5 0 0 w i r e l e s s monitoring s y s t e m offers 24/7 security and peace of mind that night or day critical temperatures are being monitored and recorded and alarms sounded whenever something goes awry. RF systems are certainly more expensive than simple thermometers or even data loggers, but measured against the costs of throwing away a freezer full of food when you don't know how much the temperature has fluctuated after a power outage, the savings and payback can be substantial. Visit Comark at Booth 3348 to see solutions to your temperature needs plus how to save time and money, call us at 800-555-6658 or just go to www.comarkusa.com. HELPING U.S. PRODUCTS BECOME GLOBAL BRANDS WITH FOOD EXPORT ASSOCIATION The Food Export Association of the Midwest USA (Food Export-Midwest) and Food Export USA-Northeast (Food Export-Northeast) help small food and agricultural companies export their products and support them on their way to becoming global brands. Through a custom, 3-tiered approach of exporter education and outreach, market entry and market promotion, more and more small companies are discovering the benefits of exporting. Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast are two of four U.S. State Regional Trade Groups. These non- profit organizations partner with state agricultural promotion agencies and use federal, state and industry resources to help U.S. suppliers increase sales over- seas. Services they provide are funded through the Market Access Program, administered by the Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. "Every day we help companies across a 22-state region in the Midwest and Northeast learn about the value of exporting, enter new markets and remain successful in those markets," said Tim Hamilton, Executive Director of Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast. "Through Food Export-Midwest in Chicago and Food Export-Northeast in Philadelphia, and our extensive network of partners and In-Market Representatives around the globe, we provide cost-effective servic- es to help companies increase sales and expand internationally." Hamilton continues, "The majority of companies we assist are small, in many cases family-owned, and don't have the resources or capital to even learn about exporting much less enter new markets. That's where we help. Food exporting remains an incredibly bright spot in today's economy and many companies are not aware of the help available to enter and succeed in new markets." Depending on where a company is on their exporting path, Food Export- Midwest and Food Export-Northeast can provide a custom package of services to meet the needs of U.S suppliers. Specific programs include Buyers Missions in which international buyers come to the U.S. to meet with suppliers. Focused Trade Missions bring U.S. suppliers to a country to meet with international buyers and engage themselves in the market and learn firsthand about distribution, sales, pricing and competing products. Food Export also offers Food Show PLUS™!, a customized trade show enhancement service so suppli- ers can maximize their international trade show experi- ence and take advantage of extensive market expert- ise. The Market Builder program pro- vides tailored, in-market research to help determine if a market is right for a particular product. The Branded Program provides 50 percent cost reimbursement for a variety of international marketing activities including: package and label modifica- tions, advertising, in-store promotions, product demonstrations, public relations, tradeshow expenses, marketing and point-of-sale materials. While at the NRA show, stop by booth 8080 for more information and to discuss your specific needs and get information on all of their programs and services or visit www.foodexport.org.

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