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R e s t a u r a n t D a i l y N e w s 4 1 S u n d a y, M a y 1 9 , 2 0 1 3 OZARK RIVER: REINVENTING THE ADVANTAGE SERIES WITH VERSATILE PORTABLE HANDWASH STATIONS Adding a hot water hand sink has not been more convenient. The Advantage Series of Ozark River Portable Sinks® was designed with the versatility food/bever- age vendors deserve. The Advantage Series and Sliver Advantage Series are hot water, self-contained portable sinks ideal for compliance situations due to their cost- effective pricing, NSF certification, and customization options. The customizable features on The Advantage Series include: counter rop material options, multiple sink basin style options, multiple sink basis position options, two cabinet finish colors, cus- tom graphics, adjustable cabinet shelves and additional water tank storage. The Advantage Series and Silver Advantage Series counter tops are quite spacious; these tops are available in a durable phthalate-free and lead-free melamine on The Advantage Series, or stainless steel on The Silver Advantage Series. The Advantage Series and Silver Advantage Series also offer multiple stainless steel sink basin options: single, deep single, double, or triple compart- ment basins. This allows customers to choose the right sink basin for their spe- cific application. The Advantage Series offers a spe- cial feature: The sink basin can be installed in the Left (A), Center (B), or Right positions (C), enabling customers to choose the version most suited to their needs. Customers can also request a second sink installed (additional costs will apply). Additional standard features avail- able on The Advantage Series include a liquid soap dispenser and two water reservoirs—a 5-Gallon Fresh Water Tank and a 6-Gallon Waste Water Tank. The bottom panel of every Advantage Series portable sink is con- structed from durable powder-coated metal, and is fitted with heavy-duty, front-locking swivel casters for easy mobility and secure placement. Each cabinet door is fitted with a lock to pro- vide secure storage, and includes adjustable shelves. The inside of the cabinet can also be outfitted with addi- tional water tanks for our exclusive quick-connect tank system if needed (additional tanks sold separately). The cabinets are available in a maple or cherry finish; custom colors can be requested. The cabinets can include customized branding by adding graphics, further contributing to the versatility of The Advantage Series as a self-contained, portable hot water system. Each instant hot water sys- tem comes standard with GFCI outlet protection, and, as with all of Ozark River Portable Sinks, The Advantage Series sinks only need a 110V 20A power source to operate as a hot- water hand washing station. Every portable sink made by Ozark River is crafted for safety, durability, and beauty. Each model is NSF Certified. For more information about Ozark River Portable Sinks call 1-866-663-1982 or www.OzarkRiver.com. See Ozark River Portable Sinks at the 2013 National Restaurant Show, Booth 7257. KITCHEN PULSE DELIVERS REAL TIME DASHBOARD FOR KITCHEN OPS For the first time restaurant managers can see all important kitchen operation criti- cal points at a glance. Real time sales, product management, temperature, prod- uct prep, HACCP, travel path and more are displayed simply on a single screen for optimizing kitchen performance. Years as the leading provider of product management systems to quick serve has led Integrated Control (ICC) to release all new Kitchen Pulse, a real time cloud app that gives you what you need, when you need it. Pulse acts as a center for collecting critical operational information in the kitchen that has been done traditionally with pencil and paper in a manager's notebook. The system collects data from various points in the kitchen that require monitoring during the course of the day. Status and alerts are displayed bringing the manager's attention to critical control issues or over- due tasks. By automating as much as possible of the reporting and monitoring process, the staff is left to focus on what's really important, the product and the people who consume it. Setting ICC apart in the field of kitchen technology is their operations view of the kitchen. Using a series of operational and food safety tools, ICC collects data to remind, record and report daily activities. By establishing an auto- mated process, restau- rants can finally get a consistent overview of the kitchen thereby enabling them to create opportunities for con- tinuous improvement. Stop by booth 1672 to learn more about the ICC family of kitchen tools. After the show call Candace Gulley at 877-ICC-8788 for more information. FRYLOW EXTENDS FRYING OIL LIFE TO CUT COSTS WHILE ENHANCING FOOD QUALITY Cut your frying oil costs while improving food quality, taste, appearance and flavor with Frylow, the perfect solution to the rising costs of deep-frying oil. Not a fil- ter or a chemical additive, Frylow's patented photo-catalytic ceramic technol- ogy uses no electricity and is easy to install. It's suitable for use in all deep fry- ers and extends the fry oil's lifespan by up to 150 percent. Too good to be true? No, indeed! Frylow has been tested and certified as food-safe. Highly reputable laboratories including, NSF International, Japan Food Research Laboratories, and CERAM Research have independently confirmed that Frylow is safe for use in your fryer. The unit contains absolutely no toxic substances and will not leach anything into the hot cooking oil. Oil quality and oil life can be affected by many different actions or in-actions such as filtering, cooking temperature and how you take care of your oil and what kind you use, among other factors. In addi- tion, your oil is subjected to thermal and oxidative stresses as your fryer use fluctu- ates through the course of a day as your customers' orders come into the kitchen. These stresses to the oil will affect the range of absorption into the food. Did you know that oil absorption into your food can vary up to 25 percent, or even more, when cooked in stressed oil? You want to be offering your customers food that's healthy for them to eat, and you want to do that without breaking the bank. While there are many ways to extend oil life, such as filtering, proper care of your fryer, etc., until now there hasn't been a trusted method to increase the oil's life and thereby help cut oil costs, especially while improving the food quality, taste, appearance and flavor. Frylow is the answer. All of Frylow's attributes contribute to extending oil life, lowering cooking temperatures and reducing energy costs to produce crispier and better-tasting food with less oil absorbed, resulting in fewer calories and improved flavor. Frylow is currently used in some of the most recognized restaurants, hotels and kitchens in the world. As an example, Dusty Jensen the Vice President of Operations at Apple Core Enterprises, an Applebee's franchisee operating in North Dakota, Minnesota, Arizona and California, had this to say about Frylow: "Frylow has delivered better than expect- ed results for my company. Frylow is not only a great cost savings for us, but deliv- ers a better product for our guests in the restaurant...I would recommend Frylow in all restaurants." To learn more about Frylow and how you can see Frylow's ability with a dark oil test please contact Peter Conforto, CEO at 480-860-4343 or email pconforto@frylowusa.net. During the NRA Show, visit booth #888, and after- wards, visit www.frylowusa.com. CDN OFFERS PROACCURATE THIN TIP THERMOMETER TO PROMOTE FOOD SAFETY CDN now offers the NSF Certified ProAccurate ® Thin Tip Thermometer (DTT450) in colors that align with HACCP's preset color coding system, which is designed to prevent cross con- tamination and to promote the high level of food safety that commercial kitchens require. This advanced model is exclusive to CDN. It is now offered in red (meat), blue (seafood) and green (produce). An established bestseller, the thermometer is currently available in yellow (poultry). The ProAccurate Thin Tip Thermometer (DTT450) features a six second response time in a wide tempera- ture range from -40 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees to 250 degrees Celsius). This waterproof and shatterproof model offers advanced fea- tures including a 1.5 mm thin tip, easy field recalibra- tion and data hold features. Like all NSF Certified CDN ProAccurate Probe Thermometers, this HACCP-coded model is treated with BioCote® for added protection against microbes when used with good hygiene and cleaning practices. BioCote is an antimicrobial agent containing silver, which has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi and other microbes on a product's surface. The Thin Tip Thermometer features a temperature guide on the sheath, which can also double as a handle exten- sion. The CDN ProAccurate Thin Tip Thermometer (DTT450) in red, blue, green or yellow has a list price of $21. The new colors of red, blue and green will be available for shipment May 2013, with an LR44 battery included and a five-year warranty. A global category leader, CDN has a foodservice solution for any temperature- measuring task. For more information, call 800-338- 5594, visit www.cdn-timeandtemp.com, or visit booth 7138 at the NRA Show.

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