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By Traci Kampel, Vice President, Strategic Communications, BrainPOP The conference booth is great for an overview of a given exhibitor's offerings, but at BrainPOP ® , we feel it's important that our audience also hears the deeper perspectives of fel- low educators – the people who are using our resources beyond the exhibit hall, in actual classrooms. We've recruited Sandra Mercado and Robert Miller of Port Orange Elementary (Port Orange, Fla.) as well as Jeanette Choy and Annie Mitchell of Nottingham Elementary (Spring Branch, Texas) to share initial feedback on our newest tool - My BrainPOP™. My BrainPOP was designed to simplify teachers' and students' ability to keep track of learning. It lets educators create custom BrainPOP-style quizzes (ask us about the Mixer™), assess and provide feedback on learning activities and game play (ask us about SnapThought™ on GameUp ® ) and much more. Which parts of the tool do you personally find the most helpful? TEACHERS' PERSPECTIVES ON BRAINPOP'S NEWEST TOOL An interview with Harry Zuker, CEO, uSave LED. ESD: Tell our readers about your company. What's your main line of business? HZ: uSave LED has invented the first lighting system that promotes learning based on combining state of the art technology with scientific clinical research. Our patent-pending Adaptive LED Lighting System is known as the WalaLight™. A healthier light that reduces your operating cost while increasing student perform- ance is the core goal of WalaLight. A system that costs nothing up front and pays for itself over a short period of time is the bonus you receive. ESD: Why did uSave LED develop this new product? HZ: The LED Light industry is constantly pushing for more efficient products and systems. Think about having an LED lighting system that generates just the right amount of neo-natural daylight and warm light to suit our indoor environment, enabling students to reach peak An interview with Michelle Elia, President, CPSI, Ltd. ESD: What would you say makes your company unique? ME: We started out as a family-run business selling computers to local schools over 25 years ago when com- puter networks were a new frontier. We immediately saw the need to manage computers; our first piece of soft- ware called Visual CASEL blossomed, and we became a software company. We collect student data for use in other systems so students can log on and do their work and teachers can look at data to improve instruction. ESD: What is one of your significant projects affecting your company in the past year? ME: Over the past months we have been working close- ly with District 87 in Bloomington, who recommended our expertise as part of a Race to the Top pilot. The pilot program includes 35 districts, IlliniCloud, Illinois Shared Learning Environment [ISLE], ILSE Illinois Interactive Report Card [IIRC] and the Illinois State An interview with Randal Heise, President, Mackin Educational Resources. ESD: Tell us about Mackin Educational Resources. What does Mackin offer? RH: This is Mackin's 30th year of offer- ing high-quality educational resources, including printed books in all bindings, audiobooks, video/DVD resources, classroom and leveled libraries, curriculum materials and more to PK–12 schools around the world. Within the past few years, Mackin has also offered digital content including eBooks and online databases as well as our popular MackinVIA™ digital content man- agement system. In 2012, we launched the MackinVIA reader app for iPad, Android tablets, Kindle, Nook and both PC and Mac computers. Shortly after, we proudly released a MackinVIA app for the iPhone and Android phones, and we have a few other exciting innovations in the works. At Mackin, we also have a free funding source for schools and libraries called 'Funds4Books & eBooks.' Hundreds of schools have signed up for Funds4Books An interview with Brooke Shamhart, 5th Grade Teacher. ESD: Tell our readers about yourself, and how you became involved with AVer's TabCam. BS: My name is Brooke Shamhart, and I am in my sixth year of teaching at a 1-to-1 iPad school where all of my students use iPads on a daily basis. This tool alone has become an integral part of my daily lessons. This year, AVer approached Rogers Ranch to pilot their new TabCam wireless streaming camera because of our 1-to-1 iPad initiative. I was one of the lucky teachers given the opportunity to try TabCam and to integrate it into my traditional and iPad curriculum. ESD: Tell us about the TabCam and how it works. BS: Basically, TabCam is a wireless camera that streams live video directly to my iPad. I can use it just like a doc- ument camera, but since it's wireless, I can move the camera anywhere in the room and keep my iPad mobile. The app comes with a lot of interactive tools that allow Continued on Page 29 ATD-American is a woman-owned supplier of furniture and equipment to educational facilities, in business since 1931. For price, convenience, selection, product knowledge and design, ATD-American is your best value resource. The company's knowledgeable team will help you with specifying products and establishing budgets. ATD- American is available to visit your facility and to pro- vide needs determination, measure space and personal- ized service. It offers no-cost space planning and project management services that will save you time and money. Its network of furniture installations includes 40,000 schools across the United States and internationally. ATD-American is a global company; its multi-lin- gual staff is available to serve you. The company supplies schools and universities in over 60 countries on all six inhabited continents. Its advanced logistics operation allows the company to deliver merchandise almost any- where in the world. Please note that ATD-American com- plies with all laws regarding export restrictions and is registered to apply for export licenses for all applicable products. ATD-American participates in educational con- ferences in the UK, Ecuador, Colombia, Portugal, South Continued on Page 29 Continued on Page 29 Continued on Page 29 Continued on Page 23 Continued on Page 15 INCREASE STUDENT PERFORMANCE WITH WALALIGHT EDUCATION DATA MANAGEMENT FROM CPSI AVER'S TABCAM PROVIDES SOLUTIONS FOR TEACHERS EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES OFFERED BY MACKIN PERSONALIZED SERVICE FROM ATD-AMERICAN O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G ro u p O rl a n d o Th u r s d a y, J a n u a r y 3 0 , 2 0 1 4 Annie Mitchell (top); Jeanette Choy (bottom); and Robert Miller (right)

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