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E d Te c h S h o w D a i l y 1 5 W e d n e s d a y, J a n u a r y 2 9 , 2 0 1 4 WALALIGHT INCREASES STUDENT PERFORMANCE uSave LED™ has invented the first light- ing system that promotes learning based on combining state of the art LED lighting technology with scientific clinical research. The LED Light industry is constantly pushing for more efficient products and systems. Think about having an LED light- ing system that generates just the right amount of neo-natural daylight and warm light to suit our indoor environment, enabling students to reach peak perform- ance and relaxation. That's exactly what WalaLight™, the new patent pending adap- tive LED Lighting Systems, offers today. WalaLight Systems are revolution- ary, adaptive LED lighting systems that feature smart temperature-changing tech- nology, allowing one light to "do it all." Dimmable LED diodes in each light can be set to provide bright, neo-natural day- light (6500 kelvin), warm light (2500 kelvin) and any level of light in between, all with the convenience of simple remote control operation. uSave LED's energy-efficient LED lights provide over 50,000 hours of qual- ity, glare-free light. Energy efficiency is accomplished using the LED lighting technology, enabling an average of 75 percent reduction in energy costs as com- pared to other types of light bulbs you currently use, including fluorescent tubes, CFLs, par and incandescent bulbs. All WalaLight systems carry a num- ber of government testing lab certifica- tions to validate the quality of their con- struction, including UL (pending), cUL, RoHs and CE. They are also fully recycla- ble and come with a five-year warranty. WalaLight systems pay for them- selves in one to three years if you paid for the system all up front. Take advantage of $0 down, 100 percent financing that provides you with positive cash flow from the first day. Your monthly electrical and maintenance savings will exceed your monthly finance charge, making your system cash flow positive. WalaLight Systems belong at the heart of all educational environments. Lighting experts, professors and scien- tists have amassed extensive knowledge and expertise over many years, gaining an understanding of how lighting can affect human health, behaviors and pro- ductivity levels. Based on studies, the WalaLight sim- ulates 11am bright sunlight (6500 kelvin) that makes the recipient alert while reduc- ing the melatonin production in the brain. Although we have known this works in factories for years, it has not been until recently that we have determined 6500 kelvin light can improve the awareness and subsequent test grades for students (10 per- cent increase in standardized tests). The WalaLight further smoothly reduces the kelvin temperature down to as low as 2500 kelvin to stimulate an individual's mela- tonin growth to increase relaxation. The pattern developed from these kelvin changes in lighting promotes a healthy circadian rhythm. The adaptive nature of kelvin changing in an educational facility greatly improves morale, productivity, learning and relaxation using lighting. A healthier light that reduces your operating cost while increasing student performance is the core goal of WalaLight. A system that costs nothing up front and pays for itself over a short period of time is the bonus you receive. To learn more, visit WalaLight at booth 663, visit www.walalight.com or call 855-672-7020. MAKING THE GRADE THROUGH THE DOMINANCE OF DIGITAL How many times have we heard the phrase, "there's no better time than right now"? Given the amazing state of tech- nology within the field of education, this sentiment could not ring more true. "Now" is a wondrous time. How incredibly fortunate are we to be living during the very infancy of the digital age? As a company with 30 years of service providing printed books, eBooks and digital resources to PK–12 schools and students, Mackin Educational Resources recognizes the magical quality of the world as it moves toward this juncture. Keeping in step with this change, Mackin has conscious- ly blended its roots as a provider of print- ed materials and merged them with its new digital initiatives. Spring of 2010 gave birth to MackinVIA™, the company's eResource management portal. A few years later, in the fall of 2012, it launched its digital reader and apps for four separate tablet platforms, iPad, Android, Kindle and Nook, allowing customers to access their Mackin digital content from its cloud. Two additional desktop apps were also released at this time to enable customers to access their digital resources on a PC or a Mac. Most recently, Mackin proudly revealed the availability of the MackinVIA reader app for iPhone and Android phones. These revolutionary steps were taken so that Mackin could continue providing state- of-the-art resources and tools to schools and students alike. In true Mackin serv- ice-oriented form, the MackinVIA con- tent management system and MackinVIA reader app are made avail- able at no cost. The result of implementing these digital delights has resulted in a sizable shift in acceptance from publishers and customers alike. More and more content is being transformed and made deliver- able in digital form. Books, databases and other digital content are rapidly pop- ulating the ever-growing list of titles and offerings that Mackin provides. As a company, Mackin knows it is at the forefront of this epic revolution, and it is quite exhilarating, but more enlightening is the speed and sheer enthusiasm in which people are making the transition. Whether it's seminars attended or facili- tated, the talk, attention and focus is all on digital. Over the course of the past several months, that attention has been trained on Mackin. With such experience and longevity in the education industry, and a track record of multiple successes and exempla- ry customer satisfaction, there's no com- pany better than Mackin to lead the way and usher schools into this new frontier. Visit Mackin at booth 1138. For more infor- mation, visit www.mackin.com, call 800- 245-9540 or email mackin@mackin.com. IMPROVE STEM EDUCATION WITH HOTSEAT HotSeat is an established manufacturer of flight simulators engineered for use in mid- dle schools, high schools, community col- leges, universities and FAA magnet schools. The flight simulators are employed to teach a variety of aeronautics courses and flight training, which involves teaching a great deal of math, science and physics to the stu- dents in an exciting and engaging manner. FMLSF™: a STEM Lab Program for Middle and High Schools Many schools introduce flight simulation to students by starting a Flying Club. The simulators always attract a crowd of both girls and boys who are excited by the idea of flying. As the initial group become "captains," they train the other kids. Recognizing the scope of math and science used in flight preparation, Flying Makes Learning STEM Fun™ (FMLSF) encour- ages students to solve complex problems using a combination of strategies. Pulling together math, physics and earth science to plan a flight challenges students to solve problems using many common core com- ponents. FMLSF has been designed and written by teachers who are also pilots. They have the experience necessary to cre- ate lesson plans for math and science activ- ities. FMLSF integrates geometry, trigonometry, physics, meteorology, geography and topography in flight planning. Teams of students work together to plan and execute flight plans from a basic level through complex flights. They can fly one of 50 aircraft everywhere on the planet, all geographically and topographi- cally correct, with flight software Prepar3D ® from Lockheed Martin. edustation With classroom space at a premium, edus- tation ® provides the solution with a portable turnkey simulation station on wheels. Its rugged platform is sized for students and is conducive for visual class- room learning. The premise is "plug and play"; simply roll the edustation into the classroom and insert one plug into the wall. When needed, it can be easily moved to secure storage. HotSeat Flight Simulators Flight simulators are manu- factured with two to eight screens, giving the user a high fidelity flying experi- ence. Surround sound, with the sub- woofer under the pilot seat, puts you in the cockpit. Prepar3D flight software by Lockheed Martin provides a full function platform for all skill levels. Hands-on instruments as well as an instructor sta- tion are available options. Visit HotSeat at booth 1458. For more information, visit www.hotseatsim.com. SUN INNOVATIONS RELEASES INNOVATIVE EPD SYSTEM Sun Innovations has developed an inno- vative full color emissive projection-dis- play (EPD) system consisting of a fully transparent fluorescent screen and a blue- light-emitting digital image projector. As the best solution to turn any glass panel to a scalable optic-clear display surface, it can be used for full-windshield Heads- up Display (HUD) on windshields and clear digital signage on the windows of storefronts or in stores. Funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, the EPD system recently won the prestigious annual R&D 100 Award. It can easily convert any clear glass to digital display with- out obstructing the view through the glass, at unlimited viewing angles. The paper-thin projection screen made from functional nano-materials is clear to visible light, yet it blocks the pro- jected image from going through it. The screen has pressure-sensitive adhesive to be applied to a clean glass surface of any size or shape, and the compact and portable digital projector comes in easy to install complete pack- age. The whole system comes with technical support. In addition to being the best dis- play solution for glass, the same EPD system will enable a high contrast, pitch-black projection screen in bright lighting environments. It will favor- ably compete in TV and other display applications, with superior image qual- ity, scalable large display screens, very portable system and much lower cost per display size. For more information, email sales@sun- innovations.com or call 510-651-1329.

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